‘Sonic & Sega All Star Racing’ Review Console Quality Racing for iPhone and iPad

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-1

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-1

[rating: 5/5]

Most of the time when I write a review I want the reader, i.e. you, to read the whole article, making you wait until the end to decide whether or not to get the game. In this instance though I feel I would be doing you a disservice.

Any time you take doing anything other than going to the App Store to pick up Sonic & Sega All Star Racing will be time wasted and therefore I don’t want to be responsible for that loss.

You still here? Seriously, you haven’t gone and reduced your bank balance by $5 yet by purchasing this game? In that case I’ll write on.

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing is game that will delight all of your senses, ok, maybe not your sense of smell or taste, but touch, sight and hearing will all be blasted in a cavalcade of gaming delights a Sonic and his Sega friends push you to you racing limits.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-2

Let’s cover touch first. Obviously the iPad or iPhone doesn’t feel any different while playing this game as it wouldn’t playing any other racing game. However, what it does do is provide the sort of handling experience that makes you feel at one with your iOS device.

Acceleration is automatic and steering is controlled via the accelerometer with an emphasis being put on your ability to drift your vehicle. Drifting is your way to gain speed boosts and the longer you drift the bigger your boost as you let go of the drift button. It’s this drifting, and the level of control that you have over it that makes he game feel so good.

There is a great sense of speed in the game too as you screech around the variety of tracks. The bright colors fly by with each of the tracks offering a new set of challenges and difficulties as you play through the 3 cups and 3 difficulty levels.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-3

So sight is also well covered as your eyes are treated to Sega’s traditional bright colors and bold graphics. From the in game graphics to the bold and clear menu’s the game is a visual delight.

All you Sega friends are there for you to race as, from Sonic, Tails, Aiai and Dr Eggman to Ryo Hazuki, B.D. Joe, Beat and Chuih there is someone for everyone and each of them have their own racing style, abilities and special powers which can be called upon when you find yourself in sixth place with only one lap to go.

You may not find yourself in that position too often as you start playing on the easy levels of the Grand Prix circuit but as you progress through the difficulty levels the AI players get both faster and more aggressive. This is a good thing though as it provides an enjoyable challenge to progressing through the levels.

Accessing additional locked players and tracks can be achieved by spending coins that you accumulate by successfully completing levels but can also be earned by racing in the other modes that are available.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-4

As well as the Grand Prix mode their are also single races, time trials and missions. Single Race and Time Trial modes are self explanatory while missions set you certain tasks to complete as you race around the tracks. There are 25 missions in total and earning stars in them will unlock them, some of the missions include shooting flowers, driving through gates and collecting coins or bananas.

If you are feeling social you can also join your friends for some multi-player fun. This is provided either local WiFi or online via the games Game Center integration. Using the online method but you can choose quick races or battles to be thrown in against a random opponent or choose the custom race mode to select one of you Game Center friends to play against.

Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing-5

Playing online shows no sign of slowing the game down and with all this content the $4.99 price tag suddenly seems like an absolute bargain. If you are still reading this I urge you now to go out and buy this game so that you can lose yourself in it and become the Sonic & Sega All Star Racing Champion.

Gotta go, Sonic needs to be beaten once again!


  • Sharp graphics
  • Excellent controls
  • Online multi-player
  • Loads of content
  • Universal app


  • None


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