6 Comments on “Rumour: LaLa shutting down. iTunes streaming coming?”

  1. EMI, Day the Music died-MD45, American Pie

    this stinks, unless something identical comes along – this was a remember when (moment in time) when you could access any music, any time you wanted, in your own home, w comfy clothes, sipping your fav brew. Something I only dreamed & imagined about. I listened to all kinds of amazing music, ragtime, new groups, something I may never do again. It was in sync w utube to cross ref a song to see a video. The wealth of info of artists bio's. It is out there & now it will sit on some rich guy's shelf – It was 🙂 heaven

    Like these comments: Apple will Never understand what was built here. Oh they'll roll out something “similar” It'll have a lot of bangs & whistles, overpriced. But it'll never have the Warmth, the Fun, or the Soul of Lala. This was a community And now Destroyed

    Hey Lala, Congrats, I would have sold to Apple too. Enjoy the money. Working sucks. Best of Luck. I would add PS Enjoy St Barts island.

    I will be hear when they shut out the notes RIP Lala

  2. My heart is breaking. I have been using the beta test iphone app for six months or so. It is AWESOME. I will have ITunes credit in the amount of my purchases. No info on account transfers. It took me a long time to upload my music and select web songs etc. Reconstructing this on an undoubtedly inferior iTunes platform, likely at greater cost, is going to SUCK. I don't doubt there will be a streaming option announced soon but not at ten cents per song.

  3. You’ve got it right. Apple’s taking over. I just logged into Lala. I can use my Lala account until the service shuts down on May 31. They will refund what’s left in my account and transfer what I’ve spent on my streaming playlist to the iTunes store, where I can spend it as credit. Songs I downloaded from Lala will still be playable from my music library. Thanks, Apple. I really loved my Lala, now what are you going to do with it?

  4. They aren't telling us anything. We're getting refunded for our web-song purchases via iTunes gift cards or, per specific request, mailed checks. There's no mention of account transfers or what's happening to the service after May 31st.

    This is kind of a bitch for some of us who've spent a goodly amount of time getting large music libraries scanned and saved online. I'd love it if they let me keep playing everything I've already uploaded through iTunes, since I just lost my media hard drive. (That's the point of music in the cloud, right?) The best they have to offer is for music we've already purchased as mp3s, which we can “continue to play as part of [our] local music library.” Thanks a load, assholes. Apple had better be making some damn-awesome improvements.

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