iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector Photos Surface Online

iPhone5 Mag safe like connector

iPhone5 Mag safe like connector

Rumors that Apple was looking to introduce a smaller dock connector in the next generation iPhone 5 have been around on the web for several months now. However, in the last several weeks, numerous leaked images of the iPhone 5 enclosure suggest that a smaller dock connector and charger will make it to the final product design.

Late last week, several images of the alleged mini dock connector surfaced online, posted by French site Nowherelse.fr, all but confirming that the next gen iPhone 5 will be carrying a 9 pin dock connector that strangely resembles the USB stick provided with Macbooks for reinstalling OS X. This would mean that the 30 pin dock connector, introduced with the original iPod over 10 years ago would now be replaced with smaller and thinner technology. According to recent reports, the new dock connector will likely improve I/O connectivity, allowing the transfer of data in a much shorter time with less electrical contacts than the 30 pin connector.

iPhone 5 mini dock connector

Sources have also reiterated claims that the charger now has the ability to plug into the iPhone on any side and does not have one designated orientation.It has been said that this new mini dock connector is much like a MacBook’s Mag-Safe connector, allowing users to insert any side of the charger into the device. Although other variations of the connector have been specualted about, ranging from 16 to 19 pins, 9 pins appears to be accurate and likely the version Apple will release next month.

So as not to cause a major rift in its iOS line-up, Apple is expected to provide users with an adaptor to connect to the current 30 pin connector as well. The iPhone 5 is slated for announcement next month on September 12th, alongside the public release of iOS 6.

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