Apple Posts ‘One-Day Shopping Event’ Page for Black Friday Sales

Apple one day shopping event black friday sales

Apple one day shopping event black friday sales

Apple has updated their online store with a teaser page for a “One-Day shopping event” for Black Friday. Black Friday is on, November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving and Apple generally tends to give discounts on many of its products, including Mac, iPad, and iPod.

The Black Friday sales online and in-stores marks the start of the holiday shopping for both Apple and other retailers that offer steep discounts on many of their products. This kicks off nationwide holiday sales through the first week of January.

The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday, 23 November.

Get ready to give. Shop online or visit your favourite Apple Retail Store.
We’ll help you make the most of the day, no matter how you shop.

Apple also offers these discounts internationally, both online and in stores as a way to boost sales by offering reasonable discounts. Last year, in the US and other countries, Apple offered the following discounts:

iPad 2 – $41 to $61 Off
iPod nano – $11 off
iPod Touch – $21 to $41 off
MacBook Air – $101 off
MacBook Pro – $101 off
iMac – $101 off

It is unclear how much Apple will be discounting this year, with the addition of the iPad mini and new iMac lineup.

{Via MacRumors}


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