For an idle game, Endless Frontier packs in plenty of action

And more gold than you can shake an ingot at

Some of us are suckers for a clicker. Those addictive incremental games that we can play for hours then leave to autorun for days are a modern phenomenon, and there’s a ton to choose from.

So which do you go for? Well, if you’re looking for an idle game combining fantasy elements with loads of upgrades, no level cap and some additional competitive features, Endless Frontier will tick the box.

Taking place a millennium ago, it’s the story of hero Erin and his quest to vanquish the Prince of Darkness, however many times he must respawn to do so. You’re the one in charge of the loot whilst your on-screen fighters work endlessly to fulfill that quest. You divvy up the gold to unlock units, upgrade characters, gain buffs and more.

Whilst your band of heroes autoquest through each stage, you’ll realise that not only does your gold go up, but the difficulty and speed goes up too. That’s why you’ve got to channel those resources into making sure you’ve got the best selection of fighters on the frontline. There are over a hundred heroes to unlock as you advance through the levels, and over 1,500 stages to tackle. If you get overpowered by the enemy, don’t worry – just revive and run the gauntlet again until you’ve got a team of fighters tough enough to advance.

There are a couple of other gameplay features to try out, too. Drawing from the world of MMORPGs, you can play co-operatively and competitively in Endless Frontier’s guild system. Participate in dungeon raids and guild wars – or if you just want to take on a player solo, there’s a PvP arena mode that will let you unleash hell on your fellow man.

Sound like your idea of idle gaming heaven? You can download Endless Frontier for free from Google Play and the App Store.


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