Cut the Rope: Experiments Review: More of that Addicting Sweetness

Cut The Rope Experiments Review-1
[rating: 4/5]

Cut The Rope Experiments Review-1Cut the Rope: Experiments Review: A great physics-based game where the objective is to get the candy dangling at the end of a rope into the open mouth of the ever-hungry little creature Om Nom.

The latest incarnation has all the familiar ropes introduced in the original Cut The Rope for iPhone, needing to be cut and gravity to be calculated. What makes it different is the introduction of The Professor who provides some interesting experiments and color commentary to the game.

The game has the same cute, clear, bright look as the rest of the Cut the Rope games. The music has a game-show feel to it, and some of the sound effects are quite amusing. This game could be described as goofy if cutting the ropes correctly wasn’t such serious business.

Cut The Rope Experiments Review-2Some of the puzzles are relatively easy and some are more difficult. And some can be both, so you can either choose to take the easy way out or put some effort into it for more points.

Game Center integration is provided so you can track your achievements and check the leaderboards to see where you stand. A comic book app with further adventures of Om Nom and The Professor is being developed and should be available soon from the app store.

Cut the Rope: Experiments has all the appeal of previous editions. If you’ve mastered the other variants, this one will challenge you to put those skills to new tests. It’s a fun twist on an iOS classic.


  • Lots of different puzzles to be solved each with it’s own combination
  • Often there’s more than one way to solve each puzzle
  • Whole new mix of challenges and solutions


  • Not much for help/hints if you get stuck




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