WhiteiPhone4Now.com pulled down – Apple wins?

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We recently told you about New York teenager Fei Lam and his little money making endeavour – offering White iPhone 4 conversion kits supposedly direct from Apple’s own hardware partner Foxconn. We also told you how Apple was seemingly a little upset. Now, in an email to CultOfMac.com, Lam has told the world :

We have closed the site, possibly permanently.

Who could see that coming? /sarcasm.

While it’s still unclear exactly why whiteiphone4now.com is no more, 17 year old Lam had already been contacted by a private investigator claiming to represent Apple and accusing him of selling stolen goods. At that point it was really only a matter of time.

Still, there are still plenty of alternative services around the internets, but please do your research before splashing the cash!

Oh, and do let us know if you do go for a white iPhone conversion!

{Cult of Mac}


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