Apple Patents Real World Multi-player Gaming [Laser Tag]

Apple Patent Muti-Player Real World Games

Apple Patent Muti-Player Real World Games

We see a lot of Patents filed by a lot of companies, especially Apple. And many of these never see the light of day. But this one has so much potential, and sounds so much fun I find myself both hoping it does come to fruition, and wondering what exactly it is that I hope to get to play! My head is bubbling with wish list ideas!

Patently Apple has scanned through an Apple design document which details an interactive, multi-user laser tagging framework, so that people engaged in games in real life can interact with, target and track other players using GPS technologies.

Imagine pretend sniping your fried from a balcony, while he crouches behind a bush down below! The havoc and mayhem that this kind of game could wreak is unimaginable. But the possibility for good clean fun is immense also.

Further through the patent there are mentions of team members, communication between those members, firing, tagging and of course the ability to know if you have been “hit”.

The game of “Laser Tag” is mentioned specifically, as well as HUD style overlays and player targeting systems, and ways to sync devices within a play arena.

This is real life KillZone2 or Halo!

I don’t think I can remember ever having as much fun playing a game played with real people as I have at both laser tagging and paint-balling events.

And the possibilities beyond the obvious FPS game model are very obvious. Treasure hunts for example. Or even Corporate Training and Team Building days! If you don’t have an iPhone you can’t play!

Are you excited by the sound of Apple’s Patent? What games would you like to see using this technology?
Let us know in the comments.

[via 9to5 Mac]


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