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Burnout Crash Review

One of the most eagerly anticipated games has finally made its way to the iPhone and iPad. But while the wait is finally over it may not be what some players of the massively successful franchise want.

Burnouts first journey onto iOS is in the from of the mini game, Burnout Crash, that has already made it onto the PlayStation and XBox Arcade. So instead of a full-on 3D crash-fest of mangled metal, you have the pleasure of playing God, (or should that be the Devil), in a crashtastic onslaught of exploding cars, trucks and every other type of vehicle you can think of.

The 2D top-down view looks great, across a massive 18 different junctions the detail pops of the screen and the whole environment is interactive so not only can you destroy the vehicles but also blow up the surrounding buildings, parked cars and pretty much anything that burns.

Each of the 18 junctions have three different game modes so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to hone your skills and have plenty to keep coming back for as each of the have 5 stars to be collected based on high scores and other side-goals such as performing special moves or destroying certain items.

The 3 modes are Rush Hour, Pile Up and Road Block and while they all take place on the same junctions they require slightly different techniques to succeed. Rush Hour puts you up against the clock to destroy as much as you can while Pile Up tasks you to crash as many vehicles as possible and then keep them blazing. Road Block meanwhile is as simple as blocking any vehicles from driving off the screen, lose 5 and it’s game over.

All of the modes provide special vehicles too that offer a variety of challenges. Stop a Pizza delivery truck and you get to spin the lotto wheel a win a bonus item while stopping the bank truck will rain down bags of money on you.

Like all great games Burnout Crash is easy to learn but difficult to master. Controls aid this as all that’s required is a swipe to move your car or truck while a tap of your vehicle will cause it to explode once the burnout bar is maximized of course.

There are 7 cars and trucks to unlock and each one offer a slightly different balance of power and control, switching between these vehicles can offer different opportunities to grab all 5 stars on each level and you will often find yourself heading back to earlier levels with better cars to grab all the available stars.

While causing all of this mayhem you are blasted with a cacophony sound and a great set of songs from the 80’s. I certainly recommend playing this game with headphones in to get the best sound experience and so that you don’t annoy anyone sitting around you!

Unfortunately the multi-player option that they provide in the form of Autolog, is a little disappointing. It certainly works and you can send challenges to your friends but no ability to play against other players in real time is a real disappointment. And while GameCenter integration is included there are no leaderboards, just 20 achievements to be unlocked.

That being said, I do keep coming back to Burnout Crash to unlock more levels and to go back and gain more stars, it could just be so much better if the social aspects of the game worked better.

Burnout Crash is a universal game and is available in the App Store, despite its shortcomings it’s still a recommended purchase.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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]]> 0 Evertales Review for iPhone: A Sweet Fantasy Game Fri, 02 Dec 2011 22:28:01 +0000 Read More]]> Evertales Review-1

[rating: 4.5/5]

Evertales Review: A great fantasy based game that seems to have found a sweet spot suited to the small screen.

Evertales {$1.99} is the story of heros battling enemies. Whether warrior, archer, or wizard you have a choice of characters, and their weapons, available to thwart attacks. What makes Evertales distinct is that you can switch your hero at any time. You will need to understand the strengths of each character and call upon their special talents at appropriate times to clear the obstacles in your path.

Evertales Review-2

It’s part of the opening narration, but your overall mission really isn’t that clear. But if you’re familiar with fantasy games you’ll be comfortable setting out to do quests and battle bosses. The game starts out with a few short instructions on how to control your character and moves quickly from the tutorial mode. Your controls consist of your attack, a jump, and switching characters. Simple enough, but the challenge is to deploy them at the right time.

A notable feature of the game is that it allows you to choose between action buttons and swipe controls as a control method. You may find you prefer one or the other depending on what you are used to. It is nice to have the choice as controls can make or break a game experience. Some iOS-based games try to have identical copies of the game interface from other platforms, which sometimes doesn’t work so well. Evertales has stripped out all the unnecessary interface components but left the right amount to make it feel clean and simple.

Evertales Review-3

One of the best parts of the game is the sound effects. The soundbed is mostly natural sounds, but the utterances of the characters and the tone of the narrator is distinctly humorous. The environments you find yourself in are beautiful and intriguing. The visuals are detailed and compelling, but not overwhelming.

Evertales is a fantasy game. As a fantasy game it is implied that it should let you escape into its world. Evertales manages to do this with its touch of humor and simple controls that allow you to focus on the characters and their opponents. It’s going to be a place to lose yourself time and time again.

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]]> 1 Blosics: A Different and Fun Take on a Slingshot Game Sun, 13 Nov 2011 21:43:49 +0000 Read More]]> Blosics Review-1

[rating: 4.5/5]

Blosics Review: A new game in the Angry Birds style that has you flinging balls at the blocks to knock them out of the picture. The slingshot action is a familiar game interface, but Blosics does it up just a little differently.

You have a bubble that you can place your ball within, choosing the location that you think will have the most impact. As you pull back on your ball, arrows appear that help you aim. Those arrows can prove to be very useful, especially when you miss by just a little bit. The arrows and flight path fade away slowly, so you can make adjustments if you’re quick.

Blosics Review-2

The targets are small blocks, with emoticon faces, that are stacked in a variety of patterns and in a variety of places. The challenge is to knock them all off the screen in the fewest flings. The blocks come in different sizes and eventually transform to make the challenge more difficult. In return, you can acquire different balls with different properties to deploy against the more demanding arrangements.

The game has a cheerful feel with bright graphics, spacey music, and snarky sound effects. The blocks maintain a running commentary of amusing utterances. The leveling screens feel like a party. It’s just fun around every corner.

Blosics Review-3

Blosics is a great game that provides a neat twist on the slingshot theme. If you’ve beaten, grown tired of, or just really like Angry Birds, Blosics is the game to provide a new means to have destructive fun.

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]]> 0 Fara Review: A Mesmerizing RPG Well Suited to iOS Mon, 31 Oct 2011 20:02:00 +0000 Read More]]> Fara Review-1

[rating: 4/5]

Fara Review: A beautiful, and beautifully done, fantasy role-playing game for iPhone. It is well suited to the small screen and brings all the best features of the genre without overdoing it.

Fara {$2.99} is a fantasy tale of finding yourself on an island stuck in medieval times. You are washed up on a shore to be greeted by a Viking-esque famous swordsman. You get no answers as to what has happened, but do get some instructions on how to proceed. Not having a lot of options, you follow the instructions and set off on your first quest.

Fara Review-2

RPGs involve large maps to explore and Fara handles this motion quite well. You move to the edge of the screen, and the screen slides to reveal what is beyond. There’s no interruption in play to wait for a new screen to be rendered as in some other games. For the iOS environment, this is quite good, and makes for natural movement through the environment.

Like all good RPG titles, quests introduce you to new environments, new dangers, new skills, and new characters. There is variety in these adventures and a certain amount of choice, so completing the quests and moving on to the next one is compelling.

Fara Review-3

Fara isn’t the most polished game as far as visual quality is concerned. But it is adequate for the task and doesn’t detract from the game play. The music is unique and has that epic feel that is expected from fantasy titles. The sound effects add to the game as feedback and just general environmental noise. They help with the illusion that you are really in the role.

Fara Review-4

If you like RPG games, Fara is one to try. It strikes a nice balance between not pushing the iOS platform too far, yet including all the best features of the genre to make for great game play.

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]]> 0 ZombiePanic Review: The Zombies Panic If You Don’t Mon, 10 Oct 2011 15:17:06 +0000 Read More]]> ZombiePanic Review iPhone-3

[rating: 4/5]

ZombiePanic Review: A carnival-style, Whack-a-Mole® type of game where zombies are all around and it’s your job to take them out while sparing the other survivors of the apocalypse.

You’re just an average Joe when the apocalypse hits, and suddenly everything around you changes. People most of all. What used to be just a salary man or a cheer girl are now zombies ready to attack you from all sides. You find yourself on a street lined with doors and manholes where either survivors or zombies could pop out at any moment. Your job is to negotiate the doors, looking for ones with exclamation points especially, and be ready to take out the zombies when the doors open. Of course, you don’t want to harm any innocents; so knee-jerk reflexes must be tempered with a moment of discernment.

Zombies can also be behind boarded up doors or in wooden crates or pop up from the manholes. Basically, if something moves, chances are you’ll need to kill it. Just don’t jump too quickly. You take out the zombies using your skills and weapon, both of which can be upgraded over time. Just tapping on a zombie’s head pretty much does the job, although you may have to tap more than once. And to keep it interesting survivors can turn to zombies right before your eyes. But don’t shoot before they’re fully lost. That’s the same as taking out an innocent.

ZombiePanic Review iPhone-5

On occasion you stumble into a zombie rush where you don’t have to go looking for the zombies because they’re coming after you. In this rapid-fire game mode you pretty much shoot anything that moves and hope you can hold the hordes off.

The feel of the games is a bit dark, but not depressing. The zombies lean more towards the comic than the gory. The music is more suited to an action movie than a horror flick, but some sound effects lean towards spooky. You can also choose from easy, normal, insane, and unlimited game modes to suit your ability and preferences.

ZombiePanic Review iPhone-4

ZombiePanic {$.99} is a fun, quick-thinking, reflex-testing game. It’s probably best played in short spurts, which can be defined as anything from a few minutes to a few hours. The challenge is simple, but good. It’s an excellent way to prepare for the coming apocalypse.

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ZombiePanic Review iPhone-1 ZombiePanic Review iPhone-2 ZombiePanic Review iPhone-3 ZombiePanic Review iPhone-4 ZombiePanic Review iPhone-5 ]]> 0 Illuminate your iPhone with Burn The Rope Worlds Tue, 20 Sep 2011 14:56:21 +0000 Read More]]> Burn The Rope Worlds review-1Burn The Rope Worlds Review: Brought to you by BigBlueBubble Burn The Rope Worlds is a unique puzzle game. It is a sequel to the classic game Burn The Rope but this time with more puzzles, worlds and a great new endless mode.

Control the fire and burn your way through the ropes without letting the flames burn out. Sounds easy right? Not quite. The classic mode offers 100 new levels spread over four different worlds, Fantasy, Jungle, Mechanical and space. When you start a level you are shown a rope, the idea is you have to burn the whole of the rope or failing that as much as you can.

To start burning the rope, tap where ever you choose and the fire will start. Then you have to keep the flame burning, you do this by making sure the flame is always going upward. All this is controlled by moving your device rotating it in what ever direction it is needed. Within each level there are scores of bronze, silver and gold. Depending on how much rope you burn will depend on what score you get. There is also a good chance you won’t get enough rope burnt at all and then you have to restart that level.

Burn The Rope Worlds review-2As you progress, the ropes will become more of a challenge. You start with very simple designs then they progress to shapes of objects, for example like a palm tree. This kind of shape then has parts of the ropes drifting off in opposite directions. So you then have to decide which flame to keep following and burning. At some points when it is burning there will be some flames that you can not keep control of. Instead you will be following one of the other flames that is burning better and has more of a chance of burning more rope.

To add even more fun and to make it more of a challenge there are ants that are crawling along the ropes. Depending on what colour the ants are when you burn them your flame then turns into that colour. Catch as many bugs as you can, these little creatures also go towards your score. On some of the puzzles you will notice different coloured ropes. The coloured ropes can only be burnt by a flame of the same colour.

Burn The Rope Worlds review-3Along the way there are a few helpful bugs. The first one is a firebug. These are great little helpers, when you collect them they explode and burn rope within a set radius. There are also electric bugs to help you. If you collect one of these then its matching partner will then start another flame wherever it is. Next up is a spider who will create a silk bridge when it is burnt. The last one is a water bug. This particular bug is not that helpful. When you collect it this bug will put out a flame.

A new feature in this version of the game is Endless Burn. In this part of the game you have to collect as many bugs as possible and make your flame trail grow. It is a bit like the old classic snake game where you travel along collecting squares and making your snake bigger. You control the flame by again tilting your device. You keep going until you hit yourself or the wall. The aim of the game is to see how big you can get your flame trail. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

The graphics and animation are fun and the colours are great. The sound effects are suitably matched, the little bugs make some cute noises. Burn The Rope is integrated with OpenFeint and GameCenter to compete with your friends and see who can get the most achievements. Every day there is also a puzzle of the day to play. So no matter how many levels you have got through so far there is also an extra one each day. The game offers lots of replay value and is great for all ages.



]]> 0 Race illegal : High Speed 3D Review: Top Quality Racing in Your Pocket Tue, 13 Sep 2011 14:35:40 +0000 Read More]]> Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-4

[rating: 5/5]

Race illegal: High Speed 3D Review: A fantastic racing game that is beautifully adapted to the iOS environment.

Imagine your favorite racing game. Now imagine it on your iPhone. That’s Race illegal. It has all the elements that make racing games great: car customization, track choice, tough competition, and good control of your car. Its fast pace keeps you focused on the race and any cussing you might do is for your mistakes or against your opponent, but it won’t be aimed at the game design.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to control my car. Many racing games attempt to bring the joystick controls to the screen, with mixed results. Race illegal for iPad opted to go a different way. Your car just goes, and you steer it using your device’s accelerometer. This feels like a much more natural way to race. But don’t think that you have lost the ability to control you car. Simple taps on the screen give you brakes, nitro, reverse, different camera angles and track views, or you can get all the info off the screen and leave nothing between you and the road. But it’s really nice to play the game without having your thumbs attached to the screen.

Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-2

The races and story line are in the best racing game tradition. It’s your clan against the other. You’ve got tasks to accomplish that send you careening around the city and countryside to prove your worth and stick it to the other guys. But once you get behind the wheel, all that matters is you and the road – and maybe an oncoming car or two.

As your scores improve, new tracks, cars, and other options become available to you. Some of the fun of racing games is in customizing your car, and Race illegal isn’t short in that department. Paint jobs, decals, high performance vehicles and options are all there to earn and choose from. And you can also share your accomplishments through Game Center achievements and leader board.

Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-1

Upbeat technica music provides the backdrop and gets the blood pumping. The game is brightly colored, even in the night scenes, which makes it much easier to play in a variety of lighting conditions. The graphics are smooth and everything is easy to see and read. The information you need is clearly presented and located well to make the controls, the car, and the track easily visible. I had no desire to switch to an iPad to play just to make things easier to see/control.

Honestly? I suck at accelerometer games. Over-steering or extraneous motion always seems to keep my focus on simply controlling the vehicle. Race illegal managed to make that simple and allowed me to focus on beating the competition, increasing my speed, and earning points for drifting. Even when you crash or spin, you’re not spending a ton of time and effort getting righted. And it’s near impossible to get off-track. All of this keeps the emphasis on racing. And that’s where it should be to make the game fun to play.

Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-3

Race illegal: High Speed 3D has an introductory price of $0.99. Get it at that price while you can, but if you miss the sale, this game is going to easily be worth full price. Race illegal could easily become your favorite iOS racing-style game.




Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-1 Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-2 Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-3 Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-4 Race illegal High Speed 3D Review-5 ]]> 0 Pocket RPG iPhone Edition Review: New Role Playing Game to Sink Hours and Hours into Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:16:03 +0000 Read More]]> Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-5

[rating: 4/5]

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition Review: The game is just that – a pocket-sized role-playing game that has all the elements that make the genre fun.

Choose between a Dark Ranger, Blade Master, or Battle Mage for your character; each has a different style of play. The Dark Ranger, for instance, is an archer that begins his quest in an icy land just outside the ruins of castle that appears to have been freshly destroyed. The defeated guards warn you of the creatures nearby and it doesn’t take long to encounter slimy opponents with which to learn your skills.

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-4

The difficulty grows throughout the game and requires strategy as well as brute force. There are plenty of looting opportunities to help your progression when not engaged in battle. You will need to have gold to buy better equipment and train in new skills if you want to continue to progress. The opponents get bigger, badder, and quicker, and so must you. Learning how to engage your opponents, which weapon to choose, and deploying them effectively takes expertise that only comes through experience.

The on-screen joystick controls take a bit to master. They seem a bit touchy and easy to get confounded with. A bit of practice and the control gets better, but with the small size of the iPhone screen, it seemed to remain a problem. My fingers always seemed to slide their way off the control area. Switching to the iPad made it much easier. This game is not designed for the iPad (there’s another version that is), and at 2x the graphics were not at their best (but not bad), but the text was much easier to read and the joysticks much easier to control.

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-3

The music is appropriately epic and majestic for this type of game. And the graphics are nice and crisp, and pleasantly medieval. Some of the cut scene 3D animations are quite impressive. More of those would be nice. From time to time, the viewing angle can be awkward depending on the setting, but in general it provides a good panorama.

If you enjoy role-playing games, Pocket RPG for the iPhone {$.99} has all the elements you’re familiar with. It holds true to the genre in setting, lore, and interface. This one seems more of a challenge than most, which can make it just the game to sink hours and hours into.




Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-1 Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-2 Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-3 Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-4 Pocket RPG iPhone Edition-5 ]]> 0 Zombie Gunship Review: Fun Twist to the Zombie Killing Genre Mon, 29 Aug 2011 23:31:04 +0000 Read More]]> Zombie Gunship for iPhone-2

[rating: 4.5/5]

Zombie Gunship Review: It seems that the onslaught of zombie based games shows no signs of letting up. The same is true of the onslaught of zombies attempting to breach the door of the bunker which remains the one safe spot for humankind as the earth is overrun by zombies.

The people on the ground though are not alone as there is a lone gunship flying overhead which you take control of in a vain attempt to keep the flesh eating monsters away from the bunker entrance.

If you’ve seen the video footage of the bombing raids of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya then you will be familiar with the view of the desolated waste ground that you have as you slowly fly over the area covering the entrance. A night vision awaits you with the cold bodies of the zombies showing black while the last few humans show up glowing white due to the heat from their bodies.

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-1

Your only task is to aim your weapons and shoot. A short tutorial takes you through the basics and it’s not long before you hear the rattle of your guns littering the ground and the zombies with bullets. The zombies arrive pretty sporadically to begin with and you can easily pick them off before your gun over heats. That doesn’t last for long though and you’ll soon find yourself struggling to keep you weapon from over heating as your bunker becomes under threat.

The simple challenge of the game is to see how long you can survive and the simple answer at the beginning is not long as you will soon become overrun with the undead and it will be game over.

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-3

However, which each attempt you will be rewarded with power-ups to your gunship meaning that not only can you upgrade you weapons but also purchase new ones and some extras that boost your point scoring potential but also give you the opportunity to purchase a Bomb Buddy which will automatically clear the entrance to the bunker once per game should the zombies be about to spill the blood of all those inside.

Spread amongst the hordes of undead are humans that are seeking cover. Sometimes these will be in the center of a swarm of zombies and it will be a challenge to avoid killing them. Kill three of the humans that are seeking cover though at it will be game over. Just when you thought it was getting easy though mutant zombies will appear that will require multiple shots to kill, with those mutant zombies around keeping the bunker safe just gets even harder!

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-4

The game is a little repetitive but the challenge of trying to beat you high score and earn the coins to boost your gunship kept me coming back for more again and again. Coins are earn’t relatively quickly and you can get an extra 1000 coins buy liking Zombie Gunship on Facebook. However, if you are a little impatient and you want to max out your upgrades as quickly as possible you can purchase more coins via in app purchase.

Zombie Gunship {$.99} is a great little game with pick up and play features and a can’t put down addictiveness. A GameCenter leaderboard will keep you up to date on how you compare to your friends, (no achievements at this point), and you can also post your scores to Facebook to challenge you friends to beat your score.

At just 99 cents for a universal app you can’t go wrong with this zombie slaughterfest.



]]> 0 Wisp: Eira’s Tale Review: A Relaxing Stroll through a Nordic Forest Thu, 18 Aug 2011 20:12:54 +0000 Read More]]> Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-3Wisp: Eira’s Tale Review: Are you ever fed up with the high adrenaline games that get you on the edge of your seat, heat pumping and brow sweating, do you yearn for a more relaxing game that will entertain you as well as chill you out? Well if you are then you may have come to the right place as Wisp: Eira’s Tale is a nordic ambient puzzle game.

The game is simple enough, help Eira float around the maze like levels collecting 3 jewels as you find your way to the glowing exit. The controls aren’t challenging either, as a simple tap of the screen will help Eira float while letting go of the screen will let her fall back down again, while tilting your device to the left and right will move Eira in that direction.

Eira takes the form of a glowing orb and you will need to maneuver her not only through the maze but past objects too that aim to halt your progress.

Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-1There are also simple puzzles to be resolved as you will find your path blocked on many occasions and only changing Eira into one of the three elements placed around the maze will allow you to pass them. Fire will see you burn through spider webs, ice will help you freeze the black ooze that may block your path while turning Eira into a rock will allow you to smash though paths blocked by boulders.

There is a price to pay for changing into these elements as the rock will slow you down and the ice will speed you up meaning that if you hit a wall too fast you will smash yourself into a million pieces.

The levels can sometimes take a few attempts to complete but there are save points along the way so even if you do fail you don’t always have to go right back to the beginning of the level.

There are 30 levels in total and while you can progress through them all by simply getting to the end collecting the 3 jewels on each level will help you complete all the Game Center enabled achievements.

Completing the 30 levels won’t take you too long and once you have completed them there is little replay value. However while it lasts it’s an enjoyable game that can be played at a relaxed pace.




Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-1 Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-2 Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-3 Wisp Eiras Tale Review iPhone-4


]]> 0 Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia: Full-Featured RPG for the Small Screen Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:05:13 +0000 Read More]]> Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-6

[rating: 4/5]

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia ReviewExitium is a full-featured RPG brought to the small screen.

This is no casual game. This is a nearly full-blown RPG game in the tradition of World of Warcraft and Ragnarok. This is a game you could pull out on a long car or plane trip because it could keep you occupied for several hours. You can certainly play in shorter bursts, but unlike many games it can also hold your attention.

You have a choice of four characters to play: Berserker, Paladin, Priestess, or Mage. There’s no customizing these folks at the outset, but they do have characteristics that can be managed and improved as the game moves on.

Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-1

Holding true to the RPG genre, there are quests to fulfill, battles to fight, and coins to earn. I started as Kiron Asha, the Beserker, and after my farm was burned down and family killed (that explains the “berserker” part), I became a mercenary for the Arkanians in battle against Abylon. The early assignments had me operating from a base camp and setting off on quests to prove my worth, while picking up coins and potions as I took out hostile creatures along the way.

Later on in the game, the intensity picks up. Creatures and opponents get more difficult and more numerous. You will need to improve your gear (such as armor and swords), gather more potions, and earn more coins to be able to compete against these more demanding trials.

Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-2

Each character has lots of quests, inventory, skills, fame, and coins to manage. There are plenty of ways to develop a personality for your character even though you started with a standard issue. And with Game Center integration, you’ll be able to see how your choices are stacking up against your friends or against the world of other players.

The game has all the familiar RPG UI elements: mini-map, character and enemy info, items, and skills. Plus, one addition for the iOS platform is a D-control area in the corner mimicking the action of joystick controls. That can be a lot of information for a small screen. Some folks could find the game more enjoyable on an iPad than on an iPhone, although the D-control area is a bit more awkward on the iPad.

Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-3

One thing I did find a bit disconcerting, was that rather than just seamlessly moving through the map, you moved from one square on the map to another square on the map through “gates.” Perhaps this is necessary for the iOS platform, but it does interrupt the game play a bit as you wait for a new area to appear.

The graphics are cute in an old-school style from console games a couple of generations back. With a sort of medieval feel to the game, the music is a blend of electronica, drums, and strummed instruments, which somehow works well. And it gives the game an urgent feel that keeps the pace moving along. Some of the character renderings are quite stunning and detailed. And the information screens have a great old-world, parchment style that also serves to improve their readability.

Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-4

I will admit to having had a bit of difficulty with the controls when I first began playing. The action button just didn’t want to work correctly for me. It wasn’t just me either. I asked an “expert” and they had the same difficulty. Eventually, it came around and everything was fine. It may have just been operator error, but it was a bit of a rough start.

Exitium might not be for folks new to RPG games. But if you are familiar with the typical RPG user interface, understand the stats associated with characters and items, have experience with the game play of quests, battles, and markets, you will probably enjoy Exitium as a way to take the RPG experience with you in your pocket. There’s a lot here to love.




Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-1 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-2 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-3 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-4 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-5 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-6 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-7 Exitium Saviors of Vardonia Review-8 ]]> 0 Tomb Slider Review: New Puzzle Game That Will Have You Saying “Just One More” Thu, 11 Aug 2011 23:55:34 +0000 Read More]]> Tomb Slider

[rating: 5/5]

Tomb Slider Review: A block-moving puzzle game that gives your brain a workout! I love the quality of this game. There are similar block puzzle games, but Tomb Slider has stepped it up a notch. 

The premise of the game is to move the large stones blocking your path to the exit. Sometimes this is simple; sometimes you scratch your head and figure it out by chance. The puzzles get progressively more difficult and you are racing the clock to get the best score. There is an option for “Relax Mode” lets you play without worrying about the clock, if that suits you. And there are 360 puzzle variations and strategies to go along with them to keep it fresh, and more on the way.

This is definitely a game that will have you saying “just one more” until you totally lose track of time.

Tomb Slider Review

Tomb Slider is Game Center enabled so you can compete with friends through achievements (in-game trophies) and leaderboards. And taking a cue from Angry Birds, you can try for perfection by clearing each puzzle with a three-star effort.

The graphics for this game are stunning. They are bright, cute, and clear. Animations are an extra bonus and add a nice touch of whimsy along with added quality and attention to detail. The music is fittingly heavy on flutes and drums. 

There is a free version of the game which allows you to “try before you buy” and it gives you a fair portion of the game from which to decide. And while I initially balked at the $2.99 price tag, it didn’t take five minutes of play to realize it was well worth it.



]]> 0 Cut the Rope: Experiments Review: More of that Addicting Sweetness Wed, 10 Aug 2011 16:38:23 +0000 Read More]]> Cut The Rope Experiments Review-1Cut the Rope: Experiments Review: A great physics-based game where the objective is to get the candy dangling at the end of a rope into the open mouth of the ever-hungry little creature Om Nom.

The latest incarnation has all the familiar ropes introduced in the original Cut The Rope for iPhone, needing to be cut and gravity to be calculated. What makes it different is the introduction of The Professor who provides some interesting experiments and color commentary to the game.

The game has the same cute, clear, bright look as the rest of the Cut the Rope games. The music has a game-show feel to it, and some of the sound effects are quite amusing. This game could be described as goofy if cutting the ropes correctly wasn’t such serious business.

Cut The Rope Experiments Review-2Some of the puzzles are relatively easy and some are more difficult. And some can be both, so you can either choose to take the easy way out or put some effort into it for more points.

Game Center integration is provided so you can track your achievements and check the leaderboards to see where you stand. A comic book app with further adventures of Om Nom and The Professor is being developed and should be available soon from the app store.

Cut the Rope: Experiments has all the appeal of previous editions. If you’ve mastered the other variants, this one will challenge you to put those skills to new tests. It’s a fun twist on an iOS classic.




Cut The Rope Experiments Review-1 Cut The Rope Experiments Review-2 Cut The Rope Experiments Review-3


]]> 4 BLOCKADO Desert Review: Uncover Treasures One Block At A Time Thu, 21 Jul 2011 02:08:35 +0000 Read More]]> BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-3

[rating: 5/5]

BLOCKADO Desert Review: A puzzle-solving game in the tradition of the toy puzzle-square games, but with lots of digital twists.

Set in a desert archeological dig environment, this game asks you to move obstacles out of the way so that the treasure chests can reach the exits. Simple enough. Except the obstacles only move lengthwise. And other obstacles block them. Some obstacles are obvious, but some literally pop up and have to be solved before moving ahead. And the obstacles come in different varieties and each has its own characteristics such as spring or magnetic action.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-5

It takes a bit to slide the objects around to make way for the treasure chests. If you get stuck, there is a help that you can access to see the solution. But of course, you will lose credit for solving that puzzle if you do. There are also some extra-hard puzzles with no solution help if you want to up the challenge a bit.

Each level consists of a treasure map that requires you to solve several puzzles along the way, each getting more difficult. When you’ve completed the map you unearth a fossil or other treasure before continuing on to the next challenge. There’s a bit of interesting information about these treasures that’s worth the pause to read.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-7

The graphics are 3-D to allow you to see the obstacles and there’s enough color and contrast to help you identify the various parts of the game pieces. The music is majestic and the sound effects provide feedback as you move the pieces. Both support the desert theme and give the game an exotic feel.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-9

There are scores of puzzles to be solved in BLOCKADO Desert. (There is also a free version, but it’s limited to 9 puzzles.) If you’re looking for something just a bit different there are Jungle, Mountain, and Deep Sea BLOCKADO games too. And if you’re looking for some additional puzzles, you can add levels by scanning QR codes from the developers website. New codes are added weekly. There’s even a BLOCKADO EDITOR available for download so you can build your own games and scan them in, which allows you to share them with others.

BLOCKADO Desert is an addictive game that will work your brain for a long time to come. The number and complexity of puzzles will keep you coming back for more.





BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-3 BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-5 BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-7 BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-9 BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-11 BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-12 ]]> 1 Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse Review: Having Fun You Might Learn Something Too Thu, 21 Jul 2011 01:38:20 +0000 Read More]]> Honey Tribe Review-2

[rating: 4/5]

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse Review: A familiar feeling, arcade-style game that aims to be a bit more than child’s play.

As far as the game goes, Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse ($.99) makes you a worker bee in the colony with the task of collecting nectar from flowers in order to feed the young bees in the brood. Of course there are predators to be avoided and weather to be endured along the way making this no simple task.

You fly through the fields in the common left-to-right pattern going more swiftly as you collect nectar and slowing down, or dying, as you encounter predators and other obstacles. The controls are mainly a tap on the screen to make you fly higher or release to drop closer to the ground. This interface is simple enough, and responsive enough, to make navigation more about focusing on upcoming obstacles than on fussing with the controls.

Honey Tribe Review-8

But the brilliance of this game is that it raises awareness of a real-world problem. It subtly introduces the problem of honeybee colony collapse and the environment of the colonies. You collect nectar from a variety of flowers, becoming familiar with them along the way. The same is true of predators. And they are introduced slowly which aids in making them memorable. You’re actually learning a bit about honeybees as you play the game.

Honey Tribe for iPhone

The graphics are colored pencil drawings, which somehow also adds to the approachability of the game. The audio is sounds of nature rather than music, which again reinforces its educational value. The combination of the two keep the game focused on the important elements of the game play and of the real-world issue.

This is a good game that’s also doing some good.





Honey Tribe Review-1 Honey Tribe Review-2 Honey Tribe Review-3 Honey Tribe Review-4 Honey Tribe Review-5 Honey Tribe Review-6 Honey Tribe Review-7 Honey Tribe Review-8 Honey Tribe for iPhone ]]> 2 Supercow: funny farm arcade platformer Review: Fun and Games Down on the Farm Tue, 19 Jul 2011 06:02:57 +0000 Read More]]> Supercow Review: A humorous arcade-style game that keeps the focus on fun. Life on the farm was smooth and simple until Professor Duriarti escaped prison and took over. He’s captured the animals and is going to experiment on them. Who else but Supercow could hope to stop him?

Supercow ($.99) plays like a Mario-style game where you collect coins and jump on the bad guys. You can also collect gems, and uncover the professor’s secrets. It’s a familiar enough style to let you get right into playing the game.

I found the game easy to get into and addictive right from the start. The levels are short enough to make you feel like you’re making progress quickly, yet each level has enough challenges to make you go “whew!” when you’ve completed it.

Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-1

Some games have touchy controls that can make manipulating your character a challenge. Supercow gives you four choices on how you prefer to interact with the game. You can use the accelerometer, or have buttons on the left or right of the screen. And there are a couple of choices for the jump button too. It’s easy to find something comfortable so you can focus on the game. You can also move left or right which allows you to go back to pick up objects that you may have missed.

The music sets the background for the game and the special effects sounds give you some nice feedback. The characters and backgrounds are cute and detailed and add to the humor of the game. A lot of information is presented as text in dialog-type boxes, but it is also being given as audio so if the text is too small, or the player too young to read, nothing is missed.

Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-4

This is a great game for playing in small chunks or for devoting extended time to moving through the stages. It should be easy enough to control for a kid, but adults are going to enjoy it too. It’s worth a laugh and more than a few hours of your time.





Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-1 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-2 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-3 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-4 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-5 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-6 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-7 Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-8 ]]> 0 Dizzy Lizards Review: Familiar but Different Mon, 11 Jul 2011 17:30:14 +0000 Read More]]> Dizzy Lizards Review: This game looks a bit like Bejeweled, but it’s not. And if you’re used to Bejeweled, Dizzy Lizards may confound you for a bit. It’s based on a similar premise of getting three lizards of one color in a row to earn points and remove them from the board. But unlike Bejeweled, you don’t move pieces around to get them positioned; you move one on top of another to blend their colors to match.

Dizzy Lizards-2Lizards come in six colors: the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to be combined into the three secondary colors of orange, green, and purple. You can match up any color to create a line for points, but you only have control over moving the primary colored lizards to create the secondary colors. And you cannot move the primary colored lizards to create a row of three, nor can you combine a primary with a secondary colored lizard.

Randomly, white “wildcard” lizards will appear. You can choose to make these lizards any of the six colors based on what color will do you the most good and complete a line. You don’t have to change its color right away, so you can work to strategically place it for the most points.
Dizzy Lizards-1
The graphics for the “lizards” are cute enough and the blinking, moving eyeballs keep it from getting stale, although I’d say they look more like birds than lizards. The country barn dance style music keeps it lively too and adds to the spunkiness of the game. It’s also Game Center compatible, which, of course, means challenges for achievements and the leader board.

The free version has plenty to keep you going with a Marathon mode, but $0.99 will get you the chance to get additional wildcard lizards, allow you a couple of un-dos per game, change the background color, and access to the two additional game modes of Time Attack and Kid Play.

If you like Bejeweled but want to mix it up a bit, or if you’ve never tried Bejeweled and simply like puzzle-type games, this is a fun alternative that will soak up time and provide a unique challenge in its own right.



]]> 0 ‘Sonic & Sega All Star Racing’ Review Console Quality Racing for iPhone and iPad Sat, 02 Jul 2011 21:17:45 +0000 Read More]]> Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-1

[rating: 5/5]

Most of the time when I write a review I want the reader, i.e. you, to read the whole article, making you wait until the end to decide whether or not to get the game. In this instance though I feel I would be doing you a disservice.

Any time you take doing anything other than going to the App Store to pick up Sonic & Sega All Star Racing will be time wasted and therefore I don’t want to be responsible for that loss.

You still here? Seriously, you haven’t gone and reduced your bank balance by $5 yet by purchasing this game? In that case I’ll write on.

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing is game that will delight all of your senses, ok, maybe not your sense of smell or taste, but touch, sight and hearing will all be blasted in a cavalcade of gaming delights a Sonic and his Sega friends push you to you racing limits.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-2

Let’s cover touch first. Obviously the iPad or iPhone doesn’t feel any different while playing this game as it wouldn’t playing any other racing game. However, what it does do is provide the sort of handling experience that makes you feel at one with your iOS device.

Acceleration is automatic and steering is controlled via the accelerometer with an emphasis being put on your ability to drift your vehicle. Drifting is your way to gain speed boosts and the longer you drift the bigger your boost as you let go of the drift button. It’s this drifting, and the level of control that you have over it that makes he game feel so good.

There is a great sense of speed in the game too as you screech around the variety of tracks. The bright colors fly by with each of the tracks offering a new set of challenges and difficulties as you play through the 3 cups and 3 difficulty levels.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-3

So sight is also well covered as your eyes are treated to Sega’s traditional bright colors and bold graphics. From the in game graphics to the bold and clear menu’s the game is a visual delight.

All you Sega friends are there for you to race as, from Sonic, Tails, Aiai and Dr Eggman to Ryo Hazuki, B.D. Joe, Beat and Chuih there is someone for everyone and each of them have their own racing style, abilities and special powers which can be called upon when you find yourself in sixth place with only one lap to go.

You may not find yourself in that position too often as you start playing on the easy levels of the Grand Prix circuit but as you progress through the difficulty levels the AI players get both faster and more aggressive. This is a good thing though as it provides an enjoyable challenge to progressing through the levels.

Accessing additional locked players and tracks can be achieved by spending coins that you accumulate by successfully completing levels but can also be earned by racing in the other modes that are available.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-4

As well as the Grand Prix mode their are also single races, time trials and missions. Single Race and Time Trial modes are self explanatory while missions set you certain tasks to complete as you race around the tracks. There are 25 missions in total and earning stars in them will unlock them, some of the missions include shooting flowers, driving through gates and collecting coins or bananas.

If you are feeling social you can also join your friends for some multi-player fun. This is provided either local WiFi or online via the games Game Center integration. Using the online method but you can choose quick races or battles to be thrown in against a random opponent or choose the custom race mode to select one of you Game Center friends to play against.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-5

Playing online shows no sign of slowing the game down and with all this content the $4.99 price tag suddenly seems like an absolute bargain. If you are still reading this I urge you now to go out and buy this game so that you can lose yourself in it and become the Sonic & Sega All Star Racing Champion.

Gotta go, Sonic needs to be beaten once again!



]]> 0 ‘Jump and Fly’ Review for iPhone and iPad (Free Today) Thu, 30 Jun 2011 22:04:46 +0000 Read More]]> Jump and Fly-1Brought to you by DieselPuppet Jump And Fly is a fun pick up and play jumping game. The game follows the style of Doodle Jump and in many ways is very similar.

On screen is a bouncing, jumping character. Using tilt control on your device you have to guide him from platform to platform jumping as high as you can. Miss a platform you will fall and lose your life and will have to start all over again.

All the platforms are varied including some normal non moving ones. Then you have different kinds of platforms to make your jumping difficult. There are clouds that once you have jumped on disappear, trampolines that help you bounce extra high and rotating fans that blow you higher and higher. You may also find some platforms will explode after 3 seconds if you have jumped on them. All needing quick thinking and planning before your next jump.

Jump and Fly-2Along the way there are also stars to collect and power ups. If you pick up a pair of wings when you use them he will fly up with no need to jump on the platforms. There are also a few monsters waiting for you as you get higher. Stay out of the way and you won’t lose you life. Although you won’t come across many at first so you will be off to an easy start.

The game is very much like Doodle Jump and it is hard to see what this game offers over it to make it better. The one thing it does have is the power ups but that’s about it really. The graphics are good but again nothing above and similar to what Doodle Jump offers. If you’ve never played Doodle Jump then you will certainly love this game but if you have you could be a little put off just because it is so similar and offers nothing new.

Jump and Fly is suitable for all ages and is great just to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to spare. The game is also integrated with Game Center with leader boards and acheivements great if you enjoy competing with your friends.




Promo Codes



Jump and Fly-1 Jump and Fly-2 Jump and Fly-3 Jump and Fly-4 ]]> 1 ‘360’ Review – Unlike Any Game You’ve Seen Before Thu, 30 Jun 2011 14:53:47 +0000 Read More]]> And now for something completely different… 360 for iPhone is unlike any game I’ve seen before. The objective is to spin your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. It’s that simple. It’s that brilliant.


360 for iPhone-1If you’ve ever spun a pencil or drumsticks in your hand, this game is for you. If you haven’t it’s still a fun skill to try. Your spin technique is what it’s all about.

You have three choices of challenge: time, spin, or distance. Time measures how many spins you can do in a fixed amount of time. Spin is just the opposite. It measures how long it takes you to do a fixed number of spins. And I’m not sure how distance is measured, but this is the endurance event of the challenges.

It’s got a fun industrial style with music to match. The graphics are fairly simple but provide feedback as to the challenge you are on, the time/distance/spins, and just some funky animations to let you know when you’ve completed a rotation. However, it can be hard, if not impossible, to read this information while also trying to spin your device, so it helps that there’s also tactile feedback for each spin.

360 for iPhone-2This is a game that could be quite addictive for those who like to go one up on their previous score or on the scores of their friends through Game Center. You’ll be able to tell the addicts by the size of their forearm. This game takes a certain amount of physical skill and effort! It’s one that may be best played in short bursts.

To get the best scores, it’s probably best to spin your device on your finger or in your hand, if you’re comfortable doing that. If your not, consider placing it on a flat surface (a mouse pad for instance) and spinning it there. You’ll still want to use a bit of caution, as it would be pretty easy for it to go flying. But the more you do it, the more confident and in control you’ll be.

This is a really fun game that anyone, perhaps with a bit of caution, can do. It’s simplicity and game play makes it one that will always provide a challenge whether you play it frequently or not. But I think it’s one that you’ll keep coming back to.




360 for iPhone-1 360 for iPhone-2 360 for iPhone-3 360 for iPhone-4 ]]> 0 Ducati Challenge Review Motorbike Racing Game Especially for the Ducati Enthusiast Thu, 30 Jun 2011 12:50:52 +0000 Read More]]> Ducati Challenge Review-1

[rating: 3.5/5]

As the title suggest Ducati Challenge for iPhone is a motobike racing game especially for the Ducati enthusiast. Having said that however the game will also appeal to all motorbike racers as knowledge or love of the Ducati range of bikes is not required.


The game is part sim part arcade style with the looks of a sim racer, accurate bikes, beautiful tracks and realistic racing but easy racing, no customization and difficult to crash. It’s a nice balance though and makes it easy to pick up and play.

All the standard game modes are included, Quick Challenge, Championship and a local multi-player are all offered. The tracks in Quick Challenge becomming available as you unlock them across the 3 championships modes which cover Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels.

Ducati Challenge Review-2

As mentioned previously the game is easy to play, the accelerometer controls your steering while virtual buttons on the left and right bottom corners of the screen act as your accelerator and brake. Not that you will need your brake if you leave the default settings enabled where the bike will auto-brake for you.

If you want a bit more of a challenge however I would recommend turning this feature off as it will immediately up the difficulty level regardless of the level you are playing on.

Ducati Challenge Review-3

The AI riders are relatively laid back in their riding and collisions generally only occur when you drive into them rather than the other way round. The game is relatively forgiving when it comes to crashing, knocking other riders and/or the scenery will require a lot of speed if it’s actually going to hit you off of your bike.

While coming off of your bike is forgiving getting your line wrong around the track is less so and this is where your competitors will look to take advantage.

Each of the tracks look great, I especially enjoyed the tracks that went in and out of city streets, and as you progress you will unlock more tracks and more Ducati’s each one more powerful than the rest.

Ducati Challenge Review-4

The championship modes include over 20 challenges in total but even after completing these the local wifi multi-player and the 25 achievements that can be unlocked via GameCenter will keep you entertained for a little while longer. Shame no online multi-player is available however.

The other frustrations with the game are the navigation system which while looking nice the buttons are often difficult to hit accurately and the sound which both from a music and sound effects point of view are a little uninspiring.

The game is available on both the iPhone and iPad although while there appears to be little difference between the two titles it’s not a universal app and therefore requires to be purchased twice if you wanted to play on both devices should you have them.



]]> 0 Storm In A Teacup Review – A Wonderful Magical Adventure for iPhone Sun, 22 May 2011 19:49:09 +0000 Read More]]> Storm In A Teacup-1

[rating: 5/5]

Brought to you by Chillingo and CobraMobileStorm In A Teacup‘ [$.99] is all about a little boy called Storm. The boy has a brother called Cloud who created a wonderful world for him to explore in a little teacup full of magic.

It is a sweet platformer and sure to appeal to all ages. You control Storm around the world using left and right controls that you simply tap. His little magical teacup also can fly! To the right is a boost button to help. Tap and hold and he will fly up until his boosting powers run out or tap several times to keep him flying up. To see when his boost is running out, there is a bar at the top left which shows it going down when in use.

Storm In A Teacup-2

You need to help Storm make his way through each level of this colourful world. During the travel he needs to collect sugar cubes as he goes. The more he collects the higher the score he will achieve at the end of each level.

Each level is full of platforms to jump on and obstacles to avoid. There might be a dark cloud firing at you or spinning blades that will try slice you out of the way. Make your way past them flying and jumping where needed.

What I liked about each level is you are given a little challenge in each. You might have to reach a key to move further through the world or move a boulder off a seesaw to block an obstacle from firing at you. Some take a few attempts and luckily there is a check-point in each level so you don’t have to restart from the beginning.

Storm In A Teacup-3

When you first start each level you can’t see everything that is around you. You can only see it when you are moving along and flying high. So you might find that when you first set off you are bumping into blades and getting caught by the clouds. In some parts you will most likely have to retry several times.

There are 40 levels altogether to complete and collect the sugar cubes. You can retry a level if you want to get a good score and try and collect all the cubes. So once you have completed all the levels there is still good replay playing it this way.

Storm In A Teacup-4

I loved the cute little animations and magical sounds. The world is certainly colourful and very appealing to the eye. The sound effects and music are great. Storm In A Teacup for iPhone is enabled with Game Center and Crystal and offering 15 achievements to complete. It also supports multi-tasking and has full retina display.




Storm In A Teacup-1 Storm In A Teacup-2 Storm In A Teacup-3 Storm In A Teacup-4 Storm In A Teacup-5 ]]> 0 ‘Spider Jack’ Review Another Great Physics Based Puzzle Game for iPhone Sun, 08 May 2011 18:12:04 +0000 Read More]]> 20110508-010041.jpg If you have ever played Cut The Rope or enjoy a good physics based puzzle game then Spider Jack developed by Chillingo’s Clickgamer is certainly worth checking out.

Spider Jack [$.99] is clearly inspired by the gameplay of Cut The Rope, in this new addictive game its all about helping the spider catch the flies to satisfy his hunger. He swings from his web and you then need to cut a web so he can reach the fly.

First of all you start out in the Barn room, there is also a bathroom and laboratory room but you have to collect a set amount of stars before you can enter them. So once you are in the room you work your way through each level.

When the game begins you have to tap a button for the web to appear. When you do your friendly Spider Jack attaches himself to it and starts moving along it. Depending how the web is postioned will determine where Jack is going to go. You may find he swings from left to right or just tangles down. You have to use your skills to drop him to the fly by cutting the web with your finger. You need to do this when he is positioned over the fly. Once that is done you have completed the level.

Like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope there is also the chance to collect stars as you go. The more stars you collect the more points you achieve and as I mentioned earlier you will then unlock the other rooms.

The levels start off fairly easy and then as you progress obstacles are put in your way. Things like hairdryers to blow you the wrong way or electricity to zap and fry you! When you get further into the game you will also need to use two webs. You will then have to work them together to swing Jack where he needs to go. It is all about timing and a precise cut of the rope web.

20110508-010059.jpg There are 75 levels to complete and the developers have promised that there are more to come. It is a great idea having the stars to collect as well. This is popular in the other games and gives extended game play if you want to redo levels and collect all stars.

I really enjoyed the cutesy graphics and sound effects. Spider Jack makes some cute and funny noises. It had me giggling when he was puffing and panting climbing up a web! The animated graphics are colourful and fun and very entertaining at times.

Spider Jack also has Game Center support so you can compete on the leader board and try and get all the achievements. Again it is offering more reason for you to come back and keep playing. It is a fun game that all ages will enjoy.



Category: Games
Released: May 05, 2011
Version: 1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 16.7 MB
Languages: English, Russian
Seller: Clickgamer Technologies Ltd
© MaxNick
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

]]> 1 Kalimat Review – A Fun Alternative To Scrabble Tue, 03 May 2011 19:09:02 +0000 Read More]]> Word games are a genre that’s been around for longer than most. With board games like Scrabble being popular for decades and their digital counterparts experiencing someone of a resurgence of late it’s a category in which it’s difficult for a new app to differentiate itself. Kalimat for iPhone not only manages to stand out in the crowd but also succeeds in building on the platform created by competitors such as Words with Friends.

The aim of the game is simple, create words using tiles by placing them onto a game-board littered with word and letter score multipliers. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because it us. Kalimat builds on top of the existing Scrabble framework by adding new game modes (Remix Mode adds a move timer, for example) and a whole new Ali Baba square. Building a word over this square gets you an instant 50 point bonus – another example that Kalimat’s developers haven’t just created another Scrabble clone.

Of course word games are no fun if you’re playing by yourself, but thankfully Kalimat comes complete with Openfeint integration for matchmaking and score tracking. Friends lists are also managed here too, with Game Center support also thrown in to the pot for good measure.

One negative that can be levelled at Kalimat is its modified dictionary which doesn’t include some of the more odd-ball words many Scrabble fiends like to use. We’re not sure what the reason for that decision was, but the side-affect is that words often used toward the end of a game when letters are at a premium just aren’t legal in Kalimat. The much-loved ‘QI’ for example, is missing.

Overall we like Kalimat. The app’s Open Feint integration for online gaming works well, and it’s nice to see Game Center support in there too. If you’re growing tired of the Scrabble, Words with Friends or any of the other word game contenders we recommend you give Kalimat a shot. At $2.99, it certainly won’t break the bank.



Category: Games
Updated: Apr 21, 2011
Current Version: 1.3.3
Size: 21.5 MB
Languages: English, Arabic
Seller: AppsArabia FZ-LLC
© 2011 AppsArabia FZ-LLC
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

]]> 0 Zenonia 3 Review : Big Time Fun and Great Replay Value Tue, 03 May 2011 13:03:41 +0000 Read More]]> 20110503-062806.jpg

[rating: 4.5/5]

Zenonia 3 is a crazy expansive game that sports an awesome story and tons of replay value. This third chapter in the Zenonia series takes an already popular game and improves on its weak points. The game has tons of customization and missions and will not grow old anytime soon.

The control system for Zenonia 3 for iPhone [$4.99] is pretty simple. The game has a ton of options but most of them are menu based so the overall gameplay mechanics are fairly easy to use. You have a left, right, down and up with a button for action and a quick inventory button. The quick inventory button is quite handy as it provides quick access to healing potions and things like that when you are in the midst of a hardcore battle. It came in especially handy for me when I fought the first boss and needed a healing potion. The action button is used for talking to people, moving stones, using tools, picking up items and my favorite, ATTACKING! I played through the game with the melee-based character and loved it. It harkened me back to the old school games like Zelda that I used to play with a new and improved action style with the old school feel. It definitely has a sort of NES feel to me and I love it. One other little hidden gem about this game is that you can fully customize the layout of the controls on the screen by going into the configuration tool and dragging the items around, AWESOME feature! The control never got too complex and the menu system makes it easy to equip and utilize items you find.


This game has all kinds of options when it comes to the items you pick up. You have tier based armor and weapons to go along with all sorts of other items. The menu system contains options like status, equipment, inventory, skill, fairy and quest. Beneath these options are more options and you can be as involved as you want to be with these. I tried both, not using them that much at the beginning and then using them like a mad man part way through the game. I must say, USE THEM! It improves the game and makes the game what it is supposed to be and that is incredibly in depth. I don’t mean in-depth in the sense that you can’t pick up and play but in-depth in that you have tons of options. As you dominate enemies you increase your skills in which you get to divide into four different categories. These different options let you customize your character to your style and that is what this game is all about.


The story is completely immersive and drags you into the world in which your characters are struggling to escape. Like many games, you start as a talented but unseasoned character that develops along the way. There are 227 unique maps and 136 quests that allow your character plenty of time to develop into the warrior you want him to be. The four different types of characters that you have to choose from at the beginning of the game are: Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman. They have done away with the weight and hunger system which is a plus for most. The slot bases inventory management system allows for utilizing all the tools that this game gives you to defeat your enemies and trust me, there’s a lot of them. With Over 200 intelligent monsters, intuitive Fairy synchronization and more mini-puzzles to master this game never gets old and keeps the environments and characters changing. All of this goes great with the immersive story and helps you understand just how deep this game is.


The presentation that this game brings to you is second to none. Sure its not going to wow you with earth shattering graphics but all of the attention to detail and focus on the little things helps you understand just how well put together this game is.

This game has 3 different difficulty modes that allow you to take on a stiffer challenge if you think you’re up to it. There is also a asynchronous online player verse player area that allows you to test your skills against other real life players. This is a huge add for me, someone who loves multiplayer games. This game never loses track of its RPG roots but it deviates at times to add something for everybody. With the head to head mode and tons of achievements via Game Center, you have social tie-ins and head to head action for those that prefer a little of those flavors in their RPG games. The head to head arena is an option though and that is a great idea. Overall the graphics and music are great but come secondary to a great story and incredibly deep gameplay. It is worth absolutely every penny and I know I’ll be playing it for quite awhile.



UPDATE: Game Center achievements can be posted to Twitter or Facebook from the list in Zenonia 3. Thanks @GAMEVIL




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