iPhone 4G / HD Leak Reveals New Details

The blogosphere has been busy reporting the latest iPhone 4G / HD rumors and as WWDC 2010 event approaches its scheduled date new details with specifications of the iPhone 4G are emerging on the web.

Earlier today Engadget reported that Vietnamese forum Taoviet published a series of leaked photos of the fourth generation iPhone and posted a video on YouTube. The teardown pics revealed that the device had an Apple branded A4 processor with the marking APL0398 which is also found inside Apple’s iPad.

The new model is reported to be different from the ‘lost’ prototype which Gizmodo bought for $5000. The device did not have any screws on either side of the Dock Connector and was running a screen diagnostic test called ‘bonfire’

The device appeared to have a cleaner design which suggests that this might be a newer prototype.

Do you think this is the next iPhone? Let us know what you think in the comments.

iPhone 4G/HD Teardown Pics

iPhone 4G Video



2 Comments on “iPhone 4G / HD Leak Reveals New Details”

  1. Backslider

    Its pretty obvious that this and the other “lost” iPhone are just a ploy by a desperate Apple, who now see themselves as a minority with the far superior Androids reaching the market, to garner media attention.

    Federal prosecutors should take a long, hard look at APPLE!!!

  2. R2D2

    R2D2 here,

    There is yet another iPhone prototype that has not and will not be discovered. It was stolen by a Jawa trader named Dathcha and traded to Wuher at the Mos Eisley Cantina for six free drinks in the cantina. Wuher would not offer more because he had seen & heard of my Droids. That's right. We are shipping Droids to your planet aboard the Millennium Falcon. In less than two of your earth years, Droids will be everywhere. I predicted that Palm would fall as a result of our efforts. See, already it has happened. The Force is with us.

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