Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 More Than Doubles Battery Power

Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4

Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4

The Mophie Juice Pack Air was one of the world’s favorite iPhone 3G/3GS cases/battery packs and we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the iPhone 4 version. Now, the wait is over, but this is no mere update. This is an all new model!

Named the Juice Pack Plus, this new design will retail for $99.95 and boast an almost unbelievable 2000 mAh battery. To put that into perspective its predecessor could only manage 500 mAh. That’s 4 times the capacity, so surely this thing must be a honking great beast of a thing? Believe it or not this little gem is just 1mm thicker than the Air.

That 2000 mAh battery provides an additional 8 hours talk time, 11 hours WiFi use and 7 hours 3G.

But wait, there’s more!

The Juice Pack Plus also sports an interesting speaker spewed system that redirects audio from the iPhone 4’s down-facing speakers and pushes it out toward the front of the unit. Expect improved sound quality and perhaps more importantly, higher volume levels.

The plus is available in black now, and in Cyan, Magenta and yellow from January 2011.



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