Evertales Review for iPhone: A Sweet Fantasy Game

Evertales Review-1

Evertales Review-1

[rating: 4.5/5]

Evertales Review: A great fantasy based game that seems to have found a sweet spot suited to the small screen.

Evertales {$1.99} is the story of heros battling enemies. Whether warrior, archer, or wizard you have a choice of characters, and their weapons, available to thwart attacks. What makes Evertales distinct is that you can switch your hero at any time. You will need to understand the strengths of each character and call upon their special talents at appropriate times to clear the obstacles in your path.

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It’s part of the opening narration, but your overall mission really isn’t that clear. But if you’re familiar with fantasy games you’ll be comfortable setting out to do quests and battle bosses. The game starts out with a few short instructions on how to control your character and moves quickly from the tutorial mode. Your controls consist of your attack, a jump, and switching characters. Simple enough, but the challenge is to deploy them at the right time.

A notable feature of the game is that it allows you to choose between action buttons and swipe controls as a control method. You may find you prefer one or the other depending on what you are used to. It is nice to have the choice as controls can make or break a game experience. Some iOS-based games try to have identical copies of the game interface from other platforms, which sometimes doesn’t work so well. Evertales has stripped out all the unnecessary interface components but left the right amount to make it feel clean and simple.

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One of the best parts of the game is the sound effects. The soundbed is mostly natural sounds, but the utterances of the characters and the tone of the narrator is distinctly humorous. The environments you find yourself in are beautiful and intriguing. The visuals are detailed and compelling, but not overwhelming.

Evertales is a fantasy game. As a fantasy game it is implied that it should let you escape into its world. Evertales manages to do this with its touch of humor and simple controls that allow you to focus on the characters and their opponents. It’s going to be a place to lose yourself time and time again.

What we like:

  • Choice of control methods
  • Instant switching of characters to best suit the opponent
  • Narration between scenes is a nice touch

What to know:

  • Could use a bit more backstory


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  1. Guest

    I got this game for free… lol
    Many reviews disapprove of Evertales saying that it is a poor rip-off but I liked it. I’m still playing it but i got stuck on the level 6… Damn the darklord…

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