Holga iPhone 4S / 4 Camera Lens and Filter Turret Review

Holga iPhone 4S Camera Lens Filter Turret Review-1

Rating: ★★★★☆

Holga iPhone 4S Camera Lens Filter Turret Review-1

Holga iPhone 4S / 4 Camera Lens & Filter Turret Review: The camera on the iPhone 4 left a little to be desired especially when taking pictures inside or when the lighting wasn’t great, however the iPhone 4S fixed this issue and more so with the improvements made to the camera and is now regarded as one of the best point and click cameras available.

There are also hundreds off apps out there that will add special effects to your pictures after taking them. Now though you can add special effects as you take the picture with the Holga iPhone 4/4S Camera Lens & Filter Turret.

The Holga iPhone 4/4S Camera Lens & Filter Turret is a set of 10 separate lenses attached to an iPhone case which clips to the back an iPhone 4 or 4s. The fit is a good, snug fit and aligns the lenses with the camera lens perfectly. Because of the snug fit though if you have any type of skin on your case. specifically down either side of the phone the case can leave some marks on the skin and will require care when snapping the phone in and out of the case.

Holga iPhone 4S Camera Lens Filter Turret Review-2

Once attached the lens turret rotates with ease and securely snaps into place with each rotation to lock the next lens into place and you are ready to take your pictures with the default camera app with the selected effect in places.

There are 10 lenses in total although with one being an empty hole for taking normal pictures without removing the case there are actually 9 effects that can be achieved with the device.

The 9 lenses are:-

  1. Dual Image Lens
  2. Triple Image Lens
  3. Quadruple Image Lens
  4. 60mm Macro Lens
  5. Red Heart Filter
  6. Red Filter
  7. Green Filter
  8. Yellow Filter
  9. Blue Filter

These different lenses certainly have a significant effect on your pictures, this is especially evident with the dual, triple and quadruple lens, see sample photos for more details. However, my favorite lens is the 60mm macro lens which enables you to take clear and detailed close up shots, something that the iPhone camera alone is not capable of.

The case obviously adds significant bulk to iPhone and with the turret attached it’s not something that you would want to keep on at all times, however it is well made and feels like it will last a long time.

Holga iPhone 4S Camera Lens Filter Turret Review-3

At $30 this could be a significant purchase for any iPhone 4/4S owner, however the macro lens alone makes it well worth the money as it will add a significant additional option to your photography, add to that the quirky fun that can be had with the other lenses the Holga iPhone 4/4S Camera Lens & Filter Turret is a great purchase for any iPhone 4/4S owner that wants to take their photography to the next level.

Head on over to the Photojojo Store to check out the Holga iPhone 4/4s Camera Lens & Filter Turret.

What we like:

  • Solid, well fitting case
  • Easy to use, no app required
  • Great macro lens

What to know:

  • Too bulky for general use


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