Iconic for iPhone tests your ability to translate cryptic icons into words

Iconic for iPhone Review

Iconic – Guess The Name Quiz From Picture Icons for iPhone is the latest game to join the trivia category in the App Store. If you’ve played Guess The Emoji [FREE] before you’ll feel very comfortable with the gameplay. In Iconic you are presented with hand-crafted icons that are cryptic in nature and the object of the game is to decipher its meaning.

The game presents you with icons and blank spaces to fill out the words. To make your life a bit easier there are jumbled alphabets to choose from to help you guess the meaning of the icons. If you get stuck you can choose to either post the trivia to your Facebook wall and have your friends help you out or use hints available within the game. Each correct answer earns you $1 (virtual game currency) and can be used to purchase hints. If you run out of the in-game currency, but still want to use a hint you can always use in-app purchase to get more $$$.

Visually the game is very minimalistic in its design and goes well with the iOS 7 flat theme. The user interface is intuitive and mostly gesture based.  Flow studio, the developers behind ‘Iconic – Guess The Name Quiz From Picture Icons’ (available for FREE) have included more than 200 hand-drawn icons in the game. The cryptic nature of these icons vary from representing the exact word to giving subtle hints to form the basis of your thinking to solve the puzzle.

The game requires you to have decent knowledge about movies, music, and  famous people. For example, if you haven’t watched the movie Dancing with Wolves or heard about the rock band Alice in Chains, it may take you a while to crack the puzzle. The developers have promised more categories in the future. After solving each puzzle you are presented with a short excerpt from Wikipedia which includes information about the movie, music or person you just guessed.

If you get stuck on a certain puzzle and run out of available hints and don’t want to buy coins, the only option left is to wait for your Facebook friends to help out or try being creative while searching on Google. There is no skip option. This sometimes can have a negative impact on the player. Being able to skip a puzzle and then coming back to it later could encourage the player to continue playing and then come back to the unsolved ones. The current version lacks this feature.

The game comes with a single player mode. There is no timer mode, no multiplayer and no achievements to unlock. It is unclear if the developers are working on these features. Adding different modes and achievements will further enhance the gaming experience and give the game a longer shelf life.

Once you start filling out the blank spaces with the available alphabets there is no way to rearrange them. You have to resort to tapping on the incorrectly placed alphabet and then replacing it. It would’ve been nice if the developers allowed the player to just drag and change the position of the alphabets.

Overall, Iconic for iPhone is a fun and challenging trivia game that successfully manages to ignite that ‘Ah! ha!’ expression.

Touch Reviews Rating: ★★★½☆

Iconic - Guess The Name From P...

by All in a Days Play

Iconic - Guess The Name From P...

Iconic challenges you to translate icons into words. Test your knowledge of visual language and pop culture in a ridiculously fun trivia game!

If you enjoyed Draw Something and Heads Up!, then you are bound to enjoy what Iconic has to offer. - AppAdvice

Iconic is very, very sleek. It's head and shoulders more attractive than any other guess-the-phrase game I've seen out there. - AppsZoom

If you’re fond of music, movies, history and wish knowing even more, Iconic is your app - 4.5/5, AppsRumors

We’re surrounded by icons, emoticons, smilies, and other symbols. The meaning behind them is universal: Stop, Go, Play, Shop, Smile, Like, Share. What if the names of your favorite bands, movies, and celebrities are displayed as clever icons?

Crack the visual code and combine clues with your icon smarts to impress your friends and fill your day with priceless “a ha” moments.

- 250 hand-drawn icons
- Categories include Movies, Music, and People (with more categories to come)
- Share any quiz on Facebook if you need help from friends
- Every solved puzzle includes a Wikipedia excerpt

Iconic is all about clear icons and beautiful, minimalistic design. Nothing stands between fun puzzles and your amazing trivia-solving skills 🙂

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