Apple Granted Patent for Touch Enabled Notebook

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Apple Touch MacBook Tablet

Patently Apple has done it again – this time they’ve discovered a brand new patent that Apple has managed to claim that appears to pave the way for a laptop that transforms into an iPad.

This is the kind of thing many expected the new Macbook Air to turn out to be, but when announcing Apple’s super thin and light notebook, CEO Steve Jobs claimed that touch-screen doesn’t work when the screen is vertical. That rules out laptop machines and the touch screen we’ve all been waiting for – a 27″ iMac with multitouch!

Could Apple be working on yet another U-turn? Anyone remembers El-Jobso telling us nobody wanted to watch video on a small screen shortly before launching the video iPod? Exactly.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to launch a laptop machine that transforms into a tablet. Dell of all companies looks to have the march on Apple with their Inspiron Duo. With its 10.1 inch screen, the netbook tries to kill two proverbial with one stone – one minute it’s a 10 inch netbook, the next it’s a capacitive touchscreen enabled tablet. At the very least it’s one neat party trick!

Head on over to Patently Apple for the technical specs from Apple’s latest patent and start dreaming of a touch-enabled MacBook.


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  • Stealthy

    I’m still hanging out for the 27″ horizontal form factor with touch screen to run my music apps like Cubase, Protools and Logic. Lots of onscreen controls like sliders and dials need the touch screen interface feature.

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