Flight Control Tips & Tricks (Updated with Video)

Flight Control is an Awesome game and I am surely not getting bored with it.

High Score

Firemint has updated Flight Control’s missing feature which we pointed out when it was released, by adding cloudcell.com technology to go beyond a simple list of names and high scores and offer location based leaderboards and a skill based ranking system.

Tips & Tricks

I have been playing Flight Control quite a lot (not so much now with so many review requests!) and have discovered a few ways through which you can try to stay longer in the game.


  1. Try to draw the shortest path for the aircraft to land on the runway (Straight line would be the best).
  2. Keep changing the path drawn if you find another aircraft approaching close enough or if you can think of another short route.
  3. Try 90 degree double landing.
  4. Always keep a look out for those Red Color exclamation marks on the edge of the screen
  5. The faster the aircraft, the more potential for crashing. Prioritize the jumbo jets in order to get them off the screen faster, especially when things start to get crazy.
  6. An undirected aircraft flies randomly. Direct all aircraft as quickly as possible. It’s better to give an aircraft a sub-optimal route but have the landing scheduled than to stress yourself out trying to keep track of it.
  7. Queue up aircraft destined for the same runway along the same path, where possible. Let the jumbo jets take the fore and normal jets bring up the rear, vice versa will get you rear-ended.
  8. Don’t worry about helicopter landings. The helipad is round and multiple helicopters can land simultaneously so long as they’re approaching from different angles. Queue them up to go straight there and then only worry about dodging them.
  9. Leave yourself some room for landing jets when a helicopter is flying parallel to the red runway. This is an exception to the straight-line rule.
  10. Work on timing. The different aircraft have predictable speeds; you should be able to draw paths for different types of jets to the red runway and have them land within close proximity to each other. Planes will often need to cross helicopter paths or go around them, you should be able to draw a safe path by predicting their flight.

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