Boost HQ Review: Team Collaboration Gets Social

Boost HQ for iPhone enables teams working on projects to collaborate efficiently  by offering a central place for sharing any kind of files, photo / video, notes and youtube videos. The app aims to become a ‘knowledge hub’ to assist teams in  collate information from around the web in an organised manner.

The app allows you to create different channels for each new topic so that the team can gather and share their knowledge. Each channel has options to control which team member can access the topic or simply make it public. Team members can then comment on the shared files / ideas for discussions.

The handy newsfeed feature gives you an overview of all the channels and new content being shared by your team. The UI is simple and intuitive. Each channel can be collapsed to allow you to focus on just one topic at a time.

The app boasts integration with a number of file sharing services such as DropBox, Google Docs, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, etc. So, wherever you store your documents Boost HQ for iPhone will allow you to share those with your team.

It’s worth noting that Boost HQ is not a content creation tool, it’s focus is to allow teams to share content easily, discuss, and be able to control the access to various channels.

However, we would like the app to offer certain content creation tools to aid in effective sharing. Creating a note currently does not allow you to format the text except writing in bullets. We would like to see the developers expand this function to include basic text formatting such as making text bold, underline, align, changing the size and font color.

Sharing YouTube videos requires you to browse YouTube within the app and then select the video. This could be improved by allowing the user to simply paste the Youtube link and have the video embedded automatically. You can also use a Chrome desktop browser extension to share links, and videos.

Boost HQ for iPhone is a subscription based service, with a fee and paid option. The free plan offers unlimited channels, unlimited content, and make channels public and private these features will be enough for most small scale teams. However, if you’re a large team with many admins or want to keep company information private with restricted membership invitations then you can select Team Plus which is $49/month +$1 per user, per month.

Overall, we like the simplicity of the app without compromising on the ability to provide advanced controlled access.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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