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    Do you use your iPhone all day to type texts or emails, but are bored with all the same features offered by keyboard apps?

    Introducing EasyType, the first ever scrollable iPhone keyboard. While other keyboard apps are focused on swiping, EasyType includes features like Gestures and Cursor Control, designed to make typing and editing easier than ever. Create the keyboard that works for you, with customizable options for the most stylish and functional keyboard you’ll ever use.

    Because you are a renowned publicist for technology trends and innovation, we’d like to invite you to be one of the first to try EasyType app, and give it a review.

    EasyType’s innovative features include:
    -Unique Scrollable layout: Quick access to emoji keyboard, letters, or numeric keypad by swiping left or right.

    -Easy Swipe Gestures: Swipe a key up to type numbers and punctuation quickly, plus more Easy gestures.

    -Smarter Emoji Keyboard: Unique emoji keyboard with more than 1500 emojis and emoji skintones.

    -Accurate Cursor Control: Very Easy and precise cursor positioning with visual pointer and preview.

    -3D Typing: Force touch on iPhone 6S to type numbers and punctuation, delete last word and more.

    -Extended Customization: Option for classic or grid numeric keypad layout and many other customizations.

    -Strong Privacy: EasyType will never ask for Full Access permissions to your iPhone. Typing data and personal information is never collected.

    EasyType is a free app released on May 17, 2016, and is now available for download from the iTunes App store. With unique themes and skins, you can even add your own personal touch to your iPhone’s keyboard. Use the link below to watch EasyType in action:

    And see EasyType on the iTunes App Store:


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