Apple to launch iPhone 5 with Two New Cases?

iphone 4 bumper

iphone 4 bumper

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5  is expected to be releases later this fall and numerous news reports and images spreading across the web suggest that the announcement is imminent.

On Monday, a report from AppleInsider speculated that Apple is in fact already working on accessories for the upcoming iPhone 5 release. The report mentions that the first case is likely a Bumper case, which was introduced with the iPhone 4 and would likely be adjusted to fit the larger 4 inch screen of the next gen iPhone.

However, the second case is reportedly a new and different design and is said to have “major impact on the accessory market.”. iLounge reported that while the case would disrupt third party case makers, the design would not be “hugely surprising”. Further speculation suggests there may even be a kickstand included in the case, as seen in some third party cases available for the iPhone 4S.

Early Monday, a report from iMore suggested that Apple’s sixth generation iPhone, as well as the rumored iPad Mini and perhaps even a new 5th gen iPod touch would be announced on September 12th. Apple announced availability of the Bumper case on the same day as the iPhone release, and released the Smart Cover on the release day of the iPad 2, so it is very likely that this iPhone 5 release would follow suit.

The next generation iPhone, being called the “iPhone 5” is expected to sport a larger 4 inch display, a smaller dock connector, as well as other minor changes including placement of headphone jack and FaceTime camera. The iPhone 5 is expected to be released alongside the public release of iOS 6.


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