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YouTube has been the go-to source for user generated video content and has been dominating the video sharing segment since a long time. However, there is a new wave of video content creation and sharing that is steadily making a huge impact. Some of the apps that have proved to be highly successful in this category include Vine and

The credit for success of these new generation video sharing apps can be given to their focus on user generated content and offering creative tools to users. The latest app to enter this segment is Headliner: Funny Video News Clips & Hilarious Comedy Satire Headlines for iPhone and iPad. The core concept of the app is similar, it empowers the users to create creative content and share it with the world. There is one major difference though, the app is solely focused on giving traditional news clips a twist.

Once you’ve created an account you can tap the record button to post upto 25 seconds long video of your unique and funny version of any top news story. It is as simple as that.

The user interface of the app is simple and works well. The app allows you to discover the top content with “featured feed” being the first option when you open the app. It lists all the featured posts from different news topics and are curated by real people .

You can also search for news topics of your interest, follow your favourite “headliners” and track their recent activity. “Today’s leaderboard” lists the headliners who’ve gained the top views of the day.

Since Instagram got popular, the square aspect ratio for photos and videos has been ruling the web. However, there seems to a shift that’s taking place. Focus on full screen content is back and here to stay.


Content browsing interface of Headliner is one of the best we’ve seen. The entire screen fills up with the video and the controls (share, follow, unfollow, view, close and report) appear as an overlay in a very minimalistic fashion. This works great as the you’re able to enjoy the content “fullscreen” without any distractions.

The video recording functionality in Headliner is rather a bit too simple and I feel it needs more work. You get one take to record a max of 25 seconds. If you mess up you record the entire clip again. You can’t record in parts which limits your movement to change scenes and being more creative.

We would have liked to see to see some “news” specific theme elements which could make the content unique and more interesting. For example, the developers could include news themed sound effects / background scores and include some live filters. Stories posted by users on similar news topics almost seem very identical and lack in variation.

Headliner for iPhone aims to offer a great platform that focuses on news stories with comic and satire overtones. The in-app content browsing experience sets a high standard for apps in the similar category. With a bit of more work in the recording features of the app it promises to offer a great source of hilarious takes on top news stories so that news doesn’t have to be boring.

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