Even Siri is ‘busy’ with Apple Watch Launch Preparations

Apple Watch preorders went live earlier today and in just a few hours all models were sold out as the shipping date estimates slipped to August for some models. Unlike any other product launch Apple is offering walk-in trial sessions for Apple Watch at select retail stores. The retail store staff have been instructed to advise customers to order the product online using the Apple Store iOS app or the online store.

With all the attention Apple Watch is getting even Siri didn’t want to feel left behind. Apple has updated Siri’s quirky responses to show that even Siri is involved with Apple Watch preparations.


If you ask Siri “what are you doing right now?” you’ll get various responses related to Apple Watch. Some of the responses we got:

I was just chatting with the Apple metallurgists about Apple Watch. Those guys get the gist of metals.

Oh, you know, just helping to gather Zn-Mg “eta prime” precipitates for the 7000 series aluminium Apple Watch. The usual.

I’m helping to round up jellyfish for the Apple Watch. Ouch!

Since the introduction of Siri as a personal assistant in iOS, it has always been projected as an assistant with a certain “personality”. Sometimes you get moody responses and at other times Siri doesn’t hesitate to show disapproval of something negative you might say.


It’s always fun to discover new responses Siri comes up as it continues to make itself appear as a very intelligent personal assistant who is well aware of what is happening around you.

Siri even poked fun at Google Glass which used the catch phrase “Ok Glass” to get tasks done. If you said “OK Glass” to Siri it would respond with:

Glass? I think you’ve got the wrong assistant,

Siri is certainly excited about Apple Watch pre-orders going live today. Did you pre-order your watch? Let us know if you encountered any other unique Siri responses in the comments section below.


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