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[rating: 3.5/5]

Orions 2 the Deckmasters is brought to you by Chillingo and is a sequel to Orions: Legend of Wizards. With unique creatures and spells, battle your way through a campaign using elements of water, fire, life, death, earth and air.

Orions 2 is a strategy based game and your role is to fight the orion lords and try defeat them. It is a trading card game mixed with turn based strategy.

There are two modes to play Campaign and Duel. In Duel you fight and try to defeat a real opponent or artificial intelligence. You do this by casting cards from your deck. You start off with a fixed amount of health and the player who gets their opponents health to 0 wins.

Orions 2-2

With the campaign mode you have to defeat enemy forces and travel around the fantasy world. As you do you must collect spells and monsters for your deck. When you first start out you have very little strength and power. As you progress you earn experience points that enable you to earn another level and become stronger and more powerful. It is also worth knowing, when you do defeat an enemy you can choose one of their cards and gain it.

The controls are easy, most of it is tapping or double tapping. Then you simply drag the cards from their position to the tray. The actual game play is a little harder to master. You do need to learn and understand each cards you are playing. So you will have to put a little time in first before you can actually play the game properly. There is a small tutorial at the beginning though to guide you and at least get you going in the right direction.

Orions 2-3

Orions 2 had mystical music playing through out. With sound effects when you take a card from the deck and when a spell is cast. The UI at first looks quite confusing and again takes a little time figuring out what each button does. The graphics are all right, theres nothing breath taking about them but it is a card game and theres only so much detail that is required in this sort of game.

If you like card based strategy games then Orions 2 is for you.



Price $2.99 (View in App Store)

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Orions 2-1 Orions 2-2 Orions 2-3 Orions 2-4 Orions 2-5 ]]> 0 Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising for iPhone. Squad Level Turn Based Zombie Action Baby! Hoo Raa! Sun, 10 Apr 2011 17:51:27 +0000 Read More]]> tactical soldier iPhone

[rating: 4/5]

Tactical Soldier is a squad level turn based game where you control a group of soldiers fending off waves of zombies in an effort to uncover the dark secrets of an Army research base. You will fight your way through the levels searching for answers and meeting new squad members along the way. Your fists, pistols, shotguns, grenades and many other weapons will be your only defense against hoards of zombies.

The controls in this game are fairly simple and pretty standard for a turn based game on the iPhone. Tactical Soldier uses a tap/grid based control system where you tap a grid and you will move to that spot. The catch on this control system is that you only have a certain amount of action points that allow you to do different things each turn. Early you are by yourself and must search for signs of life and clues to uncover the mystery. When you have a zombie near you, you are able to use your action points to move and when you run out it’s the zombies turn. Once you are in range of the zombies you can shoot at them. Each gun has its own range so you must be clear on this or you will put yourself in bad situations, i.e. within striking range of a zombie but outside the range of your shotgun, this is a bad place to be. As the game progresses you will have new items you acquire as well as new weapons but the control system remains the same. You will go through a tutorial early on that teaches you how to move, shoot and complete actions so this is fairly simple to pick up.

tactical soldier Undead Rising

The gameplay in Tactical Soldier for iPhone can change quickly. At times the game seems a bit slow but that is generally because you are still feeling out the controls. Once you have those down and you are moving about the base, the breaks in action will become few and far between and you will appreciate a small lull in the action to allow for looking around.

The shooting mechanism in this game took me a minute to get a feel for. That’s not to say that it is complicated because it is not but there is a method to the madness. When a zombie is in range, you can click on your weapon to ready it for firing, you then click on your target (zombie) and then click again to shoot the zombie. This all seems pretty simple and it is but don’t forget to pay attention to the percentage that appears over the zombie’s head when you click on it because this is the percentage you have of actually shooting the zombie. Trust me, bullets are precious and you do not want to run out. It is about 10 times faster killing a zombie with a gun as opposed to bare hands and you don’t want to find that out the hard way. Getting closer to the zombie increases your percentage but don’t get too close or you will have more than one zombie on you in the blink of an eye. The zombies also miss sometime so don’t think that just because you are near, you’re a goner.

tactical soldier Review

Dealing with the squad can be a bit cumbersome at times but it would be a real pain to not have that extra fire power. This game utilizes the squad immensely so don’t ignore your squad. The game makes this difficult because you must move them just as you move your character but it is easy to sometimes forget that you need to equip them with weapons as well. You can actually even pass weapons and other items back and forth throughout the game so that helps as well.

The level design is pretty simple but very nice. The game is set in a military research center so you certainly have that appearance throughout. However, the game throws a steady dosage of doors, long corridors, etc. that change up the way you approach the zombies. These zombies can prove vital to defending your position but also serve as a trap if you let the zombies too close. Write that down.

tactical soldier iPhone Game Review

The overall appearance of this game was pretty impressive. With the ability to pinch to zoom and rotate the angle of the camera with your fingers, you always have the prospective that you want. The level detail is great when you are zoomed in and easily navigated when zoomed out. You don’t gain or lose anything from either angle so you aren’t penalized for your preference and that is awesome. The visual aspects are great and flow well for a turn based game. The audio was one of my favorite parts of the game short of the mumbled commands you receive at the beginning. The music changes when zombies are in your presence and the guns sound great. I was impressed with the overall presentation of this game.



Category: Games
Updated: Apr 03, 2011
Current Version: 1.0.1
1.0.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 53.3 MB
Language: English
Seller: Full Control ApS
© Full Control & WIT Entertainment
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

]]> 0 Pocket World at War for iPhone A Strategy Game You Should Buy With No Risk! Sun, 19 Dec 2010 01:24:04 +0000 Read More]]> Risk Online Multiplayer Game

Pocket World at War [rating: 4.5/5]

We’ve reviewed a few different Risk clones and the original Risk itself over the last few months and now comes another with one major difference, for Pocket World at War from Prolific Games Inc plays in real time, there are no dice and you don’t have to wait for the other players to make their move before you make yours. Having said that your opponents don’t have to wait for you either!

The game is based in WW2 and recreates a variety of real battles from the time, each with a brief description of the battle before the game is launched so the game is educational too!

Each level places you with a birds eye view of the battlefield, which while lacking detail does look effective. On the battlefield will be placed your units, tanks and soldiers represented by color-coded arrows. If any of you have seen the intro to the British classic comedy Dads Army you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Movement is done be drawing lines on the screen of where you would like you troops to go, simply select the piece you want to move and drag it to where you want to go. With the piece selected the name, size and morale of that piece will also be shown. The morale is a key piece of the game as while your moral is high you will inflict more damage on your opponents, however as your pieces weaken you may need to withdraw them to prevent them from reaching breaking point and ultimately being wiped out.

Risk Clone Online

Your morale can also be boosted by being fortified on a base and being helped by other units, should your unit reach breaking point all is not lost as you can withdraw the unit to a save distance where, given time, it will recover to fight another day.

This adds a nice level of strategy to the 20 levels of the game which are played over 4 different campaigns, from Normandy and Hedgerows to Germany and the Eastern Front you can play the first couple of levels on all fronts if you like before going on to unlock the others.

The challenge is relatively high which keeps things interesting and so you should find yourself entertained for a few hours at least, this is extended if you plan to complete all 12 achievements and master the leader-boards that all provided thanks to the Game Center integration.

At just 99 cents it’s a worthy addition to anyone’s game catalog in its own right, the addition of more levels and even a multi-player option via a future update would make it even better value for money!



$0.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Updated: Dec 10, 2010
Current Version: 1.2
8.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Prolific Games
© 2010 Prolific Games Inc.
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


Pocket World At War Risk Clone Online Risk Online Multiplayer Game ]]> 0 Generals – Online Global Conquest for iPhone [Quick Look] Sun, 12 Dec 2010 19:05:22 +0000 Read More]]> Generals - Online Global Conquest

The game of Risk, whether it be the board game version or one of the many varieties across all devices is a global phenomenon so it’s unsurprising that there is yet another Risk clone in the App Store, this time in the form of Generals – Online Global Conquest for iPhone.

Risk is a game of global domination where your aim is to take military control of the world via turn by turn game-play which works well on the hand held device thanks to 3 modes of play, single player against up to 4 computer players, multi-player via pass-n-play mode with up to 4 friends and multi-player over the Internet against up to 4 other players. These 3 modes alone mean that there is plenty of game-play to be had for ardent Risk fans.

The game graphics have a good solid military look about them and while not exactly jumping off the screen they are effective enough for a game that is more about skill and tactics rather than speed and aggression.

The game-play is as you would expect with the game of risk and if you have played the game before you will soon find yourself in full flow while for those of you who are new to the game a short help guide is provided to guide you through the rules of the game. Or for those games that like a visual view there is a 7 minute video to watch through.

Generals – Online Global Conquest offers everything that the official version of the iPhone game of Risk offers just with a little less finesse, however at 2 dollars less than the official version for those players that don’t mind those small touches could find themselves with a real bargain here.

$2.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Updated: Dec 07, 2010
Current Version: 1.8
1.8 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
14.9 MB
Language: English
Seller: Cyrillian, Inc.
© Cyrillian Studios
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

]]> 0 Land Air Sea Warfare HD Futuristic RTS Commands & Conquers the iPad. Tue, 28 Sep 2010 21:18:17 +0000 Read More]]> Land Air Sea Warfare HD iPad

Land Air Sea Warfare HD [rating: 4.5/5]

It’s been a challenging month. And I seem to be spending a lot of my time hiding from things. I had successfully hidden from the launch of Civilization V, after an unfortunate experience with Civ III that almost ruined my life, and lost me my various jobs at the time!

I’ve also found myself hiding from my editor here at Touch Reviews this week, as he repeatedly asked me to send him the review for “Land Air Sea Warfare HD“.

If you are a Real Time Strategy fan you’ll be familiar with the Civilization series, and probably games like Command & Conquer & Age of Empires. Land Air Sea Warfare, which I’ll refer to as LASW from now on (to save time writing the review so I can go play it again sooner) is actually cut from a similar cloth to the Command & Conquer series. In fact it’s reminiscent of the last version of those that I played called Command & Conquer : Tiberian Wars. It’s all about RTS combat on a big map, with big weapons and powerful laser missile and bullet spitting craft. Plain and simple!

Except LASW is polished, and seriously addictive, in the way that Civilization is, and Age of Empires were. Which is why I find myself drawing parallels between LASW, Command & Conquer and those more orthodox classics as well.

For those of you that are familiar with RTS titles, the way to play will be immediately obvious. And for those that aren’t it’s fairly easy to pick up. Especially with all the nice touch, scroll popup help notes in the game. You start by establishing a base, securing that area, and then setting up power sources, and defensive measures around that complex. After that you are in a race to build more, better and bigger aircraft, vehicles and ships and subs. The ultimate aim is to dominate the map and defeat all your AI opponents by taking their territory away.

LASW boasts 34 different units, including 7 different mega units, which each require their own resource that must be mined. There are 25 different buildings, which range from disabling opponent’s satellites, energy shields for units to hide behind, walls to slowdown enemy units, to research facilities. There are also 12 defensive buildings, mostly turrets, that are employed to guard against things like ICBM’s, or blow up approaching enemy units. Finally there are 30 different technologies for a grand total of 111 different things to research. There is a full list here, as well as a wealth of other info about LASW.

Land Air Sea Warfare HD

What is particularly impressive about LASW is that it has so many beautifully rendered flavors of ships, vehicles, aircraft weapons and factories. The two years that the developer, Isotope 244, has spent honing this title shows in the diversity of toys for you to wreak havoc with. And also how well thought out the interaction between those toys is when they go into combat. The amount of activity on the screen is both impressive, and beautifully rendered. And the game can get quite insanely frenetic at times!

Full use is made of the iPad’s screen real estate, as is the unique touch interface we now get to enjoy on Tablet devices. You can tap units to give orders, as well as drag the map around to see off screen areas. The maps are big, by the way. You can also zoom to areas on the map by tapping and sliding your finger around on the mini-map of the combat arena.

On screen units can be tapped, or collectively controlled by grouping them by dragging a box around them. You can then send them off on their way by tapping somewhere else on the map.

Flying units cast shadows. Combat units are not afraid to let rip with copious amounts of eye-candy laser weaponry and flocks of missiles, with the appropriate accompanying sound effects. Everything animates and looks great. And all the while you can strategize, tap, scroll, zoom and rain death down on your enemy smoothly on the iPad’s beautiful screen.

There are copious help notes in popup scrollable windows, which you will refer to quite a lot when learning about units and their functionality. It’s a necessary, but reassuring feature to see a dev. put in a game like this. Many don’t bother.

Menu objects all interact with you as you click and tap to create units and drop them onto the map to be built. You can even use two finger gestures to draw structures of more than one square onto the map.

Land Air Sea Warfare HD iPad 5

In short Isotope 244 has really put a lot of effort into making LASW not only a great RTS, but an RTS which is a joy to play on the iPad (or iPhone / iPod Touch). While we are talking about the developer, Isotope 244 seems to be very keen to develop this game even further, and on the App’s page in iTunes invites users to give him feedback and ideas for future revisions of LASW.

One big difference LASW has from the iconic RTS games I mentioned at the beginning of the review, is that it doesn’t have a story mode, or a campaign as such. That may bother some, as it stands right now the game is about playing individual games of up to an hour or two on myriads of diverse maps. With lots of difficultly levels that give plenty of replay value, and a nice set of increasing difficulty that will be hard to complete quickly. Actually for the iPhone or iPad style of devices these games are generally required to be more approachable, and be played in bite sized pieces. So in that sense LASW I think is put together in a way that most people will find fitting for their mobile devices, and also still have scope for RTS fanatics who want to play more and harder as time goes by.

There is also no multiplayer at the moment. But that is something that may well come in a future update I am reliably informed. In any case Land Air Sea Warfare HD for the iPad is well worth buying if you are an RTS fan, as it is the definitive RTS on the iPad at the moment. And for that reason, and its great user interface, if you are thinking about trying an RTS out for the first time I’d recommend this for you too.



Gameplay Video

$9.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 22, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
Size: 58.8 MB
Seller:Isotope 244 Graphics LLC
© 2010 Isotope 244 Graphics LLC
Requirements:Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

]]> 0 Risk for iPhone. Original Global Strategy Game without many Bells and Whistles Thu, 02 Sep 2010 16:52:41 +0000 Read More]]> RISK The Official Game

Risk [rating: 3.5/5]

We played a lot of board games in my family from Scrabble and Monopoly to Trivial Pursuit and Game of Life and it was a tradition to get a new family board game from Father Christmas each year which we would play on Christmas Day afternoon. However, this tradition never extended to one of the most renowned board games in the world, namely Risk.

When asked to review EA Mobile’s version of Risk on the iPhone my only expectations where of those I’d heard about the game rather than experienced directly. Subsequently I think I come to the game with a relatively unique perspective on the game.

The game starts with a suitably military feel about it, from the squaddies running into battle, tanks and military music the scene is set and you are left under no illusion that you are going to getting involved in a mighty battle.

For those expecting to get into some 1st or 3rd person perspective shoot outs will be in for a surprise as Risk is a strategy game where your ultimate goal is to rule the world. You can start the game with the computer setting your starting territories and troop placement or you can set them manually. As a beginner to the world or Risk I opted for the random placement.

Talking of being a beginner the game includes a decent tutorial that covers the basics of game play and takes you through the 3 steps that make up each turn. First you need to draft your troops and the number of troops you’ll have to deploy will be based on the number of territories and continents you have under you control.

Next up is the attack phase where you can march into neighboring territories. It’s not quite as easy at it seems though as you have to choose whether the attack will be a skirmish, total war or a retreat. The success or failure of each attack is controlled by the roll of the dice and as such nothing is guaranteed. A skirmish will give you more control over your attack while as the name suggest ‘All Out War’ is a do or die maneuver.

Your final step is the fortify step where you get to move your troops between your own territories and then it’s the next players turn, be that a computer controlled player, or a real person via either Pass N’ Play on a single device or using multiple devices on a local wireless network. One trick that has been missed here is the inclusion of a online multi-player option either in real-time or even via a play by mail type option. As a game that concerns global domination being able to play the game globally would have been a great addition.

The game play process is repeated until your domination is complete, or in my case my surrender was complete! It took me 4 games until I finally got the hang of how to make successful inroads into my opponents lands but the hard work paid off with a feeling of achievement especially when I won my first game.

There are limited extras to the game as I have seen in similar titles and as this is based on a board game it suggests that it is a simple port of the game and this could be limiting to gamers expecting extra features and options. The game does include it’s own version of achievements though and claiming all 12 of them would be an achievement in itself.

At $1.99 some players may be a little disappointed by the lack of options but the game does play well and it’s actually made me want to go out and get the board game version of Risk to play too!



Reviewed on an iPhone 4

Price: $1.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Jul 22, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.4.88
Size: 8.3 MB
Languages:English, French, German, Spanish
Seller:Electronic Arts
© 2010 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 0 Highborn for iPhone. Round-Based Strategy Game that is Engrossing from Beginning to End Sat, 05 Jun 2010 16:07:21 +0000 Read More]]> Highborn iPhone

Highborn [rating: 4.5/5]

Highborn is the first iPhone/iPod touch game from Jet Set Games and it appears that they have started things off with a winner with a round-based strategy game that is fun to play and entertaining.

When you start the game in Campaign mode you get to start, as you would expect, with chapter 1 with the first of 8 parts the only option unlocked to you. The others become unlocked as you complete them and there is already the promise of a 2nd chapter coming soon, whether that will be free or not remains to be seen.

The first couple of things you’ll notice are the great looking style of the game and the well written story-line which is both humorous and engaging. Yes it can be a little wordy at times but if you are a fan of this genre of game that won’t be a problem for you, in fact it makes the game more entertaining.

As the game starts you will find yourself taking the role of Archie, a knight who aims to rid the land of all the evil within. You complete this task by moving Archie and his minions, around the various maps fighting any enemies that you stumble across. The controls are relatively self explanatory and are quickly picked up and before long you will find yourself pitted into battle with one of the many enemies that you’ll we come across in your aventures.

The battles feel a little disjointed and will also be a little too simplistic for some more advanced players. As you move next to any enemy you get the chance to attack them. At this point the game tasks over and based on the combatants strengths and weaknesses the animated cut scene will act out the ensuing battles. Any spells that you have picked up on your travels can also be cast at this point to give you an advantage.

Highborn iPhone_1

There are plenty of different spells to be collected too and while they can only be used in attack rather than defence it just makes success come to players that act predominantly on attack rather than defence and that’s no bad thing.

The first map is relatively small with just a few villages and cities to capture along with a few enemies and as long as you don’t do anything crazy you’ll find yourself coming out on top of with little difficulty. However it’s merely an appetizer to the larger and more involved maps and battles that you an Archie will face on your campaign to greatness.

What was nice was the balance between battling the enemies and capturing points of interest around the map, concentrate too much on either and you’ll soon find yourself in a real uphill struggle to win, get it right though and Archie and his armies will progress successfully.

In addition to the campaign mode for you to play on your own and hone your skills and then there is a multi-player mode which utilizes Facebook where you can challenge your Facebook friends to a game across any of the 6 maps. Some people will find the requirement of Facebook to play a multi-player game annoying but it works well and is better than no multi-player option at all. What it also means is that each player can play at their own pace wherever they are in the world. The Facebook challenge mode also lets you have multiple games running at the same time which is nice.

Overall Highborn is an entertaining round-based strategy game which you can play all at once or in small bite size pieces. The storyline is well written and engaging and I would recommend Highborn to strategy game experts and those looking to try one out for the first time too. At the moment the introductory price of $3 is a bargain and is money well spent.



Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Released: Jun 02, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 69.8 MB
Language: English
Seller: Jet Set Games, Inc.
© 2010 Jet Set Games, Inc.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 0 ‘We Rule’ for iPhone: Gameplay Walkthrough and Tips Sun, 21 Mar 2010 12:01:16 +0000 Read More]]> we rule iphone tips_4

We Rule is developed by Ngmoco and New Toy and is a great Kingdom building, social interactive game. The game play is simple you farm and harvest crops, build shops and houses and rule your own kingdom. The game is relatively easy to play but here is a detailed run through and tips to help you along.

When you first launch We Rule for iPhone you sign into your Plus+ account. If you don’t have one already it is very straight forward to set up via your iPhone. Then the first thing you will see is a picture of your kingdom and if you already have some plus+ friends you will see their kingdoms too, all nicely lined up together. Each kingdom will have their name above it and a number next to it, that number is the level they are on.

Once you tap into your castle when you first start the game there is a little wizard who helps you along a few levels with an easy to follow tutorial. The first thing he will do is teach you how to plant a farm and grow crops. You get money and xp (experience points) for the crops you sell and you need to earn money to build and expand your kingdom. It’s very easy to do, you click on a piece of farm to buy and place it where ever you want, you choose the crop you want to grow and it is then planted for you. Before you purchase the crop it will tell you how long it is going to take to grow and this time is real time so thats how long it will actually take. When you first start the wizard will get you growing corn which takes 1 minute but all crops vary in time. If you leave the game you will get a push notification telling you when they are ready so you can go harvest them. If you don’t they will eventually spoil and you will lose them. So its kind of a time management game as well.

Once you have earned some money you will want to buy some houses for your people. These are quite cheap and will also earn you some extra money every few hours, although this isn’t alot. Every time you do something on your kingdom you earn money and xp. You will go up a level when you reach a certain xp amount and each level unlocks different things. The houses for example earn 4 coins and 2 xp points so at first I didnt actually buy lots of houses as they were not worth my investment.

Next up and this is when it gets interesting is buying a business. Depending on what money you have and what level you are at there will be certain shops available for you to purchase. You will get to buy your first one whilst doing your tutorial. Now this is when your other plus+ friends come in. Once you have a business fully constructed you will have a sign above your kingdom saying open for business. This is then telling your friends that they can come and place an order. They come into your kingdom, find the business, place an order, you accept it and then your business gets to work at producing it. Once its ready you click on it and it is delivered to which ever friend ordered it and you get money and xp points! I have quite a variety of shops at the moment and I also have some that are the same. Even if your friends don’t place an order the business still makes some kind of profit, so because of this I bought a few extra taylors as they earn quite good money and xp points. The watch towers and bakers pay a worth while investment as well.

Those are the main aspects of the game. To grow crops as I said takes time, when you first buy a building it needs to be constructed so that takes real time and the same goes for any orders placed. So you have to either wait it out or use whats called ‘mojo’ to speed it up. So if you want your beans ready there and then you click on them and it will tell you how much mojo you need. So for example 3, you click on use mojo and it processes the crops straight away. If you have no mojo you have to buy this with real money from the app store but to be honest unless you really can’t wait you don’t need it. I’ve never used any and I’m on level 16, part of the fun is waiting it out.

There are 20 different crops available and its up to you to choose the right ones to grow. You will need to work out what time they are going to be ready to harvest so that you can deal with them at the right time so for example if I know I’m not going to beable to play much all day I grow beans as they take 1 day to grow so I dont need to worry my crops will be spoilt. I always grow the same crop in every bit of farm area I have so I don’t lose track of whats ready and when.

Once you have bought a few shops and farms there is a vast amount of items you can buy to decorate your farm for your little people. Have a nosey at some of your friends kingdoms and see what they have it gets really interesting! You can build roads, trees, rivers, moats, fountains just take a look around the store.

Now if you are like me you will place your business or house somewhere then a few levels later decide it needs moving around abit. To do this you go into the store and click on redesign. It will then let you move what ever you want to where ever. Watch out though as it is very fiddly and at times you get fustrated as it picks up the wrong item or won’t place it where you want. It just takes time and move your finger over it slowly and carefully. If you decide you don’t want it any more you can sell it back to the shop but you don’t actually get what you paid for it back so you will make a loss.

Now every time you place something in your kingdom watch the changes that happen. Every item brings more people to live in your kingdom. The first time I got a pond a huge frog started jumping around my kingdom! The stables produce horses, the bakers a baker and houses more people. You get the idea! So the more you do the busier it gets. Don’t forget when you visit your friends kingdoms if they are open for business place an order as well. It all adds up into your money and xp and of course earns your friends money as well.

You can also extend your kingdom when you get to certain levels in the game because the more shops you buy you will need the extra space.

Those are the main things to help you along the way. It really is an enjoyable game once you have a few farms and businessess running and one that you can dip into through out the day. Here are some of my own personal tips:

Finally just have fun and show everybody that you rule! Share your game tips in the comments below and share your plus+ account username to let other players add you as friend.

]]> 1075 Aractroid iPhone Game | Take Control of Powerful Warrior Spider Tue, 12 Jan 2010 21:03:25 +0000 Read More]]>

Aractroid [rating: 3/5]

You would think that with as many games as there are in the App Store there would be more unique titles out there but so many of them just seem to be new versions of the same game. The same cannot be said of Aractroid which is a new action/strategy game where you take control of powerful warrior species of spider defending your web against a plethora of invading electronic spiders that want to wipe out your race.

The game starts with a quick tutorial level that will take you through the basics of the game. The playing area is a 2D top down view of a spiderweb. The tutorial level is a very simple web with limited options for movement but as you move through the 9 levels the webs get bigger and more complex but never to the extent that they become un-playable.

As described in the tutorial there are three movement options. Firstly you can simply touch the location on the web that you wish to travel too and you will witness your Aractroid scurry along the web to its destination, next you can swipe your finger along the web to see your spider run shoot across the web and finally swipe between to parts of the web to see your Aractroid leap from one section to another.

You can only run and jump when you have enough energy from killing the spiders and so at times you may find your self attempting to run or jump away from a tricky situation only to find your self as a sitting duck ready to be killed.

The point of moving your Aractroid around the web is to kill all of the invading electronic spiders who are in turn attempting to kill you. All of the enemy spiders are color coded and you can only kill the ones that are the same color as you. That’s not a problem though as around the web in various locations there are color reservoirs that you can run over to change your color.

Killing the enemies is a simply task of running over them, or for added points landing on them when you jump from web to web. There are power-ups to be obtained throughout the the game as well with bombs to help you kill and multipliers to help you rack up your high score.

The key to progressing through the 9 levels is to get the multipliers to build up a high score as each score has a set score to beat to move on to the next levels.

The graphics are simple yet effective and the sound has a futuristic edge to it that keeps the tempo of the game flowing well.

With only 9 levels the game will be over pretty quickly for most and even with the addition of global leader boards to compare your scores with the best around the world the challenge soon runs dry. You can post your scores to Facebook but even for 99c I would hope that future levels will be available in a potential future update.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Price: $.99 as of 12 Jan (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.1
Seller: Mammoth Game Studios LLC

]]> 0 Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone | Preview Thu, 07 Jan 2010 19:47:19 +0000 Read More]]> Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone

We just received an update from EA Mobile regarding their latest upcoming game for iPhone/iPod touch called ‘Sims 3 World Adventures’

Sims 3 World Adventures for iPhone brings an all new Sims experience and allows you to take your Sims on thrilling adventures to world famous destinations. The user interface and graphics appear to be quite similar to the original Sims 3 for iPhone. The new locations will open the possibility for interaction with more characters and emotions. With Sims 3 World Adventures you will also be able to customize the look of your character to match the local culture.

One feature that could  make this game very popular is the ability to transfer characters from The Sims 3 (original) iPhone game to Sims 3 World Adventures. You’ll even be able to transfer some of the purchased content from in-app purchases from the old game.

Game Description

…”Al Simhara,” Egypt… “Champs Les Sims,” France… “Shang SimLa,” China. Each exciting location is loaded with a world of possibilities for danger, adventure, and romance for your Sim.

Enjoy an international twist on the Sims-style gameplay you know and love with 52 new goals, 4 new mini-games — plus personas, careers, and quests.

Let your Sim sport the local looks of the culture and acquire worldly tastes. There are lots of new clothing styles, furniture selections, and even new face types to choose from.

Yes! You can transfer your Sim back and forth between the iPhone® & iPod touch® versions of The SimsTM World Adventures and The SimsTM 3. So bring your favorite Sim on your adventure.

Travel to the tunes of artists like LeAnn Rimes – singing in
Simlish, of course!

Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone Game Screenshots

Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone_4Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone_2Sims 3 World Adventures iPhone_1

]]> 1 Train Master For iPhone Is A Fun Distraction Tue, 22 Dec 2009 06:41:14 +0000 Read More]]> Train Master [rating: 3/5]

I can imagine that there will come a time when there is no form of transport that hasn’t got an iPhone game created for you to manage them, however until that time there will be developers building them and this time it’s you chance to manage a train network.

Train Master is the brain child and first iPhone game from Nick Desjardins and while there are the obvious similarities between Train Master and the successful vehicle management applications that it follows such as Harbor Master (iTunes Link), Taxi Jam and Flight Control there are a couple of differences that could make Train Master an App Store hit.

The aim of Train Master is to guide the color coded trains into their designated stations. There are 3 stations to manage, red, yellow and blue and as each train travels along the track it’s your task to ensure that they make it to the correct station without crashing into each other.

Train master iphone gameUnlike the other similar applications and much like a train in real life you can’t control the direction of the trains anywhere on the map, the trains, as you would expect, can only travel back and forth along the predefined tracks. Instead you control the junctions and the direction of the trains. Tapping the Junction Switches will change the tracks and send the trains along the other junction, while tapping the train directly will send it in the opposite direction.

The trains start appearing on the screen relatively slowly highlighted by an alert triangle and alarm sound and will not only be of one of the three various colors but will also vary in speed. The blue trains trundle along like a Stevenson Rocket while the red trains speed past them like a high speed express train, however both of these are left in the shadows of the two carriage yellow trains that speed around the track like a Japanese Bullet Train. Keeping out of the way of these speeding bullets is the key to a decent high score.

After a while though the trains start coming thick and fast and your fingers will be a blur as they dance around the screen changing the direction of the train and the junctions before the trains become a mass of mangled metal.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, proving more practical than beautiful, although as with all games of this type it’s not the graphics that make or break this kind of game. It’s not the sound either which is also just affective rather than mind blowing.

What does make or break these style of game is the addict-ability of them, how easy will you find it to put down and how quickly will you get bored of it. On the former point Train Master scores high on the addict-ability scoreboard with a constant feeling of just having one more try to beat your high score making this game a must have. Unfortunately at present there is only 1 track to play in the app and therefore you may find yourself getting bored of it relatively quickly once you’ve mastered it.

The game is for one player only but the online scoreboard does help you compare your scores to other players around the world.

Train Master is a fun distraction, but to make it to an iPhone/iPod touch must have, the developer must see through on his promise to add more train types and even more importantly more tracks.

Price $.99 (iTunes Link) as of 22/12/2009
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Expedited Review: Request received on 21/12/2009 , reviewed on 22/12/2009

]]> 1 SPORE Creatures iPhone Ready To Evolve On App Store Soon Fri, 18 Dec 2009 14:58:34 +0000 Read More]]> spore_creatures_ice_redo__iphone_3

SPORE origins was one of the early hits for EA Mobile on the App Store and now they are ready to bring SPORE Creatures to the iPhone/iPod touch, due soon.

SPORE Creatures picks up right where SPORE Origins left off.

Key Features

SPORE Creatures: iPhone Gameplay

Video by: touchArcade

SPORE Creatures iPhone Game Screenshots


]]> 1 Sentinel: Mars Defense Goes Free Again! Sat, 12 Dec 2009 12:49:18 +0000 Read More]]> Sentinel Mars Defence iPhone Tower defence game free

Origin8’s popular sci-fi themed Tower Defence game Sentinel: Mars Defense will be free for the next two weeks in the run up to Christmas.

This is not the first time Origin8 has offered this game for free, if you missed it earlier this is the perfect time for you to get a taste of this addictive strategy based game.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4The designers of the “Sentinel” games are already working on the third space strategy game. If you enjoy this free (for limited time) game then you might want to try out Sentinel 2: Earth Defense too.

]]> 1 Taxi Fight: Another Quality Game from Glu Mobile Fri, 27 Nov 2009 03:28:56 +0000 Read More]]> Taxi Fight iPhone Game_4

Taxi Fight [rating: 3.5/5]

It seems that most iPhone/iPod touch application developers these days must travel to work by taxi as it appears that there is a plethora of taxi based games out there. Both Taxi Jam and Fare City have received high praise over recent months and now Glu Mobile are jumping on the band wagon with their taxi related game Taxi Fight.

The premise in Taxi Flight is similar to the other previously mentioned titles where the aim of the game is to complete as many fares as you can. The difference this time is that you are in control of the passengers not the taxi’s.

The playing area is a top down view of a couple of blocks of city and immediately there will be passengers waiting to be directed to the many taxis that are roaming the city. There are three passengers types for you to control, businessman, old man and lazy tourist and directing them to a cab is a simple task of dragging them to an available taxi.

Taxi Fight iPhone Game_3

You start with just the businessmen who will run towards the cabs when instructed and in order for them to jump into the taxi you simply need to direct them to stand in front of them, however the taxi’s won’t stop and wait so placing your passengers strategically in the path of the available taxi’s is the key to this game and taking notice of the traffic lights. The indicators on each cab will help you place your passengers accordingly.

Placing your passengers randomly in the street will not be a usable solution to racking up big points though as while empty taxis, signified by a glowing blue light, will pick up a passenger that is standing in their way a taxi which is already carrying a passenger to his destination will simply run over your passenger and kill him!

Taxi Flight is not a forgiving game and one dead passenger will mean game over.

As you progress and more of you passengers get ferried to their destinations the number of taxi’s will increase along with the difficulty level of trying to maintain a safe environment for your passengers. To add to this the other passengers begin to be introduced to the game and both the old man and lazy tourist aren’t as fluid in their movement as the businessman. This means that you will need to keep an even more keen eye on their proximity to those occupied cab’s with a death wish.

Taxi Fight iPhone Game

That’s as simple as it gets, last for as long as you can before any passenger gets killed and try to beat your previous score. Talking of scores Taxi Fight is only a single player game and the high score table is local.

The environment looks nice, as you would expect from Glu, however the controls can be a little frustrating as the passengers will sometimes get caught behind a traffic light and while you may drag a passenger directly to a cab he will stop mid-way and unless you notice it and drag him again he will stay where he is missing his taxi and potentially taking a head on shot from another taxi.

That being said at $99 it’s another quality little app from Glu and with the potential of additional content being released in the future you could be picking up a bargain.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: @CraigWillis

]]> 2 iPhone Game Promo Codes Giveaway! Wed, 28 Oct 2009 19:06:26 +0000 Read More]]> RT to Win!

We will be giving away 5 promo codes for an addictive Traffic Management game called Autotrafego and 5 promo codes for a 3D match-3 game called Chromodyne.


The developer of AutoTrafego sent us the game for review when it was submitted to Apple for approval and we have been highly impressed with the gameplay and detailed graphics. If you think you posses the skills of an effective traffic controller or feel you can control frantic traffic then this is just the right game for you.

Off-by-One Mobile Marketing has also developed a free Halloween edition of AutoTrafego which will definitely spook you out with it’s spooky sound track by Squall.

Retweet this post and follow AutoTrafego on Twitter to win AutoTrafego promo codes!


Gameplay is a twist on the traditional match-three style, with 5 concentric rings made up of different colored shapes. You have to touch and rotate the rings and line up 3 or more of the same color and shape in a line going towards the center in order to clean up the MESS and add to your score.

Retweet this post and follow Celsius Game Studios on Twitter to win Chromodyne promo codes!

Winners will be announced shortly. If you prefer a particular game please include the game hash tag in your tweet. For eg. #AutoTrafego or #Chromodyne

]]> 6 New C&C iPhone Website, Wallpapers and Video Wed, 28 Oct 2009 18:10:22 +0000 Read More]]> C&C Red Alert iPhone

C&C Red Alert iPhone

Command & Conquer Red Alert is definitely one of the most anticipated RTS games for the iPhone platform. EA Mobile updated their twitter status today with news about new C&C iPhone website featuring game screenshots, video and wallpapers.

RA3: First Look

Command & Conquer: Red Alert iPhone Wallpapers

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_1
Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_2
Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_3
Command & Conquer Red Alert Wallpaper iPhone

Checkout the new C&C Red Alert iPhone Website

Expect a review to follow after the game is launched!

]]> 1 Upcoming EA Mobile Game: Command & Conquer Red Alert For iPhone Fri, 09 Oct 2009 20:44:50 +0000 Read More]]> We had been hearing that Command & Conquer Red Alert is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch since a long time and today as EA Mobile released first screenshots and game info, the wait is finally about to get over. Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone and iPod touch will be available at the end of October.

After Rock Band announcement yesterday and as today Command & Conquer Red Alert was announced it’s clear that EA Mobile is gearing up for a strong line up of games for this Christmas season.

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone: Key Features

Drag and scroll to gauge the battlefield. Pinch-zoom in and out of the action. Select and move units with a tap. Control multiple units at once!

Fight for Soviet domination or battle to restore peace with the Allies. Deploy military might unique to each side and engage in different campaign storylines.

Fight in Skirmish Mode on two different battlefield maps with war squads you create and control.

Command units in different environmental conditions. Build your base and manage supplies with a new easy-to-use combat system.

Employ classic units like Kirov Air Ships and new units like the Paladin Tank. Or R&D new technologies to destroy your enemies.

First Screenshots

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_2

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_2

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_3

Command & Conquer Red Alert iPhone_3

]]> 0 Bomb Factory: Powered By Unity 3D Engine Sun, 04 Oct 2009 17:55:27 +0000 Read More]]> Bomb Factory iPhone

Bomb Factory iPhone

Bomb Factory [rating: 2.5/5]

Simple and fun bomb flicking game!

In this factory bombs do not sort themselves, it’s up to you to do so. Stupidly enough someone already lit the bombs! To defuse the bombs sort them by color, using the drag and drop control. Keep an eye out for the white bombs: Let them explode for a bonus

While the “plot” is crazy it is however simple and fun. Bombs start appearing and your object is to drag them into the correct coloured bin to prevent them from exploding, the higher your score the faster it will go until you run out of lives by either dragging bombs to the wrong bin or letting them explode. Mixing this up is the white bomb which randomly appear and if left to explode will cause a temporary power up, either a slow motion or a clear screen effect I’ve experienced so far.

There are 6 suitably factory looking levels and a satisfactory industrial/cartoony looking interface complete with a simple help section and options to turn down the cheesy sound track and other sound effects and an option to en/disable highscore submissions. Highscores are handled uniquely in this game, rather than simply entering your name when you complete a game, your score is sent nameless to the scoreboard and you’re compared to everyone as a whole with your stats displayed on the main screen and broken down by level on the level select screen

This is the first game powered by the Unity 3D engine I’ve used and the results, while visibly impressive do lack the responsiveness. While Unity 3D certainly pushes boundaries but for such a simple game I do feel all this 3D is overkill because as a whole this game doesn’t feel responsive enough to handle the speed increase as your score goes up, relying more on the white bomb powerups to drag you through, leaving you frustrated with your progress and overly unsatisfied.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99

(introductory price) as of ver 1.0.1

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

Bomb Factory – iPhone Gameplay

]]> 4 BioSub: Polished, Challenging and Stimulating Game Wed, 30 Sep 2009 20:52:37 +0000 Read More]]> BioSub [rating: 4.5/5]

Another winner is released from the makers of the acclaimed Sentinel strategy games and top 10 UK paid app Car Mania, Origin8. Bio Sub is everything else one would expect from these guys and more. A tilt physics puzzle game that is engaging and demanding on the brain.

BioSub iPhone

The objective of this game is to clean the chemical waste within the deep waters. As captain of the Bio Sub, it is your duty to deactivate these environmental hazards. By colliding similar canisters, the player simultaneously destroys these threats and in return gathers the energy contained within. Steady skills and sharp strategies are essential in order to guide your submarine avoiding all danger that lingers ahead.

Tilt your device to steer the sub and touch the screen to hit the breaks. If you prefer to drag your sub through the deep trenches, this game has the option of using the touch screen. Follow the yellow brick road. Well in this case, the arrow. The options menu allows the player to calibrate the sensitivity. I found this to be a nice and helpful feature.

This game is sure to be a brain hazard, challenging and stimulating every fraction. The online achievements and high scores from OpenFeint is a plus but it would be nice to challenge online players. The graphics are pleasing to the eye with colors that pop. The 70 diabolically challenging levels offer heaps of game play. This is an all around polished game sure to please even those who did not get an “A” in physics.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

BioSub – iPhone Game Trailer

]]> 0 Farmland: Great Concept With Exceptional Graphics Wed, 30 Sep 2009 16:26:26 +0000 Read More]]> Farmland iPhone Game

Farmland iPhone Game

Farmland [rating: 4.5/5]

Farmland is an adorable game that takes you back in time to the good old days. In order to advance levels one must first know how to plant, harvest, produce and sell. The tutorial does a great job of teaching you all the various skills in order to run a successful business.

This game takes strategy, skill and the ability to budget down to the very last penny. The objective of the game is to strategize how to plant, ship and store your harvest. The idea is to make the most money by producing and selling the items that are of higher value. The trick is “how” you choose to accomplish this great feat.

Rich graphics and an exemplary tutorial prepare the player for what lies ahead. Once the player masters a level there are new levels waiting to test ones produce skills. If you thought harvesting on the prairie was difficult wait until you are forced to deal with the climate on the coast!

With over 30 levels and 6+9 farm products to sell, this game will keep you busy. I found the tutorial amusing and enjoyed how it challenged me to plant, sell and budget things just right. Eventually I lost interest but then again I am not a patient person when it comes to games.

This is a great little game that is sure to put your brain to work. It reminds me a little of Lemonade Stand, a game I played when I was young. Overall I think it is a great concept with exceptional graphics.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Farmland for iPhone: Gameplay

]]> 0 Block Drop: Replay Value At Its Wed, 30 Sep 2009 15:55:08 +0000 Read More]]> Block Drop iPhone

Block Drop iPhone

Block Drop [rating: 4/5]

With endless levels and challenging game play, Block Drop with be a hit amongst puzzle game enthusiasts. This game has a simple foundation; remove all of the blocks on each level until only the block with the checkered flag remains. Although a simple foundation, the game will keep you going and going and going…..

Using intense strategies, the player must shift a sparkling gem across blocks on a tranquil body of water. Blocks rise up out of the water and blocks rise down. But only one block holds a checkerboard flag. Utilizing whatever tactic it takes, the player must get the gem on the block with the checkerboard flag. Sound easy? Wrong. Every time you leap off a heap of blocks, the bottom block disappears lowering the tower. The player is left with the obstacle of lowering and rising towers until he/she discovers the pattern that will destroy all of the blocks leaving only one, the checkerboard.

Levels are randomly generated providing a multitude of options. This prevents the player from memorizing patterns and actually having to use the brain. I played without background music because the new age tunes became maddening. The controls are simple, a virtual pad is displayed which controls the direction in which you move. With 999 levels I don’t see anyone getting bored. Feeling puzzled? You’re in luck; a level solution waits in the options menu. I found this to be extremely helpful.

With replay value at its’ highest, this is a bargain.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Block Drop for iPhone

Redeem Block Drop Promo Codes!


]]> 1 Fare City: First Shift Terrific, Fast and Entertaining Game Wed, 30 Sep 2009 07:10:21 +0000 Read More]]> FareCity iPhone

FareCity iPhone

Fare City: First Shift [rating: 5/5]

If you are a fan of line drawing games Fare City is right up your alley. I’m always looking for decent games that don’t use the accelerometer for my occasional bumpy ride on the train. Fare City meets my jarring ride criteria providing a challenge along the way.

As the dispatcher, it is your job to keep the taxi fares rolling in on time. Soon the sun will be down and the city will come alive. As dusk arrives things are quite simple. However, as the night gets darker more people are ready to hit the pavement and party around town. It is your job to ensure they get to their destination without delay.

The goal is to direct an escalating number of taxis around the streets of downtown, collecting and distributing fares along the way. This game requires you to be fast on your feet because as time goes by the pace picks up. This game is extremely easy to pick up with a jazzy tune, numerous power moves and great graphics.

The developer made sure to include some unique moves. Included are emergency braking for that inimitable situation, two- way streets with proper u-turns for a swift change of direction and astute short cuts to that “must have” fare. The game keeps track of your stats and includes a global leaderboard for those who love to declare their high score.

With three taxi speeds (normal, turbo, and super-fast nitro) there is a tempo for everyone. Wait, that’s not all! The developers are already working on an update that will be out in 2-3 weeks that includes a new game mode. They are currently working on new maps and two player integration that they hope to include in the first update. Regardless, all of the above will be released in next to no time.

Overall a terrific, fast and entertaining game that has plentiful upgrades to look forward to. Although currently only one city, more are being developed as we speak. So go ahead and grab this game now because it is sure to climb up the ladder.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Fare City: First Shift: New iPhone Game Trailer

]]> 0 Railroad Rush For iPhone Doesn’t Go Off The Rails Thu, 17 Sep 2009 21:06:05 +0000 Read More]]> Railroad Rush [rating: 4/5]

In the interests of full disclosure I’ll say this up front; I’m not usually one for the scheduling / collision avoidance genre of games. I’ve played a rather famous one that involves airplanes (FlightControl) for almost six months and I can’t crack the 20 plane mark. It’s almost enough to make a person feel inadequate.

Although Railroad Rush from RockaByte is in the same genre as its more famous plane landing cousin, I have to say I found it immensely fun and challenging. I guess sometimes it’s not about beating the game but the will to continue playing it. In that respect, Railroad Rush beats out a lot of competitors.

railroad rush iPhoneSo as I alluded to earlier, Railroad Rush is a student of the scheduling / collision avoidance / landing at home base safe genre of games. In it you must guide varying numbers of trains around a train yard; getting the proper trains to the proper stations and avoiding collisions while you’re at it. While the lower levels are a bit more forgiving about number of collisions allowed and the consequences of those collisions, the higher levels will test your skills to the maximum.

Trains are guided around the yard by opening and closing junctions with a tap. Trains will move until they come to a closed junction and wait for your intervention. Be careful not to wait too long as the effects of indecision can be just as disastrous as moving your trains around too fast. Like all games in this genre, the effective player is one who is clearheaded enough to think quickly but not panic when things getting a little tough.

Besides the gameplay, which never seemed repetitive to me, Railroad Rush has a lot of nice features. Leveling is nicely varied and challenging. There are 30 tracks, each with an easy, medium, hard, and extreme tracks. So that is in reality a 120 different levels to experience. There are few other games that give you that varied an experience. The game is also OpenFeint enabled so you can not only keep track of your own high scores but post and read the high scores of users all over the world. If you already have an OpenFeint enabled game on your system, it will pick up your user and log you in automatically. Even as you play there is a scoreboard that displays your local score and the running leaders on OpenFeint.

Overall I really enjoyed Railroad Rush and I think you would too. This is certainly a game for all ages and especially one for any train fanatics in your family. Railroad Rush definitely does not go off the rails.

official app store badge

Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

Railroad Rush – iPhone/iPod touch Gameplay

]]> 0 Towerland for iPhone: Sweet Strategy Game Wed, 16 Sep 2009 13:34:01 +0000 Read More]]> Towerland [rating: 4/5]

Play your cards right to defeat the Lord in this sweet strategy game

In order to become a Higher Spheres University student every challenger has to show his skills in a special card game, which requires to think wisely, to benefit from natural and magic forces and to see opponent’s weaknesses. Battle Mages liked this game so much that for their fights they changed battle sticks for cards.

While there is an initial learning curve to this game (make sure you read those instructions folks) this fairly simple strategy game will take ages to master that is high on entertainment as it’s longevity. While things do start out slow and agonizing and the game often beats you, later levels when played well can be an amazing and satisfying battle especially when stringing a sequence of attacks that defeat your opponent’s tower

Gameplay centers around a battle between two towers, yours and the other belonging to the mysterious “Lord”, you are given cards, that have effects on either tower or increase your resources when cashed. Te battle ends when a tower is completely destroyed or reaches 200. Attacks are influenced by 3 different elements, Magic, Spirit and Material which defines how effective your attack is by the ground the tower is on, the attack’s alignment and the kind of element allegiance your tower and outer battlement has.

Towerland iPhone image

There are dozens of towers to be conquered on the game map so this is not a game you are going to breeze through especially as each time you conquer a tower the difficulty increases a little but thanks to it’s non linear game map you can approach tricky levels by completing others first also letting you spend your hard earned points on upgrades. The game map is joy to use treating itself as one large image that you navigate as one ala the photo app, with a single finger but tapping on a tower to select it then again on an enemy tower to engage a battle. In the top right is the key legend and the top left “encounter battle” which gives you a random battle to help build up your stats found above this button and then Mage menu button which is your initial start screen on first run of this application. This screen lets you enter your name and add a picture from your photo library (even letting you change them at any point during your game) here you also have your medal (upgrades) tree and a series of buttons below it for settings, quests (achievement system basically), medals (upgrades where you can spend your well earned points) and game map.

On the downside, there is no sound track and little in the way of sound effects other than a flick noise when you draw a card and an annoyingly loud ting noise when you discard a card (thankfully you can turn this down). Sadly the instructions are in broken English which doesn’t help a lot when trying to understand the game mechanics. I also find the backgrounds to be a little dark for day to day usage and considering it effects your gameplay they really need to be brighter and this game is in good need of some special effects on your attacks to help liven the battle up. The only major niggle I can think of is that discarding a card is a little troublesome, sometimes the card you wished to remove might get played if you are not exactly on the discard vortex.

Presently there are no two player battles but I have read it’s in the works and I can imagine it to be an absolute killer feature and if allowed to play with a lite/free version would help promote this app via social circles

Price: $1.99


(as of 07/08/09 ver 1.1)

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

Towerland – iPhone/iPod touch

]]> 0 AutoTrafego: High Quality Artwork, Perfect Sound and Satisfying Game Play Sat, 12 Sep 2009 21:57:42 +0000 Read More]]> AutoTrafego [rating: 4/5]

You’ve landed planes in FlightControl, you’ve directed ships in Harbor Master and routed taxis in Taxi Jam, so what could be next for you to play God, (or which ever higher power you believe in, if any) with? Well in the form of AutoTrafego you can take control of multiple city streets by becoming a traffic controller.

AutoTrafego iPhone Sim

AutoTrafego is the first game from a couple of developers who have a great pedigree in their involvement in games like Full Metal Alchemist and they’ve brought their polished skills here which you can see from the moment you launch the app. The aim of the game is to successfully control the lights at multiple intersections to keep the traffic flowing but as with all of these types of games while the theory sounds easy in practice it can be a difficulty balancing act between growing queues of cars and angry frustrated drivers. Keep the queues short though and the drivers happy and you’ll go far.

Each city map is beautifully drawn and is very similar in style to the busy city streets of Sim City. There are 7 cities in total and 14 levels with the levels changing between Classic and Survival modes. In Classic mode you have a set amount of time to clear as many cars as possible while Survival Mode twists it slightly by taking away the time limit but limiting the number of drivers you can make unhappy.

Managing the intersections is as simple as tapping the screen where the lights are located to change the direction of the lights and let the cars go through. On the early levels this is a relatively simple task but as you progress and the cars, trucks and buses start coming thicker and faster things get much trickier. It’s all so simple though and watching the little cars drive though the intersections at your behest is a real pleasure. Things do get out of hand at times especially when cars from one set of lights are waiting on traffic from another set of lights to move out of the way before they can move and sometimes there will be gridlock. However, unlike real life there is a solution to this and they are Vortex’s. Anytime you have gridlock on any of the intersections you can simply drag a Vortex over the offending cars and they will magically disappear.

Each level is scored on the number of cars moved but beware while you gain points for the number of cars moved you’ll have points deducted for the number of complaints, number of times you changed the lights and the number of vortex’s used giving you either an overall ranking for Fail, Pass, Good or Excellent. What is nice though is that you don’t need to complete the lower levels to gain access to the more intense ones, so for those of you who are glutens for punishment you can dive straight in to the later levels for some blood pressure raising action.

While the extra intersections and increased traffic do make things more interesting it would be nice to see things spiced up every now and again maybe in the form of having to clear a path for an emergency vehicle or maybe even a natural disaster a la Sim City.

There’s no multi-player mode, which is always a disappointment, there are plenty of ways to boast about your high scores. Not only can you upload them to online scored board but Twitter and Facebook integration is also built in. In addition you can also challenge friends and family to beat your high score via email too, it’s like they’ve thought of everything!

From the quality of the artwork and pitch perfect sound to the satisfying game play and social integration AutoTrafego is a great little app.


Price: Free [Limited Time Only]

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

AutoTrafego for iPhone/iPod touch: Gameplay

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