Reflection Review – Mirror iOS Device to Your Mac Easily

Reflection App for Mac

Reflection Review for Mac

If you have an Apple TV and an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 5 then you’ve been able to mirror your device on to your HD TV via Apple TV for some time now. Now, you can also mirror your iOS device to your Mac thanks to Reflection, a $15 app that can be purchased from the developers web site.

Once you’ve installed Reflection app onto your Mac and have it running you are ready to go with no additional app required on your iOS device you can start mirroring your device to your Mac immediately.

The process is the same as mirroring your device elsewhere, simple double-tap the home button, swipe twice to the right to reveal the volume control and the AirPlay button. After pressing the Air-Play button you’ll see your MacBook listed as one of the devices to mirror too and with that selected and the mirroring option enabled your device will appear on your MacBooks screen.

Only one device can be mirrored at a time and you can’t actually control the device via your Mac, but for grabbing screen shots or recording your iOS device it’s ideal. The results are very responsive too with little or no lag between anything you do on the device being reflected on the screen.

Reflection will automatically adjust the orientation of the screen as you rotate the physical device or you can force either landscape or portrait mode. You can also go full-screen and hide all other windows as well as controlling where the iOS device’s frame is shown or not.

The app works flawlessly and while it would be great if you were able to manually re-size the image mirrored image to suit your needs and even have built in screen capture capabilities it’s still a great bit of software.

If you are a developer, reviewer, blogger or just like showing of the cool stuff you can do with all your Apple hardware then Reflection is for you. The app works painlessly and very easily, and it’s also great for taking advantage of those games that utilize AirPlay for multi-player gaming such as Real Racing 2 and Gangster Rio without the need for an Apple TV.

Rating: ★★★★☆

What we like:

  • One simple install
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Full screen mode
  • Mirror games and videos

What to know:

  • No ability to manually scale the screen
  • No built-in screen capture functionality


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