Orions 2: The Deckmasters Game Review for iPhone

Orions 2-1

Orions 2-1

[rating: 3.5/5]

Orions 2 the Deckmasters is brought to you by Chillingo and is a sequel to Orions: Legend of Wizards. With unique creatures and spells, battle your way through a campaign using elements of water, fire, life, death, earth and air.

Orions 2 is a strategy based game and your role is to fight the orion lords and try defeat them. It is a trading card game mixed with turn based strategy.

There are two modes to play Campaign and Duel. In Duel you fight and try to defeat a real opponent or artificial intelligence. You do this by casting cards from your deck. You start off with a fixed amount of health and the player who gets their opponents health to 0 wins.

Orions 2-2

With the campaign mode you have to defeat enemy forces and travel around the fantasy world. As you do you must collect spells and monsters for your deck. When you first start out you have very little strength and power. As you progress you earn experience points that enable you to earn another level and become stronger and more powerful. It is also worth knowing, when you do defeat an enemy you can choose one of their cards and gain it.

The controls are easy, most of it is tapping or double tapping. Then you simply drag the cards from their position to the tray. The actual game play is a little harder to master. You do need to learn and understand each cards you are playing. So you will have to put a little time in first before you can actually play the game properly. There is a small tutorial at the beginning though to guide you and at least get you going in the right direction.

Orions 2-3

Orions 2 had mystical music playing through out. With sound effects when you take a card from the deck and when a spell is cast. The UI at first looks quite confusing and again takes a little time figuring out what each button does. The graphics are all right, theres nothing breath taking about them but it is a card game and theres only so much detail that is required in this sort of game.

If you like card based strategy games then Orions 2 is for you.


  • Strategic gameplay.
  • Play online via wifi or 3G with anyone in the world.


  • The game can be quite complicated.

Price $2.99 (View in App Store)

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