Project “Thor” for iPhone Is A Collision With Fun

Project “Thor” [rating: 4/5]

With over 140,000 applications in the App Store, it can be easy to overlook even a great one. Most application recommendation is based on popularity or downloads so if a great game is new or hasn’t attracted a lot of attention it can be easily overlooked. Project “Thor” for iPhone by Jury Shortki could easily fall into this trap but I’m here to tell you that I hope it doesn’t. Project “Thor” is a fun game with an original concept and great potential.

Project “Thor” takes place in a dystopian future. Humanity’s robot servants evolved and rebelled against their masters. After fighting a war, the few surviving members of the human race fled to a planet hidden deep in an asteroid field. While the asteroid field provides a certain amount of protection from the robots that hunt the remainder of humanity, it also places the outpost in constant danger. To protect the planet, a huge planetary defense system was put in place to keep the colony safe from the ever-present asteroids and from the robots should they ever find humanity’s hidden sanctuary. The defense system revolves around the planet in conjunction with a planetary shield and resembles Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor from Norse mythology. As commander of the planetary defense system, your job is to keep the colonists safe from asteroid strikes, improve the Thor system’s shields and weaponry, and prepare for the day you need to repel a robotic attack.

Game play is very well organized and presented on an easy to follow surface. At the middle of the screen is the planet equipped with a planetary shield and the Thor device. Two circular controls in the lower right hand corner of the screen are used to move the Thor device and shield. The Thor device moves very quickly and is responsive to inputs. The shield takes much longer to move so its a good idea to upgrade the shield whenever possible. Shields and other aspects of the planetary defense can be upgraded throughout the game as you finish missions and build up experience. At the beginning of the game the shield is very small and moving it is very slow so the Thor device will be your best friend in the early going. As the shield builds up and covers more of the planet you can rely on it a bit more.

Project Thor iPhone

I really enjoyed playing Project “Thor” even though it isn’t very well known or come from one of the larger gaming houses. As I said, one of the problems with the profusion of App Store entries is that games like Project “Thor” can be overlooked. Don’t overlook this game, its definitely worth the price. One shortcoming I did find with the game was a lack of social gaming. As I’ve said on many different occassions, social gaming is easy to implement with platforms like OpenFeint. There really is no reason to ignore this important aspect of the iPhone gaming experience.

Overall, Project “Thor” is a great game you should give a try. It is truly a collision with fun!

The Good:

  • Fun and interesting game play
  • Well designed interface
  • Original concept

The Not So Good:

  • No social gaming

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

Project “Thor” Gameplay

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 06, 2010
Version: 1.0
Size: 5.7 MB
Seller: Iouri Korotkikh


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