Apple’s Patent Suggests App Recommendation Coming to iOS

App Recommendation Apple Patent

Something I always said about Ping was that the idea was a good one, but it needed to support apps as well as music. Looks like someone at Apple has been listening if this latest patent filing is to be believed. Thumbing through the documentation over at Patently Apple, it appears that Apple is looking into ways to make the … Read More

Nexus S Reviews

Nexus S

Since Google announced the Samsung-made Nexus S the smartphone world has been waiting with baited breath to find out whether the ‘S’ will be the new Android king or just another carbon-copy handset. Having read the lengthy and characteristically well-written review over at Engadget I think it’s fair to say Samsung’s Nexus S will be the must have handset for … Read More

HP Updates Firmware of Six New Printers To Add AirPrint Support

After Apple included AirPrint functionality in iOS 4.2 the world, well a couple of people, scrambled to buy one of the few HP printers that support the feature. But good news – now six more printers have joined the fun thanks to new firmware updates pushed out recently by HP. The printers now AirPrint enabled are: – Officejet 6500A e-AiO5 … Read More

Google Instant for iOS Now Available Worldwide

Google Instant iPhone

Google’s Instant Search is now available on iOS devices worldwide after being initially limited to the United States and a few more lucky countries. Instant is one of the many features Google has implemented over the last couple of years aimed at speeding up the world of search and works by populating your search results as you continue to type … Read More

Real Racing 2 for iPhone 4 Full Details

Real Racing 2

Firemint have today released more details of their upcoming arcade racing sim, Real Racing 2. Slated for a release on December 16th, and priced at US $9.99 / £5.99, Real Racing 2 will hope to build on the huge success of its older brother and certainly won’t be short on features. As for game modes, there are the usual multiplayer … Read More

Google Latitude For iPhone Pulled From The App Store

It’s always fun to play the mysterious disappearing app game, and today is no different! Today’s contestant is Google’s Latitude app. If you happen to use the Japanese App Store and were quick enough then you might just have been able to download a native app for the location tracking service that Google has been toying with for some time … Read More

Verizon iPhone now ‘closer to reality’ AT&T Exclusivity Coming To An End

It’s the rumour that just won’t die, but once again there are reports that AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity could be coming to an end. Again. One of the people to blame this time around is Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. The analyst claimed yesterday that the iPhone coming to Verizon is now ‘closer to reality’. Not exactly earth-shattering. Today bought us a … Read More

Promo Codes for iPhone/iPad Apps Can Now Be Redeemed Worldwide

New developments in the world of App Store promo codes today, and one much overdue. Up until now if a developer wanted to send out a promo code for their iPhone / iPad apps and games, the receiving person needed a US iTunes account to redeem it. After today’s announcement, the codes can be redeemed on any iTunes account regardless … Read More

Google Books Now Available for iPhone

Google Books iPhone 4

Google today officially took the wraps off the eBook store we’ve been expecting and launched apps for both Android and iOS to boot. While comparisons will inevitably be made with Amazon’s Kindle service as well as Apple’s fledgeling iBooks, Google’s offering does have a couple of interesting angles worth noting. One of the interesting things of note is that Google has, … Read More pulled down – Apple wins?

We recently told you about New York teenager Fei Lam and his little money making endeavour – offering White iPhone 4 conversion kits supposedly direct from Apple’s own hardware partner Foxconn. We also told you how Apple was seemingly a little upset. Now, in an email to, Lam has told the world : We have closed the site, possibly … Read More

Apple Granted Patent for Touch Enabled Notebook

Apple Touch MacBook Tablet

Patently Apple has done it again – this time they’ve discovered a brand new patent that Apple has managed to claim that appears to pave the way for a laptop that transforms into an iPad. This is the kind of thing many expected the new Macbook Air to turn out to be, but when announcing Apple’s super thin and light … Read More

PlayStation Phone ‘Zeus Z1’ New Video [PSP]

Yesterday we showed you video of what was claimed to be the fabled Playstation Phone. Despite the admittedly blurry nature of what we saw, it was certainly an eye-opener, the thing looked to be real. Well ladies and gentlemen, judging by new videos posted by Engadget, it’s definitely, 100% guaranteed to be legit – and this time we can see … Read More

Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 More Than Doubles Battery Power

Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4

The Mophie Juice Pack Air was one of the world’s favorite iPhone 3G/3GS cases/battery packs and we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the iPhone 4 version. Now, the wait is over, but this is no mere update. This is an all new model! Named the Juice Pack Plus, this new design will retail for $99.95 and boast an almost unbelievable 2000 … Read More

Firemint shows off Real Racing 2 screens


Firemint, the team behind iPhone smash hit Real Racing have just released the first screenshots of the upcoming sequel, aptly named Real Racing 2. Currently slated for a pre-christmas release, Real Racing 2 will feature officially licensed cars and a career mode that Firemint claim will give players over 10 hours of gaming goodness. One fact of note is that … Read More

PlayStation Phone in Video? Runs on Gingerbread [Sony PSP]

Well, well, well. Remember we told you about tech blog Engadget receiving photos of what they believe to be the much-rumoured Playstation Phone? Pretty cool right? Not as cool as the video they posted yesterday! So here’s the story. has posted a video of what they claim is the Sony Ericsson Z1, or Playstation Phone to you and me. … Read More