iOS 7 Speak Selection Now Also in Hindi for India

Siri Tasks

Siri Tasks

Apple’s iOS 7 features a completely redesigned look and introduces many new user features. Siri in iOS 7 also got a few notable enhancements which include new commands to switch bluetooth on or off and even control the brightness settings.

Siri’s voice has been the same since its introduction in iPhone 4S. With iOS 7 this is set to change with high quality voice in male and female variations. Apple has also added new languages in it’s “speak selection” settings under accessibility settings.

One notable new addition is Hindi for Indians. With iOS 7 users who prefer to have their iPhone speak selection in Hindi can do so. The voice for Hindi is a female voice and the accent is very natural which was a pleasant surprise.

India is a growing market for Apple where the company has increased its marketing efforts by announcing attractive deals like 0% EMI finance schemes and even smartphone trade ins, where users can trade in their old smartphone can get a price reduction on their new iPhone purchase.

Siri in iOS 7 still doesn’t support Hindi however, addition of speak selection in Hindi could be seen as a move which could soon result in addition of Hindi language to Siri.

Apple’s iOS 7 is slated for a public release sometime around September. The company released the first beta during the WWDC keynote event.


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