Apple Music and Beats 1 goes live with iOS 8.4 software update

Apple Music Launch

Apple earlier today released iOS 8.4 software update that brings Apple’s on demand music streaming service to the world. Apple Music was first introduced during this years WWDC. The service is now live in more than 100 countries.

The new service is very similar to Beats Music which has been shut down post Apple Music launch. You may recall Beats was acquired by Apple in May last year for $3 billion.

After installing iOS 8.4 when you launch the Music app, your iOS device will prompt you to start the three month free trial. Once you confirm the subscription you are greeted with the set up screen. The app will ask you to identify your favourite genres. You can tap once if you like a certain genre and double tap if you really really like it. After selecting genres you can select a few favourites just like genres you can tap once, twice or even tap and hold for two seconds to delete any artist.

Once you have set up your Apple Music profile you will be able to view “For You” tab. These are recommendations based on your prior selections and it features various lists curated by Apple Music staff.

My initial experience with the recommendations was good. I did see tracks that match my music taste and the lists had a good mix of popular tracks and ones that I hadn’t heard before.

Next, big feature is Beats 1, Apple’s first 24×7 live radio station for the world. You can tune in anytime and it works just like you’d expect a radio station to work. It features talk shows, interviews, and public participation. When I tuned in to Beats 1 the song selection that being played wasn’t exactly my type so I quickly switched to recommendations and starting radio stations based on a particular song.

I think Apple may have finally cracked the social network for Music with “Connect”. The platform is seamlessly integrated within the Music app. You can have the app automatically follow artists you love. On the connect page you can view the latest activity of your favourite artists. As I was going through some of the artists update on Connect I found it to be very interesting and something I could see myself coming back to and checking again.

What do you think about Apple Music so far? Are you impressed? Share your initial impressions with us in the comments below.


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