Loopseque Kids Review: A Beautiful and Engaging Musical Kaleidoscope

Loopseque Kids Review-1

Loopseque Kids Review-1

Rating: ★★★½☆

Loopseque Kids Review: There are lot of music apps out there that attempt to replicate real life instruments but sometimes you may want to take a step back from reality and just chill a little with some more easily created tunes especially if you are trying to get you children into creating music.

Loopseque Kids {$0.99} attempts to do exactly that and succeeds on most counts. Launching the app gives you two options, a ‘traditional’ piano or ‘pads’, both of which provide you with the ability to create beautiful music. The ‘pads’ give you a disc of pads which when activated by touching them will play a note as the rotating arms swings over them, this allows you to quickly create cool rhythmic sounds.

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The ‘traditional’ piano is a piano with a twist, it’s circular for a start and a quick tap of the center will tweak the piano sounds to ones laced with bells and other sounds. This is the same with the pads where you can switch between differently enhanced sound boards.

Both boards are also surrounded by what appears to be a small village of buildings, trees and a large walking bug which all create additional sounds when touched. All of this is beautifully animated and just adds to the overall cuteness of the whole application.

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A few things are missing though. It would be nice if it was possible to record, save and playback your musical masterpieces as well as sharing them via any of the social media options however that is not currently the case.

Even with those negative aspects though Loopseque Kids is a beautiful and engaging musical toy that would be a great introduction to the world of sound and music to any young child.

What we like:

What to know:

  • No ability to save your results
  • No record option
  • No sharing


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