iPhone blamed for third-degree burns, sufferer suing Apple

Erik Johnson, owner of an iPhone 5C, suffered third-degree burns on February 14 as his iPhone starting burning while in his pocket. According to a report published by CNET and interview with WABC-TV, Johnson bent over to get keys and a “pop” sound followed by smoke started coming out of his pocket.

Johnson who is from Long Island, had to reportedly spend 10 days in a burn unit. He suffered second and third-degree burns on his inner thigh. Apple in a statement to WABC-TV said that the company is investigating the matter. However, according to CBS New York Johnson is considering suing Apple for this mishap.

This isn’t the first time we are hearing about iPhone bursting for unknown reasons. There have been reports in the past about iPhone 4 catching fire and bursting. While in another case the phone blew up while it was charging.

Even though such cases have been fairly limited in number, it does raise concerns about faulty battery in certain devices. In the past, if any particular issue has been found with a component in the devices the company sells, it has initiated replacement and exchange programmes.

We will have to wait for the results of Apple’s investigation regarding this matter. As a general practice it is always advised to use original accessories for your devices to avoid any damage to the battery or other components.


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