Verizon iPhone now ‘closer to reality’ AT&T Exclusivity Coming To An End

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It’s the rumour that just won’t die, but once again there are reports that AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity could be coming to an end. Again.¬†One of the people to blame this time around is Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. The analyst claimed yesterday that the iPhone coming to Verizon is now ‘closer to reality’. Not exactly earth-shattering.

Today bought us a new comment, this time from none other than AT&T’s own CFO Richard Lindner. Speaking at the UBS Media and Communications Conference ‘exclusive arrangements end.’ A bit cryptic perhaps, and obviously the iPhone wasn’t mentioned specifically, but rumours obviously point to the carrier’s 5 year deal possibly coming to an end. The question is, what other handset would warrant even mentioning in this context?

One thing is for sure though. Until the iPhone starts to show up in Verizon stores or in Steve’s pocket at an Apple announcement, these rumours will just keep on coming.

It’s got to happen some day, right?!



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