DrawRace 2 HD Review: A Perfect Example of How iOS Games Should Be!

DrawRace 2 HD Review iPad-4

DrawRace 2 HD Review iPad-4

Rating: ★★★★★

DrawRace 2 HD Review: I wouldn’t say that times were hard when I was growing up but one of favorite games as a youngster was a game where we would draw a race track on a sheet of paper and then with the tip of a pencil on the starting line and a single finger on the top of the pencil we would take it in turns seeing who could draw a line around the track to the finishing line first. Many hours were lost to this drawing racing game and DrawRace 2 HD {$2.99} reminds of that on two levels, not only the similarity in the game play but also the many hours that I feel that I have lost to it already!

With all the great line drawing games available on iOS devices I’d long wondered how a racing game could utilize this method, I missed the original draw race and so when I found DrawRace 2 HD I was excited to see if a racing game and the line drawing genre could be mashed together successfully or not.

The first thing you’ll notice about DR2HD are the high production values, from the sleek menu system, detailed screen filled tracks, music and sound effects the whole game oozes quality which is not a total surprise as the game does come from the iOS gaming powerhouse that is Chillingo.

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While the game offers plenty of options including a career mode, multi-player mode and online Game Center competition at first all of these additional features appear locked. Fortunately, this is to force you through the first few levels of the career mode that act as a tutorial for the game. The first few levels do indeed give you a good overview of what’s to come in controls, game types, leader-boards and achievements and this is all via in game videos which makes picking up the game easily to do.

There are two stages to each race, pre race you have to draw the line that you wish your car to take around the track, once this is done the race starts and you can then watch your car race around the track and when appropriate give your vehicle a speed boost to get your car past your opponents.

The pre race line drawing not only controls the line but also the speed of your vehicle, drawing a line fast down the straight will ensure a top speed while slowing down your finger as you take the apex of a corner will ensure that you break in time to take the corner well and not spin out. It cannot be stressed enough how easy the controls are and yet the level of control they give you over your vehicle.

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Talking of vehicles there are 16 in total which range from NASCAR style racing cars and rally cars, to compact racers and F1 cars each with their own levels of acceleration, control, breaking and top speeds. Again the level of detail and content are exceptional!

Talking of numbers here are some more for you. On top of the 16 cars there are also 30+ tracks, 60 races with 3 levels of opponents totalling 180 events. 5 skill levels and over 33 achievements. There is no doubt that DrawRace 2 HD for iPad is going to keep you entertained for a long time and that’s even before we’ve started talking about the various multi-player options.

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There are three multi-player options in total, 2 are played online with the help of the Game Centre while the other is a local multi-player which allows up to four players to play on a single device. For the local multi-player mode each player takes it in turn to draw their racing line before the race starts and then all the cars race at the same time with each player having their own boost button.

The online options add another star to the game-play, whether you are racing against your Game Center friends or against other players in an online league the aim of the game is to set the fastest time possible.

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The online league has a time limit and if you are faster than your selected opponents, 2 selected that are ranked higher than you and 2 that are ranked below you, you can increase your ranking while you can challenge your friends to set the fastest lap on any given track and you will be notified via push notifications anytime your best time is beaten. Both are a lot of fun and adds plenty to the overall package.

For me there is no racing game that compares to the quality and quantity that DrawRace 2 HD has to offer. It’s easy to learn but the depth of the game and level of control will provide challenges for weeks, if not months to come. Get it now!


  • Simple controls
  • High production values
  • Content, content, content
  • Local and Online Multi-player


  • None to mention



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