Android 3.0 ‘Entirely for Tablet’ Honeycomb [Video]

Last year’s CES was dubbed the ‘CES of the tablet’ by many, and with so many being shown off this week, 2011 doesn’t look to be any different. The most interesting to many including yours truly is a video showing off Google’s upcoming tablet-specific version of Android dubbed Honeycomb. Pushing Android to the lofty heights of version 3.0, Honeycomb is … Read More

Denon brings AirPlay to the Home Cinema

Denon Airplay

Home cinema favourite Denon is the first to offer Apple’s AirPlay feature on it’s line of AV receivers. Available as a $50 update to Denon’s AVR-991, AVR-3311CI, AVR-A100, and AVR-4311CI models AirPlay could well become a must-have feature on future home cinema hardware and Apple will be hoping that its video and audio streaming system will be the standard of choice … Read More

Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G [Hack]

We’ve reported on Android being crammed onto an iPhone before, but now hackers have upped the ante with Gingerbread being ported over. Just like past hacks, this version of Google’s Android 2.3 is only available for installation on an iPhone 3G and is based on the existing iDroid system. That’s good news because it allows users to dual-boot between iOS … Read More

Verizon To Hold Special Event – iPhone on The Cards?

Verizon iPhone

Could we finally be getting an iPhone on Verizon? It’s looking like we just might. Verizon took the tech world by storm when it sent out invitations to various blogs asking them to ‘join us as we share the latest news’. The date for the event is Tuesday, January 11th and speculation is rife that this is the day AT&T … Read More

Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next “3-4 weeks” : Kevin Rose

Hey look, Kevin Rose just started a new podcast and paid email newsletter and now claims to have info on the next generation iPad. /cynic mode off. So here’s the story; Rose, founder of social bookmarking site claims to have information regarding the upcoming announcement of Apple’s iPad 2. I have it on good authority that Apple will be … Read More

BlackBerry PlayBook Lacks Native Email and Calendar App?

With CES going on as I type, we’re finally hearing first hand reports of what BlackBerry’s PlayBook is like to use. One of the lucky people to spend time with the iPad competitor is Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan – but he’s hit upon an intriguing problem that I’ve not yet seen mentioned. The PlayBook doesn’t have native email and calendar apps. … Read More

Sony PlayStation Phone Hands-on and Specs [PSP]

We’ve had pictures, we’ve had video, and now we’ve got specifications for the still unannounced Sony PlayStation (PSP) Phone. This latest leak comes via Japanese website IT168, and here’s what they’re telling us: + An impressive battery weighing in at 1,5000mAh. + Powered by a Qualcomm Adreno 205 GPU. + A 4inch display sporting a resolution of 854×480. + A 5 … Read More

Apple’s Mac App Store : First Impressions

Apple Mac App Store Review

So yesterday the App Store phenomena came to the Macintosh, and I’ve been playing with it for a few hours now. Coincidentally, that’s just the right amount of time to let you know my first impressions – so here they are! After reading on Twitter how OS X 10.6.6 had been released and that it held the key to unlocking … Read More

Kinect-Like Gesture Technology for iPad To Be Shown Off at CES 2011

Touch-screen devices are steadily taking over the world, but one Norwegian tech company is already trying to move us into a future touch-free interfaces. Elliptic Labs will be at CES 2011 to show off its latest creation – a dock attachment that will enable a whole new way to interact with an iPad using gestures made just above the screen’s surface. … Read More

Words with Friends Going Cross-Platform

Words With Friends

Fans of the hugely popular Scrabble clone ‘Words With Friends’ have been happily playing against their iOS-clad brethren for quite some time now, but more competition is always a good thing right? According to the app’s creators Words with Zynga (not the catchiest of names, but it’s what they decided to called themselves after the acquisition by Facebook game giant, … Read More

Friends – Social Aggregation App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Friends iPhone

These days we’re all plugged into so many social networks that our friends and contacts are often spread over 3, 4 or even more locations. Keeping them all aggregated can be a hassle, and this is where a new app from Taptivate comes in. Aptly named Friends, this iOS app aims to bring all you contacts into one handy-dandy place. … Read More

‘Angry Birds’ Crosses The 50 Million Download Mark

The phenomena that is Angry Birds shows now sign of fading, with the game’s creators Rovio announcing that the game has had 50 million downloads with 10m of those being the free, ad supported Android version. That’s a hugely impressive count by anyone’s standards but it’s the company who keep the real achievement. As Engadget points out, other games that … Read More

Angry Birds iPhone Case Available At Apple Stores

Angry Birds iPhone Case

The Angry Birds invasion shows no sign of slowing, with plush toys and more versions of the game on iOS and Android than you can shake a stick at. The latest addition to the family of game-related merchandise is a selection of Angry Birds branded iPhone cases. Produced by Gear4 accessory manufacturer the cases feature some great drawings of the … Read More

Infinity Blade Sales Cross 274,000 Earns $1.64 Million In Just 5 Days

I distinctly remember saying on one episode of The International Mac Podcast that nobody wanted to play games on an iPhone. Apparently I was wrong! Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment, the clever guys n gals behind Infinity Blade have managed to shift at-least 274k copies of their Action-RPG for iOS. At $6 a pop that they have already raked in … Read More