PlayStation Phone ‘Zeus Z1’ New Video [PSP]

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Yesterday we showed you video of what was claimed to be the fabled Playstation Phone. Despite the admittedly blurry nature of what we saw, it was certainly an eye-opener, the thing looked to be real. Well ladies and gentlemen, judging by new videos posted by Engadget, it’s definitely, 100% guaranteed to be legit – and this time we can see the slide-out controller.

Supposedly codenamed the Zeus Z1, the phone is shown to be running Google’s Gingerbread version of Android as expected, and we’re even treated to what appears to be the front end to the Playstation software which should put an end to any doubts – this thing WILL run some form of Playstation game. Funky stuff indeed!

The downside? Well, it does look to be slightly larger than the Titanic, which will put some people off. Remember though, this is one device – if you’re the kind of person that carries around a PSP and a phone, chances are it’s still a win.

Hit the videos below for gander at what Sony Ericsson will undoubtedly be hoping is the cash-cow most (I say most, the PSP Go never really got going!) Playstation branded devices tend to be.

Thoughts? Does this thing’s shear size put you off? Let us know below.


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  • Oliver Haslam

    Double comment! I borked Disqus!

  • Ewrfivonbwerd

    Well its still Deffently in pototype form so im sure it’ll change to some degree
    while the 5mp camera seems dated nothink special , obviously the biggest selling
    point of this phone is the playstation app thanks to its slide out controls
    making it one of a kind.

    The phone will work with emulation software i think its preety ultimate
    while its been said that its offical annoucement will come in febuary
    so prehaps will get a release date then ill’ed sey about 5 months after that
    given time to prehaps make it smaller in size , while i doubt sony will but making that
    camera better would be a bonus but im curious to see how much onboard memory this packs
    its goin to be one of the more expensive phones too , hopfully it packs 32gb and boost expenable

    Im also interested to see how much of the playstation brand is consisted of , can you transfer
    your movies from the playstation 3 to this the same way games? will it have remote play like the
    original psp ? , expect this would kickass because you wouldent need a wifi you could just connect
    stright to the net,

    Ill’ed sey it’ll just play the games but you never know time will tell.

    • Oliver Haslam

      There are certainly more questions than answers right now. What kind of games with this thing run? Similar to the PSP (Go) stuff we have now, or just Playstation branded games like PSN currently?

      Very early days right now, so fingers crossed this thing will be more than just another phone that offers ‘casual’ gaming.

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