Panic Pump 3D puts your reaction time to extreme test


Rating: ★★★☆☆

Panic Pump 3D is a casual puzzle game that aims to test your reaction time and logic to extreme test. The game begins with an introduction to the backstory, an evil Bumbi creature has trapped all its brothers (creatures that look like aliens) and only one Bumbi is left to free them all.

The Bumbi’s are trapped in a box surrounded by tubes and the lock is controlled by a hydraulic pipe system. Different color bubbles are thrown into the tubes and you have to pair four same color bubbles together in the rotors in order to deactivate each lock.


The gameplay is quite simple which is essential for a causal game. The 3D graphics are reminiscent of 80’s games. New puzzles introduce you to different environments in which the puzzle is set.

Panic Pump 3D keeps adding increasing level of complexity and difficulty to its levels by increasing the number of locks to open in order to free the Bumbi and by having you rotate the box to locate different locks.


The game is currently available in demo version so we were able to access only the story mode. Each level has a time limit and you have to successfully open all locks before the time runs out and score three stars. The developers are working on the full version and promise release of the full version soon.

As you progress in the game you unlock accessories to customise the look of your Bumbi. While the customisation remains limited to only a visual treat we would love to see this being expanded to bringing special powers for the Bumbi.


You tap to rotate the rotors to accept the coloured bubble and swipe in different directions to pass the bubble onto the next rotor. We found that while tapping worked fine however, when swiping the game would often rotate the entire puzzle box instead of passing the bubble. We hope that a future update addresses this concern.

Panic Pump 3D brings frantic color matching action to your iPhone. The game is fairly basic, quick to learn and adds increasing complexity to keep you going. It’s available for free as a demo version on the App Store.

Panic Pump

by Digilie Studio

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Panic Pump

PANIC PUMP is an innovative 3D puzzle game that will take you to a crazy world in which you need to use logic and intelligence. Your aim is to free some creatures, the Bumbi, who have been trapped by their wicked brother inside some impenetrable boxes controlled by a sophisticated hydraulic system; the tremendous hydroblock.
It will seem very easy to disactivate this system in the beginning, but the more you explore the worlds and get through the various levels of difficulty, it will be necessary to engage yourself in a physical and mental manner all the while enjoying yourself and feeling satisfied.
Explore all the worlds where the wicked one has confined his unlucky brothers, free them and unblock the accessories to customize your own bumbi, that is, your personalized hero in order to disactivate the hydroblock.
With so many smoking gimmicks, famished monsters, insidious candies, turbulent seas, your adventure accompanied by original music and sounds will unravel through fantastic environments and will be enriched with funny characters that'll make you laugh and have fun while you are busy dealing with numerous difficulties.


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