BioSub: Polished, Challenging and Stimulating Game

BioSub [rating: 4.5/5]

Another winner is released from the makers of the acclaimed Sentinel strategy games and top 10 UK paid app Car Mania, Origin8. Bio Sub is everything else one would expect from these guys and more. A tilt physics puzzle game that is engaging and demanding on the brain.

BioSub iPhone

The objective of this game is to clean the chemical waste within the deep waters. As captain of the Bio Sub, it is your duty to deactivate these environmental hazards. By colliding similar canisters, the player simultaneously destroys these threats and in return gathers the energy contained within. Steady skills and sharp strategies are essential in order to guide your submarine avoiding all danger that lingers ahead.

Tilt your device to steer the sub and touch the screen to hit the breaks. If you prefer to drag your sub through the deep trenches, this game has the option of using the touch screen. Follow the yellow brick road. Well in this case, the arrow. The options menu allows the player to calibrate the sensitivity. I found this to be a nice and helpful feature.

This game is sure to be a brain hazard, challenging and stimulating every fraction. The online achievements and high scores from OpenFeint is a plus but it would be nice to challenge online players. The graphics are pleasing to the eye with colors that pop. The 70 diabolically challenging levels offer heaps of game play. This is an all around polished game sure to please even those who did not get an “A” in physics.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • 70 challenging levels
  • Tilt controls with option to use touch
  • Nice underwater graphics with eye appealing graphics

The Not So Good

  • Very challenging; not suitable for the wee ones
  • No online game play

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

BioSub – iPhone Game Trailer


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