Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash Review: The All-in-one Fun Casual Game for iOS

screen322x572-1 Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash for iPhone is a fun side scrolling game with a lot of content packed in. The premise of the game is simple, your character rides a horse and you guide it through various obstacles to reach the end of the levels. If you’ve played the popular game Subway Surfers, you’ll feel perfectly at home with Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash.

The game sets off with a medieval scene as you ride the horse collecting coins, power-ups and avoid enemies and obstacles in your way. The more coins you collect and less you collide with the obstacles the higher you can score and achieve perfect three stars.

The game environment keeps changing which makes the gameplay interesting and adds variable levels of challenges. From dashing through the forests to entering a castle to rushing through a gold mine, this huge variety in the surroundings was a welcome change when compared with other games that stick to just one basic theme.

screen322x572-2The developers behind Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash (FREE) didn’t just stop at creating different environments, the game also features side scrolling, shooting, and even uses the devices’ gyroscope to control the character. You accelerate automatically, swipe left or right to go in either direction and guide by titling your device as the character moves from land to air.

Collecting just coins while swiping left or right can turn out to be repetitive after a while so to make the game challenging and fun, the gameplay requires you to shoot at enemies coming towards you and also includes boss levels where you have to defeat the boss enemy.

In terms of character customisation, enemy variation and content Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash is overloaded with crazy amount of content. You can customise the horse, the character, choose weapons, earn different power-ups, play to win free content, chat online, check leaderboard, complete missions and much much more. It’s almost like the swiss army knife equivalent of causal games.

screen322x572-2The games has cutesy graphics and sounds effects are effective. You’ll never get bored as the game keeps throwing surprises at you with different types of characters and obstacles.

If there’s one area where the game needs improvement, it would have to be in its UI. The game packs in so much of content that it seems to be cramped up all in one screen which makes everything a bit overwhelming to understand. We look forward to a version where the developers re-image the home-screen of the game where all the elements are in a single view.

Overall, we really enjoyed playing Lord of Knights: War Horse Dash. It aims to add a fresh breath of air into the side-scrolling genre with tons of content which will make players come back for more.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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