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    Travelling across Latin America is becoming increasingly popular. Millions of people every year arrive to new locations there, whether it’s with backpacks on their shoulders in Cusco or suitcases trailing behind them in Buenos Aires. But once you arrive, how do you know where to get the best sandwich in town? Where can you go for local cocktails? Who can you turn to for the perfect tour recommendation? Furthermore, can you even book the tour when things are in a foreign language?

    That’s where TheBesty comes in. With a beautiful layout, easy to use interface, and expert live chat all for free, TheBesty app really is the perfect travel assistant. (It doesn’t complain if you forget to make your bed or leave the toilet seat up either). Upon arriving at your hotel, simply enter the hotel’s unique code into the app and enjoy access to over 5000 tours and activities, offline local guides filled with the best local events, and an expert live chat, where all your travel questions are instantly answered without having to spend ages trawling through forums and customer review websites. If you are not staying at a partner hotel, you can still use the app, you just won’t be able to order drinks by the pool.

    That being said, the latest and most unique feature off the app is the new expert recommendations section, where the best bloggers and food critics suggest their top places to find food, drink, and nightlife. This differs from other websites and apps where ratings are based purely on an average customer who has visited, versus expert bloggers who spend every waking hour thinking, dreaming, and tasting a city’s cuisine. Fancy a Peruvian dish in the middle of Chile’s capital city Santiago? Just use the filters, see trusted recommendations, and experience food from only the very best places around. Saving time and effort is the goal here, as TheBesty allows you to spend all your time having fun exploring your new city.

    The idea for the app began as part of Chile’s Start-Up programme, who saw TheBesty as a perfect opportunity to promote tourism in Chile, and which has now an example of how a US company can successfully move its tech operations away from the glitz and glam of the Silicon Valley. Now, with the app available in both Android and iOS, it is set to go viral throughout Latin America, where it is already operating in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. Are you heading out on an adventure in Latin America? Make sure to download “TheBesty”, and instantly have a free travel assistant in your pocket.

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