3 Predictions for Apple in 2014 That Will Bring Big Changes


The year 2013 proved to be yet another great year for Apple. The company introduced all-new products in each category and broke previous sales records for iOS devices. However, in my opinion the highlight product of Apple wasn’t its hugely popular iPhone, it was the introduction of Mac Pro and making most of its software free for users.

The design of Mac Pro has revived the faith in Apple for those who thought after Steve Jobs the company couldn’t introduce a radically different design. Even though Mac Pro is aimed at audio and video professionals the design and extreme power could make anyone feel tempted to buy the small yet powerful product from Apple.

Mac Pro was the last new product that was made available in 2013 and it has set the tone for 2014. Apple is expected to bring even more innovation in not just existing product categories but in new ones.

The first prediction for Apple for 2014 is the long rumoured iWatch. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on many occasions expressed that the company has interest in wearable technology and views wrist as an “interesting” area. If that alone wasn’t a clear indicator of what next to expect from the company then one could consider the recent acquisitions and hiring of human recourses. We expect Apple to finally enter the wearable technology market in 2014 with an iWatch that will interact with the iPhone.

There have been many rumours surrounding bigger iPhone and iPad displays. The second prediction is that in 2014 Apple could introduce 4.7 / 5.7 inch iPhone. There has never been any indication from Apple about being interested in larger iPhones however, its possible that the popularity of large screen Android devices could push Apple to introduce iPhone 6 with a large screen.

iPhone 6 is not the only product is being speculated to support bigger screen. An iPad with 12.9 inch display being referred to as “iPad Pro” could also be in the works. Apple has seen success with smaller screen iPad mini and soon the iPad could compete with a 13.3 inch MacBook Air. When an Apple product is near its release date parts and photos leak in the blogosphere so if Apple is working on such a product then we could expect more information when it goes into mass production.

The third prediction for Apple is that the company towards the end of the year could introduce Apple Television. The company has been long rumoured to be working on a television with Apple TV features integrated. In Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs it was revealed that Jobs had figured out the user interface for the modern televisions. In recent months Apple has made a few acquisitions which do suggest such a product could be released in near future.

So, in 2014 we can expect iWatch, larger iOS devices and Apple TV. In addition to these Apple will release iOS 8, next version of OS X and update MacBook lineup with latest processors.

What are your predictions for Apple in 2014? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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