Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse Review: Having Fun You Might Learn Something Too

Honey Tribe Review-2

Honey Tribe Review-2

Rating: ★★★★☆

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse Review: A familiar feeling, arcade-style game that aims to be a bit more than child’s play.

As far as the game goes, Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse ($.99) makes you a worker bee in the colony with the task of collecting nectar from flowers in order to feed the young bees in the brood. Of course there are predators to be avoided and weather to be endured along the way making this no simple task.

You fly through the fields in the common left-to-right pattern going more swiftly as you collect nectar and slowing down, or dying, as you encounter predators and other obstacles. The controls are mainly a tap on the screen to make you fly higher or release to drop closer to the ground. This interface is simple enough, and responsive enough, to make navigation more about focusing on upcoming obstacles than on fussing with the controls.

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But the brilliance of this game is that it raises awareness of a real-world problem. It subtly introduces the problem of honeybee colony collapse and the environment of the colonies. You collect nectar from a variety of flowers, becoming familiar with them along the way. The same is true of predators. And they are introduced slowly which aids in making them memorable. You’re actually learning a bit about honeybees as you play the game.

Honey Tribe for iPhone

The graphics are colored pencil drawings, which somehow also adds to the approachability of the game. The audio is sounds of nature rather than music, which again reinforces its educational value. The combination of the two keep the game focused on the important elements of the game play and of the real-world issue.

This is a good game that’s also doing some good.


  • Game play is familiar and easily picked-up
  • Provides information about the real-world issue of beehive colony collapse in a non-intrusive way


  • Too simplistic