Trivial Pursuit: Classy Trivia Game

Rating: ★★★★½

Trivial Pursuit for iPhone/iPod touch is a classy Trivia game with enormous knowledge and endless fun!

  • Over 3,500 questions including 2,900 text and 600 picture questions
  • WiFi MP for up to four (4) players
  • Pass & Play MP for up to six (6) players
  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Exciting 3D visuals and sound effects
  • Features and Game Modes enhance replayability and depth
Electronic Arts continues to build it’s lineup of classic board games with yet another addictive game. With stunning 3D graphics, gameplay as simple as touching the screen or shaking your device and immense knowledge base Trivial Pursuit surely proves to be a worthy addition to your app collection.

Version 1.0 features four play modes; Pass ‘N’ Play, Pursuit Mode, Classic Game and Wi-Fi Multiplayer. After you choose your preferred mode, you are presented a series of game customization options.

Start by creating one or multiple Player Profiles, here you can Edit name, Color and Mascot (choose to be a pirate, tribal girl, geek & many more). This is followed by setting up your selected game mode; choose Level, Wedges needed, Earn Wedge (on HQ Tile or All Tile), A.I Opponent (None, Easy, Med or Hard) and Time Limit (6,9, 12, 15 or No)

Once you are through with the set up, you roll the dice (use touch or accelerometer) on a board with different colored blocks representing six different categories of questions ranging from Entertainment, History, Geography, Sports & Leisure, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature and a Random category too. The objective of this game in general is to answer questions correctly in each category and get your piece of the pie.

Pass ‘N’ Play

Play with up-to 4 players in either Classic or Pursuit mode.

Pursuit Mode
A fast paced mode, reach the end of the board by answering trivia questions. Single player mode which supports 4 Player Profiles. Pursuit mode is great for a quick trivia game.

Classic Game
Play on an elaborate round board against the A.I Opponent by rolling the dice and selecting your category. Earn all the wedges (select number during setup) by answering questions correctly. This mode is very engaging and quite challenging.

Wi-Fi Multiplayer
In this mode you can either Host a new game or Join an existing game, supports up to 4 players.

Trivial Pursuit contains a wide range of questions with 3 answers to choose from. These are a mixed bag of text and picture based trivia. It’s replay value is very high as you can continue to play and improve your statistics which include Accuracy, Questions seen, Largest Streak, Wedges Collected and more.

Trivial Pursuit is a must have for trivia game lovers, on the other hand it presents an exciting and engaging game format to gain knowledge for the rest of us.

Touch-reviews-iphone-apps-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_4Price $4.99

The Good

  • Great looking visuals
  • Huge question bank
  • Wi-Fi Multiplayer

The Not So Good

  • FaceBook Connect feature could be added for more fun
  • A history view for reviewing incorrect answers would enable more learning

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