Must Watch: iPhone 7 concept video

iPhone 7 concept video

There’s no doubt about the fact that Apple’s secretive design team is already testing the iPhone 7 and possibly even the iPhone 7S in their labs. Author of Steve Jobs’ biography Walter Isaacson once interviewed Jonathan Ive, who took him for tour of his design lab and told him that it holds “the future for the next three years.” While we many not get access to Ive’s design lab anytime soon however, we can surely watch an iPhone 7 concept video, created by designer Martin Hajek.

The concept video of the future iPhone 7 can be seen featuring a much thinner bezel which could allow more room for bigger display. An interesting feature suggested by Hajek is that Apple could make Touch ID and home button integrated within the display. Apple already uses Force Touch technology on the Apple Watch so it seems that this design is quite possible.

iPhones are the most popular smartphone cameras in the world according to Flickr. So it is obvious that Apple is heavily investing in making its stellar camera in iPhone 6 / 6 plus even better. Hajek’s concept video shows the future iPhone 7 with dual camera lenses. Apple already holds a patent for dual camera lenses so if this feature is coming to smartphones then it would have to be from Apple.

The video also shows the FaceTime camera, ear speaker and proximity sensor repositioned at the top edge of the iPhone 7. The rear of the phone is shown with a redesigned antenna that runs parallel to the edges of the device.

While a redesigned iPhone 7 isn’t expected to hit the market anytime before 2016 it is certainly interesting to see concept videos of upcoming technology based on rumours and leaks. Apple is widely expected to follow its annual product refresh schedule and launch iPhone 6S / 6S plus with under the hood changes later this year.

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