Block Drop: Replay Value At Its

Block Drop iPhone

Block Drop iPhone

Block Drop [rating: 4/5]

With endless levels and challenging game play, Block Drop with be a hit amongst puzzle game enthusiasts. This game has a simple foundation; remove all of the blocks on each level until only the block with the checkered flag remains. Although a simple foundation, the game will keep you going and going and going…..

Using intense strategies, the player must shift a sparkling gem across blocks on a tranquil body of water. Blocks rise up out of the water and blocks rise down. But only one block holds a checkerboard flag. Utilizing whatever tactic it takes, the player must get the gem on the block with the checkerboard flag. Sound easy? Wrong. Every time you leap off a heap of blocks, the bottom block disappears lowering the tower. The player is left with the obstacle of lowering and rising towers until he/she discovers the pattern that will destroy all of the blocks leaving only one, the checkerboard.

Levels are randomly generated providing a multitude of options. This prevents the player from memorizing patterns and actually having to use the brain. I played without background music because the new age tunes became maddening. The controls are simple, a virtual pad is displayed which controls the direction in which you move. With 999 levels I don’t see anyone getting bored. Feeling puzzled? You’re in luck; a level solution waits in the options menu. I found this to be extremely helpful.

With replay value at its’ highest, this is a bargain.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Survival levels add more excitement
  • Easy to use virtual pad
  • Level solution available

The Not So Good

  • New Age Tunes
  • Block graphics needs more polishing

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Block Drop for iPhone

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