Cargo-Bot: A game made entirely on the iPad


Ever wondered what different platforms developers use to make iOS games? I have often wondered what the “Special Sauce” certain developers used to create games like “Angry Birds” or other insanely successful games use. Naturally when I read about Cargo-Bot, a game made entirely on the iPad, it caught my eye.

Cargo-Bot was developed by the folks over at Two Lives Left using an iPad app they created. Codea is that app and it will run you a mere $10. Codea allows you to use the Lua programming language to code your game. The Two Lives Left team used an unreleased Xcode template tool to make the transition from Codea to the App Store. Two Lives Left has at the very least made believers of some in what a tablet is capable of.

I have often had friends question what possible uses my iPad has. I use mine daily and I am always looking for ways to integrate it into my day. Like anything, it’s in how much effort you’re willing to put into it. The folks over at Two Live Left have taken the initiative and created a pretty cool game with it. Desktop replacement, maybe not but it’s sure easier to tell my wife I’m not working when I have my iPad as opposed to my laptop.

{via Cult of Mac}


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