Comixon – turn your photos into comic strips for iPhone Review

We take a lot of photos with our iPhone and there are no dearth of options when it comes to sharing those with the world. The App Store offerings have evolved from simple photo uploading apps to apps that add filters to the ones that offer advanced editing options. We have witnessed the rise of hugely popular social networks and services dedicated entirely to sharing just photos.

If you enjoy sharing photos and love the comic style story telling then you’ll find Comixon for iPhone for iPhone incredibly useful. Comixon turns your photos into comic strips and allows you to share your creation with the world.

The app allows you to quickly transform your simple photos into comic style storytelling by providing easy to use comic strip essentials. You can add upto 4 frames in your comic strip. After selecting your photos you can apply different styles of speech bubbles and edit the text.

Comixon manages the layout of the bubbles and text intelligently and automatically. You simply place the speech bubble, enter text and position the ‘tail’. When you resize the bubble the app takes care of all the text formatting and spacing so you don’t have to worry about it.

screen322x572-1The auto spacing and text layout features make the entire comic strip creating experience a breeze. You don’t have to worry about text size, paragraph spacing, line height, margins and all that. The app also offers comic style photo filters (or art styles) to apply to your masterpiece. Once you find your perfect look you can then share it with Comixon community and of course share it on other popular social media networks or even via email.

Creating comic strips is just one aspect of the app, it also allows you to discover other comic strips created by the Comixon user community. You can follow your favourite authors, like and comment on other creations.

We believe that the user interface of the app needs some work and fine tuning. In a world where we’ve got accustomed to using Instagram, Vine and It would have been nice if Comixon followed similar work flow. For example: Discovering and editing buttons are awkwardly placed at the top where it could have been placed at bottom. This way one could have dedicated tabs for Home feed, Popular, Explore and a button to create new Comixon.

In its current version the app uses a slide out menu for options such as browse top lists, favourites, activity feed etc. which we feel is unintuitive. Discovering content should be front and centre and not hidden behind slide out menu’s.

IMG_1180It took some playing around to figure out how to apply different intensities to the art style. When adding different art styles you can change the intensity of the style by tapping on the style you are applying. It has four dots above each style. Our natural reaction was to swipe left and right on the art style as the four dots in iOS suggest left and right navigation. However, it turned out that by actually tapping it changes the intensity.

We would like to see more customisation options in the app. Some of the suggested features are different background colours for the speech bubbles, font colour and fun stickers / stamps.

Comixon for iPhone is not just a simple comic strip creation app as it also positions itself as a unique social media platform dedicated to users who love comic strip style storytelling. It is worth adding that even if you’ve never experimented with creating comic strips you must give Comixon a try, it adds a new level of creativity, fun and something different to your selfies and other photos.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Comixon - turn your photos int...

by Orange Rockets

Comixon - turn your photos int...

Get creative and turn your photos into captivating comic strips to share with friends and family. Smooth scaling of Speech Bubbles, automatic text formatting, and other user-friendly features help make the creation process as simple, and enjoyable as possible.

Dive into a new image-sharing community with COMIXON!

Comixon has two zones: A Writing zone, and a Reading zone

Writing zone:
- COMIC STRIPS: Create a comic strip by uploading up to 4 snapshots
- SPEECH BUBBLES: Make alive and give emotions to any character or thing by adding speech bubbles
- ART STYLES: Intensify snapshot effects by special comic art styles

Reading zone:
- BRIGHT COLOR FEEDS: Follow favorite authors and discover other creators from all over the world
- SOCIAL ACTIVITY: Communicate with authors and readers by likes and comments
- STRIP CARDS: Share comic strips to social networks as automaticaly created postcard

With Comixon comic maker you can: add bubbles, add captions, use photo filters, create comic book and comicsrtrips.


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