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According to a report from, a pair of alleged parts for the iPhone 5S have surfaced online. The parts are reportedly from supplier Moumantai and includes an alleged home button, vibrator, and the volume/mute flex cable. The home button appears to be the same but attaches to the main logic board and then routes through the body of the iPhone 5S differently than in the current iPhone.

Apple has been rumored to be including a fingerprint sensor in the next generation iPhone, a feature that doesn’t appear to have changed the layout of the flex cable. The parts in these images may even be a prototype for the current iPhone 5 that was never used.

Next iPhone 5S

The placement of all these parts of on the flex cable is much more compact than in the current iPhone 5, likely pointing to a device with more internal space for other parts such as battery. There haven’t been many part leaks for the rumored iPhone 5S, however, they will likely begin to appear as the release date gets closer. The iPhone 5S is already expected to carry the same external design as the iPhone 5, but will likely have different internals and a few new features.

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]]> 2 Apple Granted Patent for MultiTouch Solar Cell Panels for Future Generations of iPhone Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:06:10 +0000 Read More]]> Patent for MultiTouch Solar Cell Panels iPhone

Apple continues to make improvements to its iPhone with each refresh. On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved Apple for a MultiTouch Solar Cell panel patent that may change the future of the iPhone. The technology allows for a touch sensor to be integrated into a solar panel, which can make the iPhone power efficient and more compact.

The patent, which is filed as Patent No. 8,368,654 is simply listed as an “Integrated touch sensor and solar assembly”. However, the technology is much more advanced than the patent filing mentions. The solar panel is not attached to the MultiTouch with two separate pieces, instead of operating as one panel with electrodes that can operate as both a capacitive touch sensor and a solar energy collector.

In practical use, the capacitive touch sensors and solar cells would be separated using isolation trenches, as noted in the images. Both the touch sensors and the solar cells would be integrated into the multiplexer circuitry which would then allow it to switch between touch signals and the power from the solar cells, which would likely be delivered for CPU usage or to the battery for storage.

Patent for MultiTouch Solar Cell Panels

Currently, Apple uses capacitive touch panels that have the sole purpose of displaying images, photos, videos etc. However, with the MultiTouch Solar Cell panels, Apple can replace the current screen technology and move to a technology that can also provide energy solutions for the iPhone. This, in turn, could potentially solve battery issues on the iPhone as the devices become thinner and more compact.

It is unlikely that Apple would include something so advanced in its next generation iPhone 5S / 6, but it is a possibility for future models as the Cupertino, California company is consistently moving ahead of the competition. As solar panels and alternate forms of energy for mobile devices become common in the industry, Apple will likely integrate this technology. Apple filed the patent in 2008 and listed Michael Nathaniel Rosenblatt, Benjamin Lyon, John Benjamin Filson, Steve Porter Hotelling, Gordon Cameron and Cameron Frazier as inventors.

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]]> 1 ‘iPhone 5S’ Initial Builds in March in Time for June / July Release Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 18:29:41 +0000 Read More]]> Cheaper iPhone to offer plastic chassis

Apple is rumored to be working on the next generation iPhone, currently being called the “iPhone 5S”. According to Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, Apple is now testing two prototypes of the next gen iPhone, and will start initial builds in March in order for a early release date in June or July. Since the iPhone 4S, Apple has been releasing iPhones in the Fall, alongside or close to the iPod refresh. Now, with rumors that the Cupertino company is creating a ‘cheaper’ iPhone for emerging markets, Apple is expected to move up the iPhone debut to the June/July timeframe in order to release the new device in the Fall.

Misek claims that the iPhone to be released in June will be only an incremental upgrade, likely internal changes such as a faster A6X chip, and better cameras and that an entirely new design with a larger 4.8” screen will be seen with the next generation iPhone 6. As noted, the cheaper iPhone will likely be a more concentrated device, such as the iPad mini, which isn’t built of cheaper materials, but rather of a smaller size.

As expected, Misek believes that with reports of a “iPhone 5S” on the horizon, sales of the current iPhone 5 would slow, although he also predicts that Apple will sell 44 million iPhones in the March quarter. He also pinpointed some reasons as to why a decrease in iPhone 5 part orders does not necessarily mean a decline in demand for the product.

– An assembly bottleneck that caused component inventories to rise in the holiday quarter.
– Planning for preliminary production of the next iPhone in March.
– Demand may be either in line or “slightly below optimistic expectations

It seems that Apple will likely keep its iPhone line consistent and in line with Misek’s claims. Since the iPhone 3G, the company has always followed with an ‘S’ version, with the letter signifying a new feature. In the iPhone 3GS, it was Speed; the iPhone 4S was Siri, and the 5S will likely signify a newer feature.

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]]> 2 Next Gen iPhone 5S and iOS 7 Appearing in Developer Logs? Fri, 04 Jan 2013 18:43:51 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 to Arrive in 50 More Countries in December

Apple released the iPhone 5 several months ago, and already, reports are suggesting that a 2013 iPhone 5S / 6 and iOS 7 are beginning to appear in some developer logs. According to a report from TheNextWeb, some developers are seeing code that suggests that both a new iPhone and iOS 7 are being tested.

One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year.

Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 5, bears the identifiers ‘iPhone5,1′ and ‘iPhone 5,2′ depending on the LTE model of the handset and the 4G bands on which it operates.

It is likely that the “2013 iPhone” that is referred to in the report is in fact, a resdesigned model. Apple is expected to release an “S” version of the current iPhone 5 as they have done with all other generations. However, over the past several months, the Cupertino company has been rumored to be working on a redesigned 7th generation iPhone. The report also mentioned that developers discovered that the new device found was running iOS 7.

Apple announced iOS 6 in June of 2012, and later released it to the public in October. This is likely the same timeframe that Apple will use for the new iPhone 5S and iOS 7 release, with a media event announcing both in June 2013, followed by a public release in the Fall. This would set up Apple for the holiday season of 2013, however, the device has also been rumored for release in mid-2013.

Many rumor sites are already speculating on features in iOS 7, and the next generation iPhone is expected to carry features such as Near Field Communication, updated cameras and possibly a new A7 chip. In the past, Apple has introduced an entirely new chip such as the A5 and A6 chips, followed by an A5X and A6X chips in new iPad generations. Other developers are beginning to see the next gen iPhone with iOS 7, suggesting that internal software testing has moved to advanced stage.

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]]> 2 Images of Claimed iPhone 5S Rear Panel Surfaces Online Sun, 30 Dec 2012 19:43:53 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5S Photo

The rear panel looks very similar to the one currently shipping on the iPhone 5, likely because of Apple’s pattern of introducing two models with the same design before redesigning. However, the rear panel of the 5S does have some differences, including the placement of several screw holes for attachment of the logic board to the shell. They are located in different areas than in the iPhone 5.Apple appears to be already working on the next generation iPhone, being called the iPhone 5S based on Apple’s naming pattern for previous generations. On Wednesday, parts company ETrade Supply published images of what they claim to be a rear panel of the upcoming iPhone 5S. Apple’s iPhone 5 was released less than 4 months ago and already, there are reports that a new generation is in the works.

There are several other differences in component placement in the rear panel, such as the writing on the back which typically describes the IMEI and other regulatory identifiers. However, nothing confirms that this is in fact an entirely different phone than the one currently available for sale. It is likely that this was an earlier prototype of the iPhone 5 and Apple scrapped this design for one being used now. Last month, reports from DigiTimes suggested that Apple was already working on the trial production of the iPhone 5S. The rear panel released in the images above appear to have a build quality similar to Apple’s, suggesting that this is likely not a knockoff.

iPhone 5S parts leak

If Apple is in fact working on the iPhone 5S already, the company will likely retain the current iPhone 5 design, include the faster A6X chip found in the fourth generation iPad, and bump up the quality of the front and rear facing cameras.

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]]> 2 iPhone 4S Compared to iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPhone 5 Cases Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:12:02 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 iPad Mini iPad 3 iPhone 4S Cases

With the new iPhone 5  introduction around the corner, more and more parts leaks and photos are being released on the web. On Monday, MacRumors reader, Michael Rou got hold of what he claimed to be pre-production cases for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The reader then took images of the cases and posted them on Flickr, while comparing it to the iPad 3 and the current iPhone 4S.

The cases, leaked from designs in the Foxconn factory point to the iPad Mini being a much smaller 7.85” with a smaller bezel as opposed to the current 9.7” screen on the iPad. The iPad Mini is however, expected to retain the same aspect ratio and resolution of the iPad 2 at 1024×768. Apple is likely reverting back to specs for the iPad 2 because it is aiming for a lower price point and perhaps cannot include some of the higher powered technology such as 4G LTE in the Mini.

Rou notes that the iPad Mini case sports a headphone jack on top, unlike the newer designs on the next generation iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 case is 4 inches tall, as numerous other web reports have suggested and in the photos, appears to be taller than the current iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 is expected at Apple’s media event on September 12th, while the iPad Mini is expected to follow suit in October.

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]]> 5 iPhone 5 Media Event to Include Fifth Gen iPod touch Announcement? Wed, 05 Sep 2012 22:28:07 +0000 Read More]]> Next Gen iPod nano

On Tuesday, Apple confirmed a media event for September 12th where the next generation iPhone 5 is expected to make an appearance. Now, 9to5Mac reports that the Cupertino company may also be introducing updated fifth gen iPod touch and other iPod models alongside the new iPhone.

Apple has not added any major changes to the iPod lineup in over a year, adding a white version of the fourth gen iPod touch, which is still technically on the its fourth generation and has not updated the design of the iPod nano. According to the report, Apple will be introducing multiple lines of iPods, in a variety of colors.

All these new lines will come in multiple colors, one of the lines will come in two size capacities, and the other two lines will come in a single storage capacity.

With the current iPod nanos and iPod shuffles both available in multiple colors (and with the nano currently available in two capacities and the shuffle in one), we think it is likely that new iPod nanos and iPod shuffles are launching next week.

However, it is possible that there is a third line as well (that, too, comes in multiple colors). With the iPod touch currently available in two colors and three capacities (black/white, 8GB, 32GB, 64GB) we don’t believe that the iPod touch is third line that comes in multiple colors.

While two of the updated lines will most likely be the iPod nano and the fifth gen iPod touch, it is unclear what the third will be. The iPod nano, in accordance with rumors over the past several months is expected to receive a taller screen, and even a home button. Rumors even suggest that this could end up being a whole new line of iPods.

The iPod touch, which has yet to be updated will likely match up with the next generation iPhone, as it has done in the past. This means that the fifth gen iPod touch could gain the same taller 4 inch screen, an A5X chip, a redesigned outer shell, and updated dock connector. Apple’s media event is scheduled for September 12th at the Yerba Buena Arts Center and coincides with the usual iPod/Music event, suggesting that iPods may very well be a part of this event.

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]]> 3 Apple Confirms September 12th iPhone 5 Keynote Event Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:59:59 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 Keynote Event

On Tuesday, The Loop confirmed that Apple is holding a media event on September 12th to announce iPhone 5, as expected. The event, like all of Apple’s keynote events in the past, will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10:00 am.

The invite has a white background, with a large ‘12’ centered with a font similar to that of the numbers on the Calendar application.

Above the 12 are simply the words, “It’s almost here”. However, the main attraction of the invite is the shadow of a 5 coming off of the number twelve. The inclusion of the 5 is now leading to speculation and is being taken as a confirmation that the next generation iPhone will in fact be called the iPhone 5.

It is widely expected that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 at this event, with a taller 4 inch screen, a redesigned dock connector, and a relocated headphone jack and FaceTime camera. With the announcement now confirmed for September 12th, the iPhone 5 is expected to be available for sale on September 21st in both Apple’s Retail stores and carrier stores. A full preview and likely the release of iOS 6 is also expected at the media event.

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]]> 7 Ahead of iPhone 5 Release Date Apple and PowerON Offering Over $345 for iPhone 4S Fri, 31 Aug 2012 20:31:44 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 4S Reuse and Recycle

Last August, Apple launched a buyback program for old iPhones, iPads and Macs and partnered with its long term recycling partner PowerON. The program offers users an Apple gift card for the value of the device, which can be used at any of the company’s retail locations as well as the online store.

The Cupertino company also gives users the options to recycle the device without any charge or compensation if they choose. On Wednesday, ahead of iPhone 5 release date, Apple updated their Reuse and Recycling page to include the iPhone 4S, offering up to $345 for the device. A slightly used black iPhone 4S would receive about $280 in the form of a check.

According to AppleInsider’s report, the addition of the iPhone 4S comes only weeks before Apple is expected to announce the release date of the next generation iPhone 5 on September 12th and release on the 21st. Although the online prices for the recycled devices are estimates, most device owners are receiving more than the initial $200 the put in for the 4S. PowerON also recycles newer PCs for Apple Gift Cards through its recycling program.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to the sixth gen iPhone then this recycling program is a great option to get a good deal on your used iPhone. Apple’s all-new iPhone expected to launch in the coming month.

]]> 1 iPhone 5 Front Panel Photo with Home Button and Front Camera Installed Mon, 27 Aug 2012 20:42:00 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 front panel leak

Over the past several months, numerous photos have surfaced online, with websites suggesting that they are genuine parts to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. Rumors have also pointed to a media event for the release date announcement of iPhone 5 on September 12th.

The most recent leak comes from, which has posted a set of images of what appears to be a fully assembled iPhone 5 front panel with the home button and the front camera installed. The images were originally posted to a photobucket account, which has a track record of Apple leaks, including the thickness of the new iPad and one of the first to release images of a white panel for the next generation iPhone.

These latest images all but confirm that an iPhone 5 is set to be released in the coming weeks and show the home button and front camera attached to the LCD with metal brackets. The front facing camera is now located on the center of the device, similar to the iPad and iPod touch. The iPhone 5 front panel is expected to be attached to the two toned unibody shell, leaked several weeks ago. The shell would also be 4 inches, to match with the LCD screen.

iPhone 5 Photo Leaked

Japanese site Macotakara has also released details suggesting that the square shaped metal piece at the bottom of the leaked panel may in fact be an NFC chip, which can be used to set up credit cards and other wireless features.

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is expected to be announced at a media event on September 12th, followed by a release in retail stores on September 21st. The iPhone 5 is also said to be accompanied by a new iPad Mini and the public release of iOS 6.

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]]> 2 Verizon Blackout Dates Hint At iPhone 5 Release Date Sun, 26 Aug 2012 20:15:39 +0000 Read More]]> Verizon iphone 5

Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5 release date early next month, with sources pointing to the 12th September as a possible date for a media event. Earlier this week, a report from TechCrunch noted that Verizon is blacking out vacation days starting from Friday, September 21st. This is likely in preparation for the release of the new iPhone 5 and the wave of new activations that would take place that day. Rumors over the past several months pegged September 12th as a date of announcement and the 21st for release in stores. In the report, Jordan Crook of TechCrunch mentioned the following:

A trusted Verizon employee has just confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier is having an all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of Friday, September 21 to September 30. You know what that means, right? The next iPhone, whether it’s called the iPhone 5 or simply the new iPhone, will almost certainly be available in stores (with lines wrapping around the back of them) starting Friday, September 21.

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is expected to include a larger 4 inch screen, a redesigned 9 pin dock connector, and relocated headphone jack as well as the latest 4G LTE networking, which has already made an appearance on the current generation iPad. This would give Verizon one of the biggest iPhone launches to date, utilizing the carrier’s newly set up LTE network and providing customers with significantly faster upload and download speeds. The next generation iPhone 5 is expected to be released alongside a new iPad Mini and the final version of iOS 6.

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]]> 6 Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Front Panel and Screen Photos Leaked Sun, 26 Aug 2012 19:41:44 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 front panel

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is expected to be released next month, likely the 21st. However, over the past several months, a number of images and reports online have revealed parts of of the next generation iPhone, leading to speculation about the device’s features. Most recently, repair site UBreakiFix leaked images of what claims to be a fully assembled iPhone 5 front panel and screen.

The site reportedly obtained the parts from one of their distributors and if genuine, would likely be one of Apple’s many manufacturers. The front panel and screen do not reveal any major details about the device that haven’t already been released prior to this report, but does show what the parts would look like once fully assembled. The next generation iPhone 5 is expected to have a 4 inch screen, up from the current 3.5 inches.

This would be the first major change since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and allows apps more screen space. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on September 12th, alongside a new iPad Mini and the public release of iOS 6 followed by an official release on September 21st.

Are you excited about the upcoming announcement and iPhone 5 release date event? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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]]> 3 iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Dock Connector Cables Photo Leaked? Wed, 22 Aug 2012 19:54:48 +0000 Read More]]>

Over the past several months, numerous reports about the next generation iPhone 5 have appeared online, including a fully assembled iPhone 5 unit and other parts. Most recently, high resolution images of the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad Mini dock connector cables were posted by site iResQ. The flex cables shown in the images are reportedly for the next generation devices and are seen in both black and white, suggesting that they are from a device of that color.

The parts assumed to be for the new iPad Mini have a part number of 821-1516, different from another part found earlier that indicated a headphone jack on the bottom of the device. The part found earlier had a part number of 821-1476. This is the first time that a part for the iPad Mini has appeared as it has been entirely speculation until now.

Images in the report also show the dock connector of the devices up close, pointing out that it in fact does have 8 pins and likely a ninth in the surrounding metal enclosure. The next generation iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini are both expected to be announced in the second week of September, likely the 12th and will be accompanied by the public release of iOS 6.

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]]> 15 iPhone 5 Enclosure Reportedly 7.6mm Thick Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:37:38 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 Leaked Photo

Details of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 appear to be spreading across the web, and now in Chinese newspapers as well. Earlier in the week, posted images of a story in Chinese-language newspaper Apple Daily. The newspaper reportedly obtained one of the many iPhone 5 enclosures floating around and measured the specs. In the report, the iPhone 5 was reported to be 7.6mm thick, down from the iPhone 4S’ current 9.3mm thickness.

This means that the next generation iPhone 5 could be 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S and drastically thinner than any other model in the past. Apple was likely able to achieve this new depth because of the change in screen size, moving up from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. However, the width of the next gen iPhone is expected to remain the same as the 4S.

iPhone 5 in News

Apple Daily also posted some higher quality images following its initial report which seem to show a great amount of change in the iPhone enclosure as well as the previously rumored, smaller dock connector, and altered speaker port and headphone jack. Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to be announced September 12th, alongside a possible iPad Mini as well as the public release of iOS 6.

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]]> 5 iPhone 5 Logic Board Photos Appear Online Thu, 16 Aug 2012 19:38:17 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 logic board

Several days after releasing images of the next generation iPhone 5 mini dock connector, French site, reposted images from forum Weiphone of what appears to be the iPhone 5 logic board. The logic board, which houses the processor and chips for other functions appears to be built differently than the iPhone 4 and the current iPhone 4S. Leaked parts for the upcoming iPhone 5 have been coming out for several months now, and new parts have been appearing as the announcement date draws closer.

Nowhereelse noted in their report that this logic board likely belongs to the iPhone 5 because of how the screw holes line up with other logic board shells leaked prior to this one. Weiphone has a proven track record with photos of iPhone logic boards, accurately releasing images of the iPhone 4S logic board which turned out to house the A5 chip.

In recent months, a number of parts have surfaced for the next generation iPhone 5, including a 9 pin charger and even a fully assembled model. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced as soon as September 12th and will likely be available for pre-order soon after, perhaps even the same day. The iPhone 5 is expected to have a larger 4 inch screen, likely a faster processor, mini dock connector, relocated FaceTime camera and headphone jack, and a thinner unibody design. Apple’s iOS 6 is also slated for release alongside the iPhone 5.

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]]> 2 iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector Photos Surface Online Tue, 14 Aug 2012 21:26:53 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone5 Mag safe like connector

Rumors that Apple was looking to introduce a smaller dock connector in the next generation iPhone 5 have been around on the web for several months now. However, in the last several weeks, numerous leaked images of the iPhone 5 enclosure suggest that a smaller dock connector and charger will make it to the final product design.

Late last week, several images of the alleged mini dock connector surfaced online, posted by French site, all but confirming that the next gen iPhone 5 will be carrying a 9 pin dock connector that strangely resembles the USB stick provided with Macbooks for reinstalling OS X. This would mean that the 30 pin dock connector, introduced with the original iPod over 10 years ago would now be replaced with smaller and thinner technology. According to recent reports, the new dock connector will likely improve I/O connectivity, allowing the transfer of data in a much shorter time with less electrical contacts than the 30 pin connector.

iPhone 5 mini dock connector

Sources have also reiterated claims that the charger now has the ability to plug into the iPhone on any side and does not have one designated orientation.It has been said that this new mini dock connector is much like a MacBook’s Mag-Safe connector, allowing users to insert any side of the charger into the device. Although other variations of the connector have been specualted about, ranging from 16 to 19 pins, 9 pins appears to be accurate and likely the version Apple will release next month.

So as not to cause a major rift in its iOS line-up, Apple is expected to provide users with an adaptor to connect to the current 30 pin connector as well. The iPhone 5 is slated for announcement next month on September 12th, alongside the public release of iOS 6.

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]]> 2 iOS 6 Beta 4 Available for Download, Removes Native YouTube App Sat, 11 Aug 2012 21:32:33 +0000 Read More]]> iOS 6 beta 4

Apple recently released iOS 6 Beta 4 to developers, adding several new features in settings and to existing apps. Following the release, the developer community began to notice a major change in the update, noting that the dedicated YouTube app on iOS was no longer included.

The YouTube app has been a part of iOS since 2007 and was introduced alongside the iPod touch. The latest beta arrived as an OTA update at first, followed by release online in the Developer Center. As with all betas in the past, the latest version, with Build 10A5376e arrives just three weeks after the last Build 10A5355d.

Developers have noticed several changes in the update, including a new “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” feature in Settings which allows the iPhone to fall back on cellular data when WiFi does not work properly. Other features include an update to the Passbook app, giving it a dedicated section in the App Store and displaying apps compatible with Passbook. A new “Bluetooth Sharing” feature also allows users to determine which devices can share data via Bluetooth.

iOS 6 beta 4 settings

With all of these updated features, as well as the removal of YouTube, Apple appears to be cleansing iOS of technology from other companies. Apple commented on the removal of the YouTube app to The Verge, saying the following:

Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

YouTube also commented on the removal:

We are working with Apple to make sure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users.

Google’s presence in iOS is now very limited and will be transferred to individual apps on the App Store as opposed to being integrated into the OS itself. This first began when Apple replaced Google with Baidu as the default search engine, followed by the removal of Google Maps in iOS, and now the removal of YouTube. iOS 6 is expected to be released later this Fall in the September / October timeframe alongside the next generation iPhone 5.

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]]> 4 iPhone 5 Dock Connector 8 Pins, Cross Device Integration via Bluetooth 4.0? Fri, 03 Aug 2012 19:35:30 +0000 Read More]]> new iPhone 5 dock

On Wednesday, iLounge reported on some of Apple’s upcoming product refreshes, including the next generation iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The report mentions that the sixth generation iPhone will be sporting a smaller dock connector, as seen in previous reports but also points out that the connector will contain 8 pins as opposed to the current 30 pins. Numerous reports in recent weeks have suggested that the new dock connector will contain 19 pins, however, this report states otherwise.

According to two sources, Apple’s new Dock Connector features only 8 pins, seemingly contradicting claims of “16-pin” and “19-pin” connectors. […]

Both of our sources concur that there are eight pins in a line within the new Dock Connector, which may well receive a different name going forward.

The report also describes some details about the design of the dock connector, noting that the design will have the ability to connect on either side of the charger as opposed to users figuring out which side plugs into the dock connector correctly. This would give the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and fifth gen iPod touch chargers almost Magsafe style connection, allowing the charger to be inserted in any orientation. However, the report does not set forth any claims that the charger or dock connector would use magnets of any sort.

Aside from revealing details about the new dock connector, the report also speculated on the possibility that Apple’s upcoming iOS devices will gain a cross device integration feature in iOS 6 that would operate on low power consuming Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This would allow iOS devices to communicate with each other without being connected to the cloud.

For example, the report gives an example of an iPod nano being able to display a text message that comes through an iPhone. Although the dock connector has been seen in images and videos across the web, the status of any cross device integration features remains unknown and may not be confirmed until the release of iOS 6.

Apple’s next generation iPhone is expected to be announced on September 12th, with a release on Friday, September 21st. The next generation iPhone is expected to be released alongside an iPad Mini and the public version of iOS 6.

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]]> 7 iPhone 5 Release Date Event to be Held on September 12th? Wed, 01 Aug 2012 21:16:51 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 Release Date Mockup Photo

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 has been rumored to be released this fall, more specifically during the September/ October timeframe. On Monday, iMore reported that September 12th was likely the day of announcement for the release date of iPhone 5, and perhaps even an iPad Mini and new 5th gen iPod touch. Following iMore’s report, major news sources have confirmed that this date is likely the day that Apple’s special media event will be held. AllThingsD was the one of the first to confirm that the announcement would be that week.

Apple hasn’t yet officially announced the fall event at which it is expected to debut the next iteration of the iPhone, but it’s definitely planning one.

iMore was first to report that the company has scheduled a special event for Wednesday, September 12, and now we’ve confirmed it as well. Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple is currently planning an event for that week. And while we haven’t yet confirmed its focus, history suggests it will indeed be the new iPhone.

With iMore’s initial report, followed by confirmation from AllThingsD, other sources including The Verge and The Loop confirmed the date of the week of the date. The Verge discussed the date and why it is likely accurate, saying the following:

The rumor cycle this time around for the next iPhone has been a bit unusual — multiple leaks have all depicted the exact same components — but it looks like we’ll be seeing what Apple has up its sleeves come Wednesday, September 12th. Our own sources have confirmed that date, and multiple websites have similar reports as well.

Following these announcements, Reuters, Bloomberg and NYTimes also followed up with their own reports, confirming that September 12th is most likely the announcement date of the next generation iPhone 5. Apple’s next gen iPhone is expected to be accompanied by an iPad Mini, possibly an iPod touch and the public release of iOS 6.

]]> 18 Apple to launch iPhone 5 with Two New Cases? Wed, 01 Aug 2012 20:31:54 +0000 Read More]]> iphone 4 bumper

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5  is expected to be releases later this fall and numerous news reports and images spreading across the web suggest that the announcement is imminent.

On Monday, a report from AppleInsider speculated that Apple is in fact already working on accessories for the upcoming iPhone 5 release. The report mentions that the first case is likely a Bumper case, which was introduced with the iPhone 4 and would likely be adjusted to fit the larger 4 inch screen of the next gen iPhone.

However, the second case is reportedly a new and different design and is said to have “major impact on the accessory market.”. iLounge reported that while the case would disrupt third party case makers, the design would not be “hugely surprising”. Further speculation suggests there may even be a kickstand included in the case, as seen in some third party cases available for the iPhone 4S.

Early Monday, a report from iMore suggested that Apple’s sixth generation iPhone, as well as the rumored iPad Mini and perhaps even a new 5th gen iPod touch would be announced on September 12th. Apple announced availability of the Bumper case on the same day as the iPhone release, and released the Smart Cover on the release day of the iPad 2, so it is very likely that this iPhone 5 release would follow suit.

The next generation iPhone, being called the “iPhone 5” is expected to sport a larger 4 inch display, a smaller dock connector, as well as other minor changes including placement of headphone jack and FaceTime camera. The iPhone 5 is expected to be released alongside the public release of iOS 6.

]]> 3 iPhone 5 Release Date September 21st, iPad Mini to be unveiled on September 12th? Wed, 01 Aug 2012 16:07:29 +0000 Read More]]> New iPhone 5 Prototype

The release date of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini has been the cause of speculation for several months now. Multiple news sources and rumor sites have found images, mockups, and even parts of iPhone 5 and iPad mini. According to a report from iMore, Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, new iPod nano, and all new 7.85 inch iPad mini are all going to be announced during special media event on September 12th.

The iPad mini will be announced at the same September 12 event, as will the new iPod nano. We haven’t heard a release date for the iPad mini yet, but it could be the same as the iPhone 5. It seems likely the new iPod touch will make an appearance on September 12 as well, though we haven’t heard any specific information about that yet either.

The report also mentions that following the announcement on the 12th, Apple will likely release the iPhone 5 for sale on September 21st. Apple announced the iPhone 4S on October 4th last year, and released it on October 14th leading to speculation that the company may do the same again and release the iPhone a couple of weeks after announcement.

Although in reports, the next generation iPhone is referred to as “iPhone 5”, it is also very likely that Apple will simply call it “the new iPhone”, much like “the new iPad”, released several months ago. The report also notes that the 7.85” iPad and even iPod touch 5th gen is slated for announcement that day, although details on the 5th gen iPod touch are not confirmed. The iPad mini was entirely rumor based initially, a number of credible reports from NYTimes and WSJ have essentially suggested that there is indeed such a device in existence.

The sixth generation iPhone is expected to have a taller 4-inch screen, high speed LTE networking, a smaller dock connector and unibody construction. iMore has a proven track record with release dates, correctly reporting the launch date for the iPad 3 and the pre-order date for the iPhone 4S.

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]]> 4 iPhone 5 Fully Assembled Hardware Photos Leaked? Tue, 31 Jul 2012 19:30:20 +0000 Read More]]> iPhone 5 hardware leaked

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 has been the target of intense speculation over the past several months, however no solid evidence that an iPhone 5 even existed was available. But, over the past several weeks, parts of what appears to be a next gen iPhone 5 have appeared in images and videos across the web. The parts and rumors suggest that Apple’s new iPhone will have a taller screen, a smaller dock connector, and several other design changes.

On Sunday, Japanese site iLab posted images, released by CydiaBlog, of a fully assembled iPhone 5 hardware, in line with rumors of the new design. The site alleges that these photos are of the next generation iPhone, expected for release during September. Cydiablog offered their thoughts on the images with the following:

The leaked parts shows the bigger screen, different internals (such as a new flex cable holding the Home button in place), and the camera modules (front and rear). The camera module cutout looks to be larger, there is an enhanced version of speaker and microphone configuration at the bottom, new smaller dock connector (instead of 30-pin Dock Connector, 16-pin connector could be introduced). Another notable design change in the new iPhone front panel shows the FaceTime camera has been moved to a centered position above the earpiece speaker (it is currently to left of the earpiece in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4).


iPhone 5 hardware repair parts

The images appear to confirm that the next generation iPhone would have a unibody back plate, unlike the current iPhone 4S which houses the internals in between two pieces of tempered glass as well as a screen with a higher length and same width. The next generation iPhone is expected to be released later this fall, alongside the public release of iOS 6.

Do you think this could be the next gen iPhone? Do you like the overall design? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 has been the source of intense speculation and the driving force of the rumor mill. On Friday, the rumors continued following a report from The Verge, after the site acquired images of what appears to be an iPhone protoype. The images were cited in a court document in Apple’s extensive court battle with Samsung.

The images show an iPhone prototype with a taller screen, smaller dock connector, and two-toned back plate, the same design details revealed several weeks ago. The image (above) on the right is the image acquired by the publication and shows the prototype, while the one on the left is a mockup from design firm BlackPool Creative, which created the model based purely on rumors and leaked parts.

The leaked parts were first seen in a video from mobile parts seller E-Trade Supply, which showed the new iPhone 5 backplate next to a current iPhone 4S.

Apple’s latest design, based on rumors and leaked parts appears to combine a number of design aspects from previous generations of iPhone, including the metal backing from the original iPhone and the flat form factor from the 4 and 4S.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 sometime during the September timeframe alongside the public version of iOS 6 as well as an iPad Mini and a tweaked iPad.

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KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported on upcoming 5th gen iPod touch and iPod nano models, and revealed details on the design and internals of the devices. Earlier this week, Kuo also revealed details about the iPad Mini, mentioning that this smaller iPad, along with a tweaked full sized iPad would be released following the announcement of the iPhone 5.

Kuo claims that Apple will likely release the iPhone 5 sometime early on in the September-October timeframe, leaving time for the company to release a tweaked iPad, and the smaller “iPad Mini”. With component shortages and a short sale time, Kuo believes that the unit sales will only be slightly higher than the second quarter.

iPhone 5 to debut in September. But due to in-cell touch panel and casing yield rate limits, ability to offset older models’ shipments decrease will be moderate.

In his report, Kuo went on to estimate that Apple will sell 1.8 million units during the period of its introduction, and will surpass the estimated 13 million units of the full sized iPad in the fourth quarter. The iPad Mini is reportedly going to debut in late September, following an increase in production in August.

Aside from the iPad Mini, Kuo also notes that the full sized iPad will be tweaked, most likely on the internals to reduce cost and adjust thermal issues. Kuo’s claims confirm a report earlier in the year from Digitimes, which suggested that an upcoming iPad refresh would include a thinner enclosure, IGZO display, and technology to address heat dissipation.

Many of the claims addressed by Kuo about the iPad Mini, iPad, iPhone and iPods appear to confirm previous rumors on the web for several weeks. It is very likely that Apple will release an iPhone 5 this fall, followed by a tweaked full sized iPad and even an iPad Mini. However, the finite details about the release remain unknown, such as the IGZO display and thinner profile. The iPad Mini and tweaked iPad are expected during the September/October timeframe, the same time frame for the next generation iPhone and the public release of iOS 6.

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]]> 6 Apple’s iOS 6 Beta 3 Brings Email Addresses Wed, 18 Jul 2012 18:31:13 +0000 Read More]]> iCloud iconApple recently released iOS 6 beta 3 and alongside it also introduced email addresses for accounts currently using iCloud. Currently any users who have a email account with Apple under iCloud still have the suffix on their email address.

Apple discontinued MobileMe, the cloud service prior to iCloud and integrated in the emails as well as contacts and photos. Now, with iOS 6 beta 3, Apple appears to be transitioning users from email address to email addresses are now available for iCloud mail users. Users signing up for new Apple IDs, or enabling Mail on their iCloud account for the first time, will automatically receive an email address instead of a email address. iCloud users with addresses that have been used with iOS 6 beta 3 will receive an email address that matches their address.

Although Apple discontinued MobileMe on June 30, users still have a limited time to access their data. This latest change may not affect users a great deal, although emails would now have to be sent to as opposed to a address. Apple’s final version of iOS 6 is expected for release alongside the next generation iPhone 5  during the month of October, when all iCloud user accounts will be forced to make this change.

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