CatchMe! if you can for iPhone Will Steal Your Heart

CatchMe! if you can Rating: ★★★★★

CatchMe! if you can from ODD1 is a classic arcade-style maze game in the same tradition of Pac-Man. As a thief, its your job to run around the maze and collect as much gold as possible before time expires and without getting caught.

Opposing you in each level are a set of guards. Whereas in most games capture means the end of the game, this game has a nice little twist. If you’re captured by a guard, you switch jobs and become the guard trying to catch the thief. If you catch a thief you switch back again. Although its a nice twist on the typical outcome of maze games, it is certainly in your best interest to not get caught. The timer does not reset when you switch back and forth between player types and since only the thief can collect the gold that advances you through levels, you must recapture the thief as quickly as possible if you are caught by a guard.

The interface is easy to pick up and use. Character movement is performed using a virtual directional pad. Anyone that’s ever held a classic NES controller in their hands will recognize its operation and appearance. I did find my hand would miss the controller occasionally. I don’t know if this is because of the screen layout or controller scheme. I did get used to it after a couple of games though.

In conjunction with movement around the screen, each character has a special ability they can access through an interface button. Thieves can jump over walls and each of the three guard types can either sprint faster, set a trap, or reveal the map. All special abilities are time limited but can be reused. Hold the ability button to make use of this special skill.

CatchMe! if you can provides a really nice variety in types of game play. There are two main modes of play; Story and Challenge. Story Mode is a linear, campaign style mode where you work through progressively harder levels. Collect the allotted amount of gold as a thief to unlock the next level and progress. You can also replay previously unlocked levels if you want. Select the level to start at when you enter Story Mode. Challenge Mode allows the player to access standalone levels. One standalone level is provided to begin with and others can be unlocked later.

One of the truly innovative features of CatchMe! if you can! though is the Band of Thieves mode. Most social gaming systems are centered around individual achievement and comparing that achievement with others. This game puts a different spin on that through cooperative social gaming. At the end of each level you have the chance to select the Send to Vault option. This takes you to the Band of Thieves screen where your treasure is added to the treasure all of the other players in the world have contributed to the pot. When the Current Treasure value reaches the indicated level, new content will be unlocked for all by ODD1. What a neat idea! By everyone contributing to a common goal, every one benefits. The Band of Thieves screen can also be accessed from the Main Menu to view the current progress.

CatchMe! if you can is a great game that takes an innovative view of social gaming. Let it steal the money out of your pocket to buy it today.

The Good:

  • Classic arcade style maze game
  • Easy to use interface
  • Innovative social gaming system

The Not So Good:

  • Control scheme does take a bit getting use to

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

Gameplay Video

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store) as of 21 Jan
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 11.6 MB
Seller: ODD1


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