Android 3.0 ‘Entirely for Tablet’ Honeycomb [Video]

Last year’s CES was dubbed the ‘CES of the tablet’ by many, and with so many being shown off this week, 2011 doesn’t look to be any different. The most interesting to many including yours truly is a video showing off Google’s upcoming tablet-specific version of Android dubbed Honeycomb.

Pushing Android to the lofty heights of version 3.0, Honeycomb is being developed entirely with slate machines in mind, and isn’t expected to be available on any phones at all – which begs the question of what will Android on mobile handsets do when it hits version 3?

So what’s the video show? Having watched it a couple of times through I find myself very much agreeing with Endgadget’s Tim Stevens. The best thing I can say about the OS is that it’s nothing at all like the Android we’ve come to know over the last couple of years. Out go blocky graphics and poor fonts and in comes some flashy whizz-bang transitions. If this is what most of the iPad competitors will be shipping with then I’m a happy choppy. Competition is good, remember!

One sour note though – don’t expect your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab to get an update to Honeycomb. The new hotness requires a dual-core CPU to function and, for now at least, that means an Nvidia Tegra setup.

Still, it’s a reason to upgrade I s’pose!


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  1. Badboybillionair

    your wrong about android 3.0, it does not require dual-core so galaxy tab will one day get 3.0

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