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    Instaboom — an easy in use, modern application for video recording by Photo & Video Labs

    Photo & Video Labs has updated its collection of video editing utilities with a new product. Instaboom offers the users a set of tools that makes it possible to make a mini video and share it with friends anytime anywhere.

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    The primary feature of Instaboom is creating and basic editing of short movies. The application records up to five seconds of video and automatically loops it in a particular fashion, replaying the footage back and forth. The supported format – Full HD 1920×1080p — guarantees high quality of the video without image distortion. For the convenience of spontaneous filming the app provides an option of switching between the main and frontal cameras of the device.

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    The user can add a special mood or a particular style to their work by applying a variety of filters that modify the color palette and add visual effects. This kind of editing can be carried out either while filming is still in-process or with a video that has already been recorded and looped.

    Active users of social services will find the application particularly useful. In addition to saving the video on the device, Instaboom’s features also include the option of easily sharing it on Facebook and Instagram, as well as sending it via e-mail or instant messaging systems.

    The product is noteworthy for its ergonomic, intuitive control system. Video recording starts immediately after the app is launched and all the main features are can be accessed from the start page by clicking on their respective icons. The minimalistic interface allows the user to easily navigate the features and brings the time necessary for creating and sharing a video down to mere seconds.

    Instaboom, a video utility that answers the demands of modern life, with its breakneck pace and active information exchange, is available for free download on the company’s official site:

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