Cybernarium Review: Fun Breakout Clone, But It’s Still Just Breakout

Cybernarium Review-3

Cybernarium Review-3

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Cybernarium Review: Every since Breakout hit our screens on the Atari back in 1976 there have been numerous versions released on all known devices including many on the iDevices. Well add another one to list as Breakout is brought into the 21st century with Cybernarium, a sci-fi influenced breakout inspired game.

A brief back story starts the game and it sets you 600+ years into the future defending the earth from an alien invasion. This battle takes place in the Cybernarium, a circular battlefield where your task is to clear the level of all the blocks.

The fact that the playing area is circular is where this version of Breakout differs from others and therefore instead of moving your paddle along the bottom of a square screen you instead move it around the circumference of the circle.

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There are two versions of the game each with 30 levels to clear, both are fairly similar with the only main difference between Behind the Walls and Insane Freedom is that the former has a wall blocking half of the arena while the later makes you responsible for protecting the whole arena.

There are two control methods, both pretty easy to use, and I found that I used the virtual buttons while playing Behind the Walls and the touch controls that give you direct control over the paddle while playing Insane Freedom. The great thing is that both control methods are available at all times with no need to stop or pause the game to switch between them.

The game-play is fast and furious, especially in Insane Freedom. As you would expect you have a number of lives before it’s game over and you can gain additional ones should you pick up an extra field bonus. These bonuses float through the screen regularly, however it’s not just a case of vacuuming them all up as there are some negative bonuses too, if that’s not an oxymoron!

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Along with the 60 levels for you to play through the game also includes 20 achievements via its Game Centre integration and thanks to it being a universal application you can play it both on your iPhone and iPad.

Cybernarium is a fun breakout clone, and looks good too, although despite it’s use of the the circular playing arena it’s ultimately still just another Breakout clone which doesn’t push the game style as far as it could have.

What we like:

  • 60 circular arenas
  • Fast paced action

What to know:

  • It’s still just breakout
  • Pointless back story


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  1. Martin Goldberg

    “Every since Breakout hit our screens on the Atari back in 1976..”  Little confused there.  I’m assuming by “The Atari” you mean the Atari 2600, which didn’t come out until 1977.  Breakout for the Atari 2600 came out in 1978.  What came out in 1976 was the Atari coin-op version of Breakout.

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